Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

oscars4 512x360 Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

Obviously, the Academy Awards are incredibly selective (not to mention subjective) and the movie or actor you thought was the absolute best will more than likely not walk away with the big prize.  But sometimes there’s such an egregious error in judgment, such a crime against the art of filmmaking that you can’t help to raise your arms to the heavens and cry to those cinema snobs up in their ivory towers, “What were you thinking?!”

Here are some of the Oscar winners we deem most unworthy. We’re not saying that these are bad films or performances, we’re just saying that given the competition, there were other candidates that were much more deserving of the prize.

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10. The Hurt Locker

hurt locker jeremy renner 1 Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

I’m not saying The Hurt Locker is a bad movie. But when you look at the films it was up against, it’s a little hard to reconcile the fact that this above average combat film took away the gold. To refresh your memory, it was competing against Avatar, District 9, Inglourious Basterds, and Up, all of which are unquestionably ground breaking films in their genres. Whereas The Hurt Locker was a solid, topical film that no one will remember in ten years, but was in the right place at the right time.

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9. Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side

sandra bullock blind side2 Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

Look, no offense to Sandra Bullock.  She seems like a funny, classy lady and I have nothing but respect for her.  Big fan of Miss Congeniality.  But who sold their soul to the devil to convince the Academy that this performance was in any way Oscar-worthy?

To me it reads like a better-than-average TV movie that got some serious funding and attracted a few big name stars. That’s it. In a parallel universe, this film would have gone by without so much as a whisper. But somehow in this one, the Academy decided that “Southern Mama Bear” was good enough for Oscar gold.

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8. Driving Miss Daisy

DrivingMissDaisy Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

Back in 1990, the five Best Picture nominees were as follows: Dead Poets Society, My Left Foot, Born on the Fourth of July, Field of Dreams, and Driving Miss Daisy.  Four of those films I consider to be important pieces of cinema that audiences continue to enjoy, and the other is the one with the stubborn old lady and Morgan Freeman. Enough said.

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7. Crash

crash1 Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

I have a theory for how Crash managed to win the Oscar for Best Picture in 2006, and I like to call it the High School Election.  When you’re in high school, there could be dozens of highly qualified, socially conscious, future leaders of America running for class president, but at the end of the day, the one you vote for is the guy you know.  I can guarantee that everyone in Hollywood has a friend who worked on Crash in some capacity.  Even I can play Six Degrees of Crash without needing more than two links.  That’s the only way I can explain how Crash beat out both Brokeback Mountain and Good Night and Good Luck, both vastly superior films.

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6. Roberto Benigni – Life is Beautiful

allen rome 01 Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

Beat out Edward Norton in American History X.  Do I need to say anything else?  This was right around the time that Holocaust films cemented their reputation as being an automatic Oscar, and never is that more evident than with this movie.  When given the choice between an edgy, powerful, socially relevant performance and a Holocaust film, the Academy goes with Holocaust nine times out of time.  It’s not that Roberto Benigni and Life is Beautiful weren’t good, it’s just disappointing that the Academy wouldn’t take the opportunity to reward a risky, unique performance (as evidenced in the video below) when it had the chance.

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5. Al Pacino – Scent of  a Woman

%name Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

Yes, Al Pacino is an amazing actor.  But Scent of a Woman?  Seriously?  Come on, you want to win, but you don’t want to win like that.  This is a particularly obvious example of the Academy’s nasty little habit of neglecting actors when they turn in amazing performances, then trying to make up for it by reward their later (usually subpar) work.

The Academy missed the boat on The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Scarface, and a handful of other films. Oops. So here’s an obligatory Oscar for your over the top performance in Scent of a Woman. But that’s not even the worst part. When Al Pacino won that Oscar, he beat out Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, in his career-defining and far more deserving performance. Which meant that the Academy, in turn, had to make it up to Denzel with an Oscar for Training Day. And so the vicious cycle continues.

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4. Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech

The Kings Speech 3 Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

A film can be good without necessarily having to be well-directed.  This, sadly, is the case of The King’s Speech, 2010′s Oscar darling.  It’s a lovely, inspirational story with great performances from Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, but the direction is merely competent.  A great director should be able to elevate his material, but in this film it seems that the material manages to overcome some uninspired directing.  It’s not bad by any means, but there were plenty of directors that year (some that didn’t even get nominated, I’m looking at you, Chris Nolan) that would have been far more appropriate winners.

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3. Ordinary People

Ordinary People 23 11 09 kc Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

Everyone remembers the enduring classic Ordinary People, right?  The one with Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore, where they’re a couple grieving the loss of their son in a boating accident.  No?  Oh well, some films just sort of fade away over the decades, sad but true.  Maybe it was just a weak year for nominations.  Oh wait. No. This film beat out Raging Bull and The Elephant Man, two of the best films ever made.  My mistake.

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2. Shakespeare in Love

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

Look, you will never hear me say that I don’t like Shakespeare in Love.  It’s a fun, light-hearted, fluffy film that should never have walked away with a Best Picture win.  It’s a well made movie, but it’s certainly not the best film that came out in 1998.  Hell, it’s not even the best Elizabethan costume drama to come out in 1998.  It was the classic struggle between two things the Academy loves more than anything: period films and Spielberg.  Unfortunately, the lesser of the two won out this time.  We’ll just have to chalk this one up to Hollywood’s brief but infuriating infatuation with Gwyneth Paltrow.

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1. John Ford – How Green Was My Valley

howgreenwasmyvalley Top 10 Most Unworthy Oscar Winners

John Ford was an acclaimed director of westerns and dramas in the 30s and 40s.  Over the course of his career, he won four directing Oscars, one of which was for the schmaltzy melodrama How Green Was My Valley.  In winning this award, he beat Orson Welles’ work on Citizen Kane.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

While there is a perfectly valid school of thought that Citizen Kane is overrated, it is without dispute one of the best directed films of all time. It features innovative techniques bold enough to make a first year film student weep. The fact that Welles was never recognized by the Academy for his pioneering work in this film makes me a sad, sad panda.

Anything we missed?  People that you think should be forced to return their Oscar, Milli Vanilli style?  Sound off in the comments!

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  • Mark Harding

    How about Dances With Wolves winning over Goodfellas? I about kicked over the TV when they announced that. And to add more insult, they gave Costner the directing trophy, FOR HIS FIRST FILM! Ironically, ten years earlier Marty with Raging Bull lost to another actor making his directorial debut, Robert Redford for……….well, Ordinary People!

    • obliv326

      I know its popular to grind on “dances..”, but frankly, I think it’s a pretty damned good western. I saw it several times in th theatre, which is saying something for a 3 hour film. Never felt 3 hours to me. Now, is it Goodfellas? No. I think it suffers from being compared to Costner’s later work. People tend to paint t wit the same brush as the postman and waterworld. But on its own merits it is not a terrible film. certainly not the way that others have been, at the time, clearly inferior. As for its being his first film, thats irrelevant, or should be. an oscar shouldn’t be a lifetime achievement award (unless, you know it is a lifetime achievement award…but thats something different). If the guy made the best movie, he should get the statue. This is another reason to use my idea (stated a few posts back) of waiting 5 years to award the oscars for a specific year. You get away from petty politics, or political correctness, and the actual merit gets judged. If that were the case, Scorcese would have a garageful of Oscars and forrest gump and shakespeare in love would have been gathering dust at blockbuster like they were 6 months after the awards while the rest of the field made history.

      • Adam Eve

        That is a brilliant idea: wait at least a year, maybe two. Scorsese would have a garageful of Oscars, DiCaprio would have at least one Oscar and lots of nominations. Perhaps they would even have recognized Gary Oldman. And all would be well.

  • Carlos Sandoval

    Just a remark on a good article… Cate Blanchett lost to Gwyneth Paltrow that year… For Elizabeth … and that is just sad.

    • ladyofargonne

      I agree 100%. I love Shakespeare in Love. But Paltrow main attribute was growing up in Hollywood.

      • MikeTX62

        I’m afraid I have to disagree . . . a little . . . with you on this one. Shakespeare In Love SHOULD NOT have won Best Picture. Saving Private Ryan was far and away the best film to come out that year. As for Gwyneth Paltrow as Best Actress?? Maybe, maybe not. However, and this is where we disagree somewhat. I happen to think this is one of the FEW roles she’s done quite well.

        • Karen Milton

          Whether she did it well is a different conversation than whether she did it better than any other actress did anything else. At no time has the latter ever been true for Gwyneth Paltrow.

        • Tinwoods

          Disagree. Except for the groundbreaking first 20 minutes, SPR was totally overrated Spielberg fairy tale spinning nonsense.

    • Bob Barker

      Did you watch Elizabeth? I don’t think anybody made it past the 10 minute mark without falling asleep

      • Susi-Q

        Yes & it was bloody amazing. Shakespeare in Love was just a totally average rom com set in the past. Pretty much any actress could have played that part as well. Cate was robbed!

        • manting

          well I dont think it was oscar worthy there were about a million easter eggs throughout the movie about shakespeare and his contemporaries

      • wuwu

        I’ve watched it over and over again. Cate Blanchet is spellbinding, let alone the costumes, sets, cinematography and story line.

      • Ivar TheBoner

        What a moron. Go back to Fast & Furious.

      • Dee

        I thought she was amazing and I have seen it many times. How you find the daughter of Henry VIII boring is shocking. I am a history fan, I guess those things don’t interest you. But Queen Elizabeth was an amazing woman and her story is a legacy!!!!!

        • Bruce Dull

          History? Hollywood and history are like Star Treks Matter and anti-matter law that says they cannot occupie the same space. Show me any hollywood movie and I will point out at least 25 historical inaccuracies, including Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers but none worse than “Glory”.

        • Curandera99 .

          Queen Elizabeth was amazing. Paltrow is no Queen Elizabeth.

      • Z_Lauren_Z

        Make it past the first 10 minutes? The opening sequence of Elizabeth is incredible!

      • cj

        Embarrass yourself much

    • Tami Squaire

      Hilary and Jackie: Emily Watson – She should have won that year.

    • Woodey

      I couldn’t agree more. Cate is one of the best actresses of her generation. What group of morons thought Paltrow could act let alone win an Oscar and beat out someone who has incredible acting skills?

      • wuwu

        Oh my GOODNESS! Thank you for verifying my opinion on this subject. I

    • Linda B. Williams

      that’s not ‘sad’ — it is full blown nauseating.

  • JC

    Agree with everything except number 10, I think that year there wasn’t a film that was above the rest. Visually Avatar was the best but neither the script nor the acting were good, taking out the CGI the film felt like a remake of a lot of older films (a foreign military force invading a less developed culture and one of the invaders embracing the local culture). And the Academy never wanted to give the prize to a animated film or a Quentin Tarantino film, so Up and Inglourious Basterds weren’t real contenders for Best Picture despite being nominates.

    • Eustace Cromartie

      Oh so QT’s films that keep getting nominations for acting, writing, and best picture will never win and Oscar? Wake up. He has 2 for writing and 2 of his actors won Oscar’s and 5 nods for acting. His movies have a great chance to win.

      • Adam M. Francis

        You obviously do not know anything about what is ‘an academy’ film.. A group of old folks who took 30 years to finally show Scorsese some respect with The Departed.. Taxi Drive, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York were not Best Picture winners?

        • Scott Hellon

          The members of the Academy change, obviously. So most of those movies “lost” (although most, if not all, ARE Oscar winners in some category) from votes of DIFFERENT GROUPS of people. Even Scorcese has admitted that, it’s not the same people so-called snubbing him. And yes, “The Departed” was a consulation prize. “The Aviator” was the only true Scorcese-for-Director snub in my opinion.

    • Walter

      More than a remake, it’s possibly a ripoff. I believe he’s being sued by the author of Midworld, a book I read and loved in the late 70s. I’ll have to reread it to fully judge for myself but the similarities are numerous, the author believes far too numerous to be coincidental.

      • Walter

        BTW: overblown, in-your-face, environment theme notwithstanding, I thought Avatar was an awesome movie that deserved the Oscar – but then again, I’m a sci-fi and FX fan.

    • Joe

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Hurt Locker is one of the best war films ever made. As a vet, its one of the only films to get that feeling right, not to mention that Bigelow broke so many conventions with that film visually, from the ending to 180 rule. Truly visually groundbreaking and not just from cool animation standpoint. Dances with Smurfs. That movie is awful. Inglorious had some great scenes, the opening and basement bar scene come to mind, but cheesy 70′s intros and Mike Myers crap makes this movie so uneven, not to mention the boring second act with the theater chick. Be honest with yourselves, QT hasn’t been up to par since Pulp Fiction.

      • Ray

        I agree. When I first saw Hurt Locker it was a rental off redbox. I couldn’t believe it that a movie this good seemed to go under the radar. It was like finding a diamond in the rough. Then word got around.

    • Cato

      Watching Avatar I was sad to discover that even though the human race had mastered space travel and the conquest of space 300 year hence, they’d apparently forgotten how to drill diagonally. Stupid movie, stupid concept. Just more evil white guy crap from the Hollywood grist mill.

      • mynameisbluecanary

        Avatar is, in my opinion, quite possibly the most overrated movie of all time. I hated it.

        • Barney L. Cornett

          I’m glad someone else is aware of how overrated Avatar is/was! This was one of the most Elitist Movie’s I have ever watched!

  • disqus_pmal

    i agree with most of your ideas in your Article, but i do not agree with “Crash”. When i saw Crash i was so surprised that it did not get nomination first year, but next year it was nominated and won. It is amazing movie, with great acting too.

    • Lee

      It was so stereotypical and unbelievable. Great acting yes, but the sad facts are the story is not buyable. American History X is sadly what can be expected out of today’s society in modern race relations, albeit that’s and extreme example.

  • Kyle Woodside

    I was expecting to see Marisa Tomei

    • LegalCat

      Sorry, can’t agree there. Tomei richly deserved her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “My Cousin Vinny.” She was brilliant and perfect. She was also funny, which is traditionally the kiss of death, Oscar-wise, but the Academy apparently had a sudden epiphany about comedy actually being worthy of consideration, which they then promptly forgot.

      She was up against Judy Davis in “Husbands and Wives,” Joan Plowright in “Enchanted April,” Vanessa Redgrave in “Howards End,” and Miranda Richardson in “Damage.” Remember any of those performances? Me neither.

      • ladyofargonne

        She was cute. As cute as she could be in any other movie. Oscar material? I don’t think so.

    • JJ

      It was a supporting role and she owned the movie. Definitely deserving.

    • Alex W

      Maybe it was condolence for getting through the movie.

    • Sven

      Me too

  • John V

    And that people is why the next ten years you will see the death of media as we know it all will go the way of the dodo.

  • Morgan Michaels

    I loved the blindside. I have ended up watching it many times with different people as circumstances occurred and I haven’t tired of it. Such a great movie with enough drama and humour. Sometimes subtle. Sandra was fantastic as usual and although I do not remember who the competition was I do believe she deserved the nomination and likely the win. Superb movie.

    • obliv326

      TV movie. lifetime channel. she was okay. it was predictable, and inaccurate. middle of the road, biteless oatmeal. But hey… whatever floats your boat.

    • Joseph Parker

      I have watched the Goonies many times with many different people who all loved it. Still not trying to say it should have won, because like Sandra’s performance HAD NO ARTISTIC MERRIT.

    • Jadun Cobb

      White peeps feel good movie for that year………I dig Sandra but not the best way to showcase her talent.

  • Christian Campos

    Avatar is not groundbreaking. As someone else said, it felt like a remake of a lot of older films and it was really predictable. I agree with most of these but there are worse cases back in the 50′s and the 60′s.

    • Tobias

      The story in avatar is the same as in dances with wolves, the last samurai etc..

      • Christian Campos


      • Shay


      • Vicky Sunderland

        thats like saying any love film is the same where on dies or has a reason it cant be with the other. meh. i loved it. And it is based upon pocahontas the producers even said so.

      • rachelle


    • wassupman

      Look, the story was, of course, not groundbreaking by any means, yes. But can you honestly say that the visuals were not groundbreaking? The 3d was not groundbreaking? The performance capture technique wasn’t groundbreaking? (Yes, I’m aware it was used in movies like Lord of the rings and King Kong, but Avatar was the one that made it ‘mainstream’ and more accessible). It’s because of Avatar that we get forced post-converted 3d shoved down to our throats 4 years after its release and probably will continue to, for a very, very long time.

      • Eustace Cromartie

        You mean the LOTR movies 2 of the original 3 made over a billion dollars and had a main character that was motion captured is not considered main stream. ROTFLMAO! The Avatar was not groundbreaking and anyway shape, form or fashion.

      • Christian Campos

        Avatar was influential as you said beacuse of the 3-D but when I refered with “groundbreaking”, I meant it isn’t as a film. You can probably argue that in a technical way but not about things like a great script or outstanding performances, which it doesn’t have.

    • Michael Miller

      “Greatest Show on Earth”, Helen Hayes, John Wayne, “Around the World in Eighty Days”, Robert Donat, “Dancing with Wolves” AND Kevin Costner?, Rex Harrison, Lee Marvin, etc., etc.,. (All acting disputes are for the winning performances, not the actor/actress themself.)

      • markg

        Kevin Costner is not a good actor so I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t receive a nod for his acting. Again, if you look the films Costner has been in he has been lucky to be surrounded by much better actors then himself and they, in turn, make him appear to be a better actor then he is. Graham Greene was extraordinary in Dances With Wolves while Costner was mediocre at best.

      • meamwayne

        Greatest Show on Earth is the classic
        example of a wrong choice because it beat High Noon. I think they just wanted
        to give an award to Cecil B. DeMille because he was the longest working filmmaker in the business, but if they had just waited a couple of years they
        could have given it to him for The Ten Commandments which wrongly lost out to
        Around the World in 80 Days.

  • Paul Mitchell

    I remember sitting, as a kid in 1977, with my jaw hanging open, when Annie Hall won–over Star Wars! Yes, AH is well written, acted and directed (and you can argue that SW was not), and while both cemented the introduction of a new type of film (modern, clever grown up romantic ensembles and mass-appeal box-office sci-fi), you only have to look at what followed both to know which one truly changed the industry and influenced the world.

    • Joe

      It doesn’t matter which movie had a bigger impact. What does matter is which movie was better made. And you just admitted that you could argue that star wars wasn’t as well made as Annie Hall

  • Alaine

    Pulp Fiction over Forrest Gump, Social Network over King’s Speech, Russell Crowe (beautiful mind) over Denzel Washington (training day), Elisabeth Shue (leaving Las Vegas) over Susan Sarandon (dead man walking)

    • ladyofargonne

      Forrest Gump was an extended long distance phone service commercial. Designed with familiar scenes exclusively to make you cry.

  • Beejcee

    And the Oscar goes to ……Halle Berry-Monster’s Ball.

    • Eric Lucero

      Ahh.. the 75th Annual Academy Awards… also known as the year you won for being black. Way to go academy.

      • Mick

        74th ;)

      • YouWishYouHadAnMPA

        Hmmmm….versus every other year when no one of color was winning anything other than a supporting role (if that!) Give credit where credit is due. People of color have been snubbed at the Oscars for many years. Get over yourself!

        • Robert

          Yeah, Denzel deserved his Oscar. Halle Berry race baited her way into her Oscar. She didn’t deserve shit.

          • ManFromGlad

            I still think about Halle’s performance in Monster’s Ball after all these years. It was fantastic, and she deserved the Oscar. Nothing to do with her race. That was a very powerful movie that I have refused to ever watch again… because the feelings were so intense.

          • Bob Barker

            Denzel did not deserve an Oscar for Traing Day. Denzel has given some awesome performances(X, Hurricane) but Training Day was probably his worst up to that point.

          • diablocody

            A problem with the Best Actor category is that Denzel wasn’t the main character.

          • Sven

            And Glory as well

          • Martha Flemmingz

            Agreed! I like every one of Denzels movies except for training day. He didnt even try lol it was so lame! Just a hot mess!!!

          • pepjrp

            I thought the same thing… and I am a big fan of his. The Book of Eli was quite a performance and I wasn’t expecting much from it.

        • Marcel Samson

          I think people of color, as you call them, have a lot of things to worry about. I don’t think they consider not winning at the silly Oscars is one of them..

        • mynameisbluecanary

          Denzel Washington had earned his Oscar many times over, in my opinion, but Training Day wasn’t what he should have won for. Halle Berry and Oscar should not be in the same sentence. Ever.

        • pepjrp

          So the old saying of two wrongs sure applies here. Give it when it is deserved. As Denzel shows so often. Even if it is a person of…non-color, is that what some of us are?

      • Honeybrown1976

        So, for the 73 previous years, actors/actresses won for being white, right? If I’m using your logic, that’s the argument.

        • Dean

          Honeybrown. That’s pretty close to being true because black people were not allowed to be in the movies until about the mid to late 1960s and then only assuming characters that today would be considered horrendously demeaning and prejudiced to their race; and this continued in the most part through the 70s and 80s. Many believe the best black actors are being ignored and token Oscars are instead being awarded occasionally to sub par black actors, for whatever reasons. We don’t understand why either.

          • petesatmh

            There were plenty of black people in movies prior to the 1960′s. Hattie McDaniel was the first black actress to win an Oscar. Best supporting actress in Gone With The Wind, 1939.

            However, it was in one of those “horrendously demeaning” roles, as you rightly describe it. But she laughed all the way to the bank, God bless her.

          • pepjrp

            Still they didn’t win for being White, that statement is ridiculous. Every White actress did not win one. It also runs both ways, most Blacks will only see a movie if the stars are Black.

      • Ruth Crocker

        Wrong. Halle Berry is a terribly untalented actress, who probably should have stuck with modeling, because she’s proven to lean on her beauty as contribution rather than any ability to significantly define any role she has taken to make any of them memorable. With the exception of her Emmy and Golden Globe awarded tribute to Dorthy Dandridge, her filmography supports this statement. She has never done anything Oscar-worthy. Denzel Washington is an incredibly compelling and versatile actor whose talent and screen presence has contributed to the success of countless films, his role in “Training Day”, among a loose handful of other poorly chosen roles, is an exception to this statement, and his filmography also supports this claim. The fact that they are both African Americans has more to do with the Academy’s propensity to overlook films that powerfully portray Black actors and actresses (not referring to the Dorthy Dandrige story because that was a made for T.V. work, but there have been several films deserving recognition by the Academy that have been wrongfully snubbed), while throwing them a “bone” for lesser deserving and usually more degrading portrayals, works and figures, after they have committed such offenses. There really was no need for you to disrespect an entire ethnicity and discredit the true plight they have for equality by being so snide and cynical in your comment on the two African American Oscar winners that year. It really diminishes the crime in which they had to obtain any credit and undermines the integrity that needs to be upheld for giving equal recognition that great films, and actors deserve regardless of them not being white, or having a popular Euro-centric view. However because you decided to voice some contempt for these realities, I’d like to point out the hypocrisy in the fact that movies that hail the Euro-centric values win time and time again, regardless of how ridiculous they are, and the even bigger fact that some of us are just plain sick of it. There’s a growing audience wanting to welcome any art worthy entertainment willing to defy that mold. I love Tom Hanks as an Actor, he is phenomenal, but even the best have their slip ups, and “Forest Gump” is that said gaffe for Hanks. Without any sugar coating, “Forrest Gump” was one of too many “white redemption” movies proving that American culture will stop at nothing to change the face of and purify it’s disgraceful self worship, and never tires of counting all the many ways in which white people, and in the case of Forest Gump, even mentally challenged white people, are an asset to their society, or have been a teaching force for good, and therefore deserve to be praised and recognized, as usual. I’m not attacking the intrinsic values of humility,kindness, perseverance and child like faith that the film uses, I liked those values of the film, I’m attacking the interpretation and portrayal of the values, because America loves taking credit for values that aren’t theirs and denying history and credence to the origin of these values and the people they belong to. All the while, the truly humbled in this world, and those enduring the most suffering and portraying perhaps the purest of human hearts still receive very little accolade, from film, in present society, historically or otherwise, but as long as movies like Forest Gump and other types of “White Savior” or “White Redemption” movies are still being made, we can all breath a sigh of relief knowing Elitist American hypocrisy is alive and well, and is still making such a difference in this otherwise lacking world.

        • pepjrp

          I agree as Tom Hanks is an amazing European American actor…. not just a color, “White” or I guess he is a non-color, like you think of European Americans as. You also disrespected an entire ethnicity too. We are not just a color. The term Black is not good enough to use solely, as you needed to interject African American to your paragraph to give that extra courtesy to many, but the color White was just fine for all other references. Just because others do it, doesn’t mean it is right to follow suit. Think first.

  • Monique Staloch

    I remember watching The Blindside, when Showtimehad a free preview weekend. Every 10 minutes I was going to turn it off, but kept warching until the last 10-15 minutes. What a horrible movie that was. Racist in how patronizing it was. Ugh. Horrible.

    • Eustace Cromartie

      Hilarious do you even know it was based on a true story? Or the fact that the the actual real people black and white helped make the movie….not racist at all. I am black and I live in the south I know racism like few others.

    • v s

      I agree that the Blindside was racist. The person who the film was based
      on didn’t like how they portrayed him. He played and knew a lot about
      football before that family adopted him. Yet in the film, they portrayed
      him as not very intelligent, lethargic and totally ignorant about football.

    • diablo135

      What was the racist part – When she took a homeless black kid into her house to help him out and improve his life?

    • Joseph Parker

      They should have named that movie White Guilt.

  • Alexa

    I have to disagree with The Hurt Locker being forgotten because it was the first actually good war film set in Iraq. Every other film that came out before it and set around that subject was just sooo sub-par, that didn’t at all capture what the situation was all about. Plus Jeremy Renner was amazing, and the film was beyond intense, and besides Jeremy Renner, everyone did a great job, both on direction and writing. Avatar, I have to say was way overrated. Its a pretty film, with some fun performances, but its full of cliche after cliche, and while this joke has been made time and time again, it was basically CGI: The Movie. Up was great though, but it did win for best animated movie, as for Inglorious Basterds, it was good but it was probably one of the most flawed of Tarantino movies. I liked it but it didn’t flow properly, as opposed to his other movies. But really choosing the best film is very subjective, that I am not that much of a fan of doing such in the first place. Just enjoy the films and that’s what matters.

    P.S. I will admit Crash was a self-righteous, overblown, unsubtle, dud. So I will agree with you on that one.

    • Eric Lucero

      Three Kings has already been remember longer than The Hurt Locker will be. I’d argue that Jarhead has more cinematic resonance.The Hurt Locker was a political statement. The Academy had never before given the award out to a woman, and it fell nicely that Kathryn Bigelow was up against her Goliath ex-husband who had cheated on her and then went on to become “king of the world.” While she may be one of the most talented woman filmmakers working in Hollywood today, James Cameron is one of the most talented filmmakers in cinematic history. The Academy saw the chance clean up their reputation by giving the award to a woman, and slap down a misogynistic pig who clearly did not suck up enough to Hollywood after being showered with adoration for his previous film.

      As for Crash. It was so good, it was able to maintain it’s acclaim for nearly 10-months. It’s March release date gave the Academy plenty of time to forget about it in favor fresher films released closer to the awards date. Early-in-the-year releases just don’t win Oscars. Crash did, and it was clearly the best picture of 2005.

      • Mark Harding

        Three Kings took place during the first Gulf War, not the more recent Desert Storm.

        • This guys an idiot

          You know Operation Desert Storm is the was the U.N. name for their actions during the first GULF WAR.

          • this guys an idiot

            Desert Storm was the*

          • Soturi

            Yea, Mr Sparticus is clearly a dumbass…

          • Iam_Spartacus

            You can’t even spell Spartacus, and yet I’m a dumbass. Real good!

      • Joseph Parker

        As a film student, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Three Kings up for discussion, but have had Three separate professors bring up Hurt Locker. Cameron makes great films, but to me the biggest upset is still Titanic beating L.A. Confidential. If Cameron should have ever won, nope, Amadeus beats Terminator, Platoon beats Aliens, Unforgiven beats T2, Braveheart beats True Lies, L.A. Confidential is better than Titanic, and Hurt Locker is better than Avatar. Though I still have my hopes up for Avatar 4. Give me a break.

      • nevilleross

        Also, through the prism of sci-fi, Avatar challenged the the Iraq and Afghanistan wars by virtue of its main character going native and fighting the system that sent him to Pandora to pacify the natives so that the RDA could mine Unobtainium. The Hurt Locker, like On The Waterfront, simply reinforces the status quo by not saying word one about how bad the war the main characters are fighting is-just that the war’s being fought and that’s it (Like Lion For Lambs and a few other movies did a better job of that in addition to Jarhead and Three Kings.)

    • DavidTrock

      “………The Hurt Locker being forgotten because it was the first actually good war film set in Iraq”
      You are kidding right? That movie was not only inaccurate, it was stupid and boring. Ask anybody who was involved with bomb disposal (my son was) and they will tell you the main character is a flake who put his own ‘death wish” above the safety of his men. He was just the kind of person who should NEVER be put in that kind of position. I spent 20 years in the military, and guys like him get his own people killed.

      • Christo

        Cool your jets turbo. Its only a movie.

      • Walter

        I’d heard the hype and was expecting sooo much more from Hurt Locker. Win? I didn’t see why it was nominated.

      • Joseph Parker

        Actually, as an operator, that is the mentality. I don’t know bomb disposal, but I do know guys that take a lot of risks. 20 years means that you probably didn’t see combat, or if you did, were high enough up that you didn’t really. I think that psychology wise, he was dead to rights.

  • michael145

    You forget the Hurt Locker was directed by a woman and the Oscars always bends over backwards to be politically correct whether the movie deserves it or not.

    • Eustace Cromartie

      A purely ignorant comment! Maybe you should learn what PC even means before you further make and ass out of yourself.

      • michael145

        I didn’t write the list dude or mam (I’m not sure whether “Eustace” is male or female). Go yell at the people that made the list if it bothers you that much. I’m sorry the truth hurts. And since you brought up race, they have done that. Do you remember Denzel Washington winning that year where he basically played the same part he plays in every movie yet he won over Russell Crow even though Crow’s performance was much better? My point was and is that the best movie or actor or actress should win based on their work not their race or gender. Sorry you disagree.

    • Eustace Cromartie

      Women have been directing good movies for years and none of them have won best director and this was the first that one best picture. What about all of the black directors, movies and actors? The Oscars should have handed Spike Lee and award for Do The Right Thing according to your logic. Grow up.

      • Joseph Parker

        I read an Article that Do the Right Thing was the reason driving Miss Daisy won. It was a racially conscious film that year that wasn’t so controversial. I have to say though, Spike Lee really hasn’t done much since except for Malcolm X, which was agreeably snubbed. Hurt Locker and its director are awesome. I think extreme conservatives don’t always give credit where it is due regardless of gender/race

        • Honeybrown1976

          Spike Lee did The 25th Hour which is pretty damn good.

          • Jadun Cobb

            Son of Sam which was Hella good.

  • Jeff Whitield

    Gump winning over The Shawshank Redemption! C’mon!

    • blü

      C’mon? We should be happy that two such great movies even exist! Both deserved it, face it.

      • JeffAHayes

        I’ve made a lot of comments to that effect, as well, Jeff. But it’s been amazing to me (and it was in 1994, as well), just how much people who were supporting “Pulp Fiction” for Best Picture NEEDED to HATE “Forrest Gump.” Some people who were good friends of mine were just attacking it like it was some disease that was going to spread if they didn’t stamp it out, or something. I’m really happy when we have a year with lots of great movies; not all years have that. Yes, it’s a shame they can’t all win “Best Picture,” but that’s how it is. This article was saying “Hurt Locker” shouldn’t have won in 2010, the first year there wre 10 contenders. Well, the first among those was “Avatar,” the only movie I’ve EVER paid to see in 3D THREE TIMES — first local showing, last local showing, and at an IMAX theater. I’d have loved to see IT win, but, ahem, that wasn’t a “Best Picture” movie. I don’t even recall a lot of the other contenders, but I DO recall just how tense AND intense “Hurt Locker” was, and considering this was just as we were winding down in Iraq, I thought it was a very timely movie and a good choice.
        I thought “Argo” was this year, as well, but I’m guessing three years from now somebody will be posting yet another one of these columns questioning WHY? Yawannaknowhy? Watch the movie. Ya don’t get it (like with all the folks with “Forrest Gump”) Watch it again. Ya still don’t get it? Hit yerself on the head, drink a bottle of wine and watch it a third time. Still don’t get it… well, somebody’s wrong… might even be you.

    • Nicolas Couillard

      Gump winning over Pulp Fiction!

      • Tiago Andrade

        OK, we should be happy that THREE such great movies even exist…

        • bpb

          I wouldn’t consider “Forrest Gump” a great movie

          • Eric Lucero

            Forrest Gump is unquestionably a great movie. I can see why people argue that Pulp Fiction deserved to win as it truly is one of the best films of the 90′s and an all time classic, but it just so happens, so is Forrest Gump.

          • R. Michael Burns

            I have serious issues with Gump. First there’s the fact that the movie abandons its own framework 2/3 of the way through, making the storytelling feel strangely lopsided. Then there’s the fact that Jenny treats Forrest terribly for seriously shallow reasons, and then only wants him back to dump her kid on him when she’s dying of AIDS.

          • R. Michael Burns

            I have serious issues with Gump. First there’s the fact that the movie abandons its own framework 2/3 of the way through, making the storytelling feel strangely lopsided. Then there’s the fact that Jenny treats Forrest terribly for seriously shallow reasons, and then only wants him back to dump her kid on him when she’s dying of AIDS.

          • Dee

            Uhhh…well…the child is also his…

          • Dave

            “Forrest Gump is unquestionably a great movie.” What? It is very clearly questionable! Pulp Fiction is the greatest example of American Post Modernist cinema there is, The Shawshank Redemption is a masterclass in cinematic narrative storytelling and character development, Forrest Gump is lazily written mindless tripe! If you can tell me one thing it genuinely contributed to cinema in any way I will gladly eat my own shoe à la Herzog!

          • Naribu

            Life is like a box of chocolate……

          • pepjrp

            Exactly…. how many films are as well known, by just saying 7 words? Not many. That says a lot. Or “stupid is as stupid does” is almost as famous.

          • JeffAHayes

            “Forrest Gump” was both a great, and classic movie, and story BECAUSE it very subtly — often in humorous or ironic ways, sometimes in solemn or melancholy ways — demonstrated that someone who is PURE OF HEART can have an “innate intelligence,” a WISDOM, if you will, that can transcend even the greatest of minds and best laid plans of the rest of us. And it showed that someone like that, who is willing to love, and love unconditionally, and to give freely to those in need without expectation of anything in return, and to be hurt time and again by someone he dearly loves, yet still accept her when she comes to him in HER hour of need is A BETTER PERSON than someone who can write the great novel… build the rocket to the moon, or what have you.

            It demonstrated that the “intelligence” of the brain is NOTHING without the warmth of the heart, which can have its own sort of “intelligence,” and it did it in a better way than any other story I’ve ever read or seen on TV or in a movie, and I found it so moving I was brought to tears of joy at the end (and I’ve talked with many others for whom this movie had THE SAME impact). If Hanks were to have won ONLY ONE Oscar for those two consecutive years, it should have been for his role in “Forrest Gump,” rather than for the dying AIDS patient in “Philadelphia,” even though both were quite powerful performances.

            Some argue that “Forrest Gump” is “ridiculous” because “one man” couldn’t have possibly done all that… played ping pong with the Chinese, met the President, been at MLK’s speech… Well I see all that stuff as more of a metaphor, and it’s not truly that important to the message of the movie.

            And by the way, I also saw “Pulp Fiction” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” I’m a MAJOR Tarantino fan, and think “Pulp Fiction” is one of his best, ever, and also think “The Shawshank Redemption” was an INCREDIBLE movie and also some of the best work of both Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins. Could the Best Picture award have been split THREE WAYS, I’d say all three should have won it…

            But the thing is, a story like “Forrest Gump” is a “one-off,” almost impossible to ever repeat in any kind of context, and certainly not with anything approaching the sort of impact it had; whereas both “Pulp Fiction” AND “The Shawshank Redemption” are the sort of stories than can, and will be told again in some form, at some time.

            So I say the Oscars lay where they should have in 1994.
            Jeff Hayes

          • Carlos

            That is very well said. I really like Forrest Gump but thought Pulp Fiction was the better film. You may have changed my mind

          • Darwin Rivers

            Completely agree with Dave; his analysis is spot on. Although “Shawshank” was criminally under appreciated and had no chance of winning. Pulp Fiction was running neck-and-neck with the Gumps going into Oscar night, despite the fact the Academy voters schewed overwhelmingly white, male, and over 40 (50?). The fact that Pulp Fiction was even competitive should be recognized as a tremendous accomplishment.

            Regarding Jeff Hayes impassioned defense of Forrest Gump, hand me a box of Kleenex … and I’m not wiping tears from my eyes. “Forrest Gump” is a box of chocolates ,,, a bunch of sugary fluff, with very little substance. I’m sure the movie is very reassuring to the simple-minded, but the fact remains, “Forrest Gump” is basically cinematic baby-boomer masturbation. I’m sure everyone Jeff discussed this subject with does agree with him … but that’s probably more indicative of a small social circle,with everyone following a herd mentality.

            One last thing: 20 years later, no one is trying to make the next “Forrest Gump”, but they are all trying to make the next “Pulp Fiction”.

          • JeffAHayes

            No, Darwin, actually most of the people with whom I’ve had this discussion have NOT agreed with me — particularly not my contemporaries (I expect older women, heck most women, to agree with me). But my contemporaries, folks I may consider as intellectual equals (so far you’re not in the running :), have generally disagreed with me. Most have had similar reasons, which I find generally as distasteful as their overall views on life. In a word: cynicism.
            Everyone’s a critic, yet no one has opened his heart nor his head nor his eyes nor his ears widely enough to appreciate what’s in that movie (and some others). Listen, buddy, I’ve seen it all. I’ve probably watched stuff that would leave you on the floor curled in a fetal ball calling for mama (including some of the al Qaeda beheadings — gruesome stuff — one guy held out until they got to his spinal cord before he finally collapsed!). So something like “Pulp Fiction” didn’t bother me or not fit some “morality code” or anything. And I DON’T like fluff…
            Calling “Forrest Gump” fluff is kind of like calling “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” fluff just because it’s a comedy instead of one of Shakespeare’s usual tragedies. As for your use for a box of Kleenex, ahem, most of us use toilet paper for that. Then again, maybe you wanted to stuff it back in the box for later?

            AND HERD MENTALITY?!?!? If you knew me, you’d know just how far off that is. I was BORN and iconoclast. I’ve been known as a non-conformist all my life. Actually, in my view, the “herd mentality” in this race is the folks who fought so hard for “Pulp Fiction” to win… all that “fanboy” stuff for that film. I LOVE Tarantino Films. I already own some on Blu-Ray and am considering the complete box set. But that doesn’t mean “Pulp Fiction” should have won Best Picture. If you ask me, “Django Unchained” was closer, in that regard.

            “Shawshank Redemption?” Yeah, maybe. I think often the dark horse should have been the real winner. But there were only win and show in that race, and everyone knows who they were.

          • pepjrp

            No spot on…you and Dave have a narrow view of this area of reality when it comes to these films and assessing them, if you go by popularity.

          • Woodey

            The special effects for Lt. Dan was considered groundbreaking at the time.

          • hein

            to this day Pulp Fiction is the ONLY movie I have ever walked out of — there were not redeeming qualities in that movie — It wasn’t funny, wasn’t interesting and I didn’t connect with any of the characters — maybe it was a movie for the previous generation.

          • pepjrp

            Exactly, many, many thought it was weird, a little sick and almost perverted. Amazing the following it has. It must be the Mac Royale scene. Ha.

          • lakawak

            Oh please…Pulp Fiction is a good movie. Nothing else. I know pretentious idiots like to think that the fact that it was shown out of order somehow makes it better…but that is just because you ARE pretentious.

          • pepjrp

            You’re wrong Dave and even though I like all 3….many, many more people would choose Gump….probably 50 to 1 with women, if not more.

          • dor

            the green mile was much better, film, performances by everyone involved. gump.. ok.. run forrest run

          • Enclave Forever

            Pulp one of the best films of the 90′s? My gosh, what are you people smoking? Three stupid little stories presented non-linearly make a film great? Come on man, snap out of this Tarantino blowing trance!

          • MikeTX62

            Sorry, guys, but Pulp Fiction was, and will always remain . . . CRAP. It was a horrifyingly confusing mishmash that was almost impossible to figure out. People watched it repeatedly, NOT b/c it was so good, but b/c they were trying to make sense out of a disjointed mess!!

            I agree Shawshank Redemption is a great movie. I didn’t like it at first b/c I’m not a big fan of Tim Robbins. However, after several viewings over the years, and especially b/c of Morgan Freeman, it’s grown on me and I am now a big fan of the movie, DESPITE Robbins. The only films Robbins was any good in were Cadillac Man and Bull Durham.

          • Jeffrey Kuhl

            Then you obviously have no taste.

        • manting

          The movie is a bunch of right wing propaganda. Forrest represents the good christian conservitive american. He works hard, serves in the military, becomes rich. Jenny represents liberalism, she is part of the anti war movement, involved with the black panthers and what happens to her? She is beaten, abused, drug addicted and dies of aids. Fucking hate that movie. P.S. in the book Forrest rapes her when he visits her at college

          • Vincent

            Really? Well that changes everything. However, your argument is sort of ironic considering that Hollywood is the MOST liberal institution in America.

          • JeffAHayes

            Tell that to Clint Eastwood.

          • pepjrp

            Clint Eastwood is just one guy. So Hollywood is not the MOST liberal institution in America? lol. That was funny.

          • JeffAHayes

            That’s certainly a different view than any I’ve ever seen or read (or heard). Ummmmmmmmm, I’m NOT one of those right-wingers, and I see Forrest as just a not-too-bright guy, but with a very good heart, who just did all the things he thought he was supposed to do in life, and tried to get the girl he wanted, and in the end everything kindasorta worked out in a weird, sad, but yet still wonderful sort of way, while the other people in his life (like Jenny) complicated things by thinking too much and trying to always get what they didn’t have instead of enjoying what they did and living with what they could, and ended up mostly in misery instead, but were still loved in the end by the same guy, who never changed his sweet outlook on life no matter what happened to him.
            I fail to see why people don’t/can’t get that. This movie is about maintaining a positive attitude in life no matter what happens… about perservering and going about your business and not sweating the small stuff, and letting the big stuff take care of itself. How many times have how many of us been told to do or try that? How many times have we? I’m working on it. I know it’s right, but it’s not as easy as Forrest Gump makes it look.
            That’s the point… that having LESS of a mind can actually be a beneficial thing IF you have a good heart to guide you. There are too many people who NEVER lead with their hearts, or even let their hearts into the equation.

      • Dawg

        Gump winning over anything was wrong. Gump was an overlong attempt to throw in every cliche and new film technology.
        If a movie is not worth watching twice, it is not worth watching once and FG falls in that group.

        • Bob Barker

          Pulp Fiction was the same Tarintino crap as Reservoir Dogs & every other piece of crap he’s done since. There’s a reason Gump earned $677 million worldwide while Pulp earned $21.

          • pablo_rajczyk

            Yes, and that reason is the American public. Justin Beiber records outsell Mozart by a factor of hundreds, that doesn’t make lil Justin a musical genius. The argument from popularity is hardly convincing.

          • Amanda

            Terrible analogy. Different time periods, different genres, different population numbers to account for…not to mention recorded music available for mass production wasn’t even available yet. And you talk about the American public…America as we know it with the colonies and all didn’t even exist yet when Mozart was born and was less than twenty years old when he died!

            Besides that, Mozart was an absolute prodigy who wrote timeless pieces that are forever embedded in our culture. Bieber is a snot-nosed kid who can play a few instruments and happened to be at the right place at the right time. His fifteen minutes will be over soon enough.

          • pablo_rajczyk

            I’m talking about today. With the availability of Mozart’s every recording either on CD or digitally people buy more Beiber. My point, which you obviously missed, is that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it has artistic merit, a point which you went on to support even after you wrote it was a terrible analogy. Are you always this confused?

          • Phil Nielsen

            Curious, when did Amadeus actually record his work? All these recordings of Mozart’s music have been done by contemporary orchestras and some are definitely better than others. We have no idea what the orchestras of his day actually sounded like. Music, like cinema is highly subjective; what you may find uplifting, someone else would find droll and tasteless. While I agree with your analogy of the flash in the pan artists, some trite music does become classic in its own right as do some films.

          • pablo_rajczyk

            We have an exceptional idea of what orchestras sounded like in the mid 18th century…they sound almost exactly how they sound today. Violin, oboe, cello…haven’t changed at all.

          • Vincent

            Justin Bieber would probably think Mozart was a soft drink!!!! That’s the problem :)

          • Jasper

            Well, Pulp Fiction made $213 million on $8 million budget. So let’s at least get facts somewhat straight. Shall we? And btw, I love Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction.

          • Rich

            Ok you go watch Hanks ham it up, the real film fanatics will chase Tarantino

          • Enclave Forever

            Film fanatics or people with their heads up their butts? How does someone qualify as a film connoisseur? Tarantino is a charlatan and tricks all you suckers into suckling on his manhood.

          • Darwin Rivers

            Uhhh …. bad taste?

          • Enclave Forever

            Both Pulp and Gump suck. OK, they don’t really suck, but Pulp is completely and outrageously over rated. Gump is just too mindless.

          • Dean

            Pulp Fiction was nothing like Reservoir Dogs. PF was exciting, captivating, entertaining and I cannot even sit through RD without eventually being bored to tears.

        • pepjrp

          And only you and a few think that way. I wonder why?

      • Saurav Kathuria

        Pulp fiction and Shawshank redemption are some of the best movies ever. I totally agree that Forrest Gump should not have won. It is what i like to call a ‘feel good movie’!

      • Rich

        Tarantino is always overlooked…most underrated director ever. Good thing is he couldn’t care less, he just loves making movies and that passion can be seen throughout each one.

        • Enclave Forever

          Rubbish – he is the most over-rated.

      • Enclave Forever

        Pulp Fiction is a highly over rated film. It has three forgettable, simplistic stories presented non-linearly. What on earth is so great about that? That Tarantino is a charlatan.

      • nostalgiac

        That’s why Quentin got Best Original Screenplay as his consolation prize!!!

    • MB Archer

      Shawshank, Gump, Pulp, Four Weddings, and Quiz Show. Greatest “Best Picture” class ever.

      • Walter

        Forrest Gump deserved the Oscar but I wouldn’t have been outraged if Pulp Fiction had won that year.

      • dickwad

        I only watch two of these now……and one isn’t Gump!

        • Marcel Samson

          But the other is? ;)

        • W.D.

          Your choice.

      • Movie Nut

        Cuckoo’s Nest
        Barry Lyndon
        Dog Day
        Presidents Men
        Taxi Driver
        Bound for Glory

        • manting

          Cool hand Luke
          In the heat of the night
          The graduate
          Bonnie and Clyde
          Dr Doolittle
          The Dirty Dozen
          Guess who’s coming to dinner

          • pepjrp

            That is one amazing list.

      • mynameisbluecanary

        I love Tom Hanks something fierce, but I feel Forrest Gump robbed Shawshank that year. Ironic, because yet another deserving Stephen King adaptation (The Green Mile) was robbed in ’99, and this time it starred Tom Hanks.

      • manting

        not even close.

      • Darwin Rivers

        I agree with both MovieNut and Manting: definitely not the greatest “Best Picture” class ever … Not even close. 1967, 1975, and 1976 were all better years.
        And didn’t 1974 have “The Godfather II”, “The Conversation”, and “The French Connection”? All incredible movies by artists at the height of their powers.
        Actually, the 1970s were an amazing decade for movies overall … perhaps the best thus far?
        Still can’t believe “Kramer vs. Kramer” beat out “Apocalypse Now” for best movie though; yet another situation showing the Academy’s poor taste:(

        • Darwin Rivers

          Sorry … my mistake!!!
          1974: Godfather II, The Conversation, and Chinatown.
          French Connection is from 1971. Again, sorry for the mistake. But still feel 1974 was a fantastic year:)

    • Robert Neville

      Agreed – that one pisses me off to this day.

    • Jennifer

      Come on nothing, it was moving and wonderfully done.

    • Robert Zemeckis

      I see a lot of people on this thread wondering what made Gump so special. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but it was more the character that left a mark than the movie itself. In fact, there is a BubbaGump shrimp restaurant in Times Square. Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption are great movies, but neither of those two films garnered the range of demographics that Gump did. Hence, Gump’s hefty box office totals. A movie that just about everyone could connect with.

      • pepjrp

        I agree on your point about connecting with… and I feel that is the difference in comparison. I really liked Shawshank, but we all took the wives and the women felt it was way too violent. And Pulp Fiction had very little female appeal for what that is worth.

    • pepjrp

      Forest Gump had a wider appealing audience. That must have made the difference. Shawshank was too violent for most women.

    • JustAnotherLAguy

      Gump is a classic. Both of the others were as well. That was an amazing year for nominations. 94 and 99 killed it. Gump is a better movie IMHO than Shawshank, but Quentin certainly should have gotten the director nod that year for originality and style.

  • Ayn Roberts

    You can’t judge retroactively what should have won. Whoa, 30 years have past and that one film way back when isn’t holding up like it’s competitor, what a bunch of idiots! Yeah…nice try Audrey.

    • Joseph Parker

      I’m pretty sure that many of these films were known to be inferior at the time they won. Sure, some films seem important at the time and don’t age well. But like Argo was inferior to most of the other films on the nomination, and most critics reviled Titanic, some movies should just never be nominated.

    • Jadun Cobb

      That the point…………..A GREAT MOVIE LIKE A GREAT SONG WILL LAST THE TEST OF TIME AND WILL BE WATCH FOR GENERATIONS TO COME……….and some of the movies that won will not……will be forgotten………….and I won`t stoop to your level by name calling

  • Amy Gugig

    How did Kramer vs. Kramer fail to make this list? Especially given that it beat out Apocalypse Now

    I don’t even understand how Shakespeare in Love got nominated

    • MOM

      Politics and Bullshit, my friend. Politics and Bullshit.

    • pepjrp

      Wow, I had no idea of that. I liked Kramer vs Kramer and Dustin Hoffman in general, but Apocalypse is an icon.

  • Drew Dos Santos

    Stop excusing your every choice by saying things like “look, I like it, but…”. If you have an opinion as a writer, you should stand for it.

  • Lee

    This list has some good points. But also some extremely bad ones. Hurt Locker was not just a “combat film.” If you paid attention it was of the psychological effects of war on our modern soldiers. Maybe if you paid attention to, I don’t know, THE END it would have clicked. And Al Pacino in Scent Of A Woman was brilliant. Again, maybe you didn’t pay attention, but the character was over-bearing, and “over the top.” Seeing as how he hadn’t done a role like that previously, he deserved the Oscar, not to mention he made a seriously convincing blind man. I agreed with Crash, horrible film, and Norton deserved the Oscar for American History X.

    • Danny boy

      “Over-bearing” and “‘over the top’” are the only ways to describe Al Pacino in “Scarface”. Heck, he even admitted in an interview he intentionally hammed it up a little while playing Scarface.

  • Me

    You’ve never even seen the Blind Side, have you? Sandra reminded us all of how awesome she is. You’re whining because she beat out somebody else? Grow some balls idiot. And Avatar sucked.

  • Macabre

    You should add Argo to the top of this. Argo was probably the worst movie nominated this year. Not only were 3 great films in Life of Pi, Django and Les Mis but the Argo itself is only good. Its honestly a disgrace that the academy was dumb enough to put Argo as number 1. ugh

    • ol duke

      les mis? Are you serious? Argo is better than les mis, as were almost every movie released this year. we seem to have this thing where we bend over backwards to include musicals, as if they were respectable pieces of entertainment instead of painfully dull melodrama with unlistenable music. aargo is not this mess that everyone is saying, probably bc they have some problem with Ben Affleck. I think Zero Dark 30 was better, and I liked Lincoln, but Argo is no embarrassment the way some of these are. btw, gigi? gigi, anyone?

      • crittab

        Argo is an embarrassment for many, many reasons, not the least of which is the way it allowed the US to take credit for everyone else’s work, diminished the role of the Canadians, made horrible accusations against Britain and New Zealand, and extended the role of the CIA miles beyond anything they ever did. It was farcical, and absolutely degrading to anyone who was actually there.

        And if you hate musicals, you hate musicals, but Les Mis was a brilliant film for so many reasons. It was groundbreaking in the way it was filmed, it featured amazing performances, and the scale was of epic proportions. It was well deserving of its nomination.

        I would have given Best Picture to Life of Pi, having now seen all of them.

        • David Summers

          I wouldn’t have given Best Picture to LoP, as good as it is. For me, it would’ve been between ZDT and Argo.

          Also, Les Mis blows and was not at all deserving of a nomination. Period.

        • Mr. Orange

          Argo was a good film. But not best picture good. Django, Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi, I’ll save myself the trouble of listing every movie, anything but Les Mis deserved to win over Argo. Argo winning was a pity win because Affleck wasn’t nominated. Les Mis was a poorly directed film with great acting. It will be remembered as much as the last Les Mis movie.

        • Joseph Parker

          I can’t agree more. I am getting really tired of recreational history films. I realize its a movie, but Argo isn’t even trying. I have to say I actually agree with the Iranian stance that it makes them look racist, and you don’t really get a sense that the reason there was so much hatred towards America was that we overthrew their government before. That is what the CIA should take credit for, not getting those people out. Amour was brilliant. Pi was not my cup of tea, though gorgeous. I like many of the Les Mis performances, but the film was uneven.

          • Joseph Parker

            Also, ZDT was a fantasy.

    • markg

      I completely agree. Lincoln should have won. I considered it he best of the bunch. Les Mis was lacking and Django was controversial. Lincoln was everything we want to see in a oscar winning film.

      • Sven


    • Anna

      Lolz, I love Les Mis on stage. It is one of my all time favorite Broadway shows. But that movie was a joke. The performances were great, but that was not a great movie. Argo greatly surpassed Les Mis.

    • Sven

      Les Mis was a terrible adaptation of the original musical. Hooper turned big numbers into small, introspective songs on many of the huge hits. His over use of ultra tight shots added to this as well and didn’t allow the movie to hold it’s scope and granduer.

  • CDB

    Cher for Moonstruck over Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.
    Out of Africa over The Color Purple.

    • ladyofargonne

      Glenn Close has had many outstanding performances. Cher surprised many. And would probably never again. This was her year.

    • David Wickham

      Cher deserved it but I agree with Out of Africa. I walked out of the movie and I rarely ever do that.

    • markg

      Glenn Close didn’t win for Fatal Attraction. She was nominated but didn’t win. I completely agree with you that Oscar shut out Spielberg and anyone associated with his film. Winfrey turned in an Oscar Winning performance and she was completely overlooked as was Whoopi Goldberg and Steven Spielberg.

      • Joseph Parker

        You really need to go back and watch the color purple. Way over dramatic and if you really analyze that film, it isn’t that good.

        • Joseph Parker

          Ran was the best picture that year by far.

        • Honeybrown1976

          The Color Purple was pretty good. If don’t see how boring and melodramatic Out of Africa was as a movie, I don’t know what to tell you.

          • Joseph Parker

            Did I say out of africa or did I say Ran?

      • MOM

        Glenn Close should have won for “Les Liasions Dangereuses.” Now that was a great movie. The acting, the directing, the costumes, the art direction, the costumes, etc. Everything was just perfect. Especially Glenn Close’s performance.

    • markg

      Glenn Close didn’t win for Fatal Attraction. She was nominated but didn’t win. I completely agree with you that Oscar shut out Spielberg and anyone associated with his film. Winfrey turned in an Oscar Winning performance and she was completely overlooked as was Whoopi Goldberg and Steven Spielberg.

    • logansnana

      Whoopi Goldburg got robbed that year. They had to make it up to her with Ghost which was a comparatively sub par film and performance.

  • Eustace Cromartie

    Crash is a movie that shows the harsh reality that most non-minorities don’t understand racial issues or relations at all. Every article about Crash has a many comments (usually by whites) about how it was trash. Sorry but many people of all races could not see understand what was really going on in the film or the realism it portrayed.

    • Keith Beck

      What I didn’t like about Crash, was I felt it made it’s point early on, and then continued to try and beat it into you for the next hour and a half.

  • king

    avatar deserves to lose against hurt locker, though revolutionary, it’s the most unoriginal movie in that year.

  • lori

    as a white woman, i happened to think “crash” was brilliant…it opened my eyes to how all the races (and genders) are biased…if this were a perfect world, we would all be color blind and get along…and what a peaceful place we would inhabit…if that isn’t a SOMEWHAT important message, i don’t know what is….

    • CJ Haze

      Yes, everyone has a different perspective in life which leads to a bias. Instead of recognizing different cultures, you want to be “color blind” because that way everyone will get along? You don’t have to say you’re white; it’s obvious.

      And Crash took an obvious point and browbeats the audience for over an hour. That’s not entertainment, it’s a sermon.

  • Travis

    The biggest oscar mistake ever without any doubt is the fact that Stanley Kubrick never won for best director!

    • Joseph Parker

      Oliver over 2001 is probably the worst offender.

      • Sven

        Disagree. Oliver was very deserving.

      • Honeybrown1976

        I’m sorry but 2001 is a snooze fest. Kubrick has made other films that was captivating (e.g A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Lolita).

        • Enclave Forever

          Maybe you are just too mentally feeble for a film like that.

  • Pattyo

    Thank you!! The hurt locker did not deserve to win!! It was not even that great of a movie!! Come on, if I am going to die, I am going to die comfortable!?!??! That is a terrible line! Or when he lets that one guy go in the beginning??!?!

  • Mark Harding

    I thought Crash was really good despite the excessive amount of coincidences in the plot. Certainly better than Fudgepack Mountain was I thought was well acted but BOOORING!

  • Mark Harding

    How about Around The World In 80 Days beating out Giant? Just about every critic looks at that as one of the biggest upsets in Oscar history.

  • Evan Bolick

    I’m sorry, but Hurt Locker is one of the all-time greatest war movies. Avatar had far less business being in contention (great movies are more than great visual effects) and District 9, while good, is not an all-time classic. The arguments for Basterds or Up are fine, but Hurt Locker was a more than worthy winner.

    • David Wickham

      The more I watch Avatar, the more I like it. I watched it the first time for the special effects and I got hooked on the story. I have to like the characters to like the movie or at least have some sort of vested interest in them and I like the characters in Avatar.

    • James A Dempsey

      I walked out of Avatar wondering if it was the best movie I ever saw in a theater. I have since decided it isn’t, but it is up there.

    • Jon birch

      All time greatest war movies? Please, tell me, what war movies you watch.

      • Joseph Parker

        Iron Helmet, Best Years of Our Lives, Stalingrad, Saving Private Ryan, Thin Red Line, From Here to Eternity, Paths of Glory, Apocalypse Now, Generation Kill, Dear Hunter, Big Red One. Those are some of my favorites and the only ones I give more credence to are Generation Kill and Private Ryan.

        • manting

          generation kill is a mini series on HBO not a movie (I liked it alot though) What about where eagles dare, run silent run deep, the Eagle has landed, the last emperor, the longest day to name a few

          • Joseph Parker

            run silent is pretty good. They Were Expendable is another great. Last Emperor, while a great film, is not really a war film, though still, great film. That would be like calling Nixon a war film. Logest Day? While a great technical achievement, the tone is all wrong. I love old war movies as their own genre of propaganda, but not as representations of combat.

  • Evan Bolick

    No qualms with Crash – one of the worst picks of all time. Not only were Brokeback and Good Night better, but so was every other film nominated.

  • Jason Rey

    To me, the only appropriate answer to this question is Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream. She gave a heartbreaking, mind-bending, earth-shattering performance. Julia Roberts showed some cleavage and smiled a lot.

    • Keith Beck

      Totally agree with you on this one. It stands out to me more than any others mentioned. That is was such an uncomfortable movie, and rated NC17 really hurt it. But Burstyn gave what I still think is one of the greatest performances of all times.

      • Michael Grei

        I agree, Ellen Burnstyn gave the greatest performance of her career and lost to Julie Roberts that’s like pitting Bette Davis against Heddy Lamar a pretty woman with minimal talent…

        • Shan

          Hedy Lamarr was a talented scientist, mind you. One of the reasons we have wifi internet to post things like this for starters.

          • wuwu

            But not a great actress & is’nt that waht this page is all about?

          • MikeTX62

            They don’t give Oscars for science or internet development. I think she was actually nominated for a Nobel Prize at one point for her scientific work, but the subject here is THE OSCARS.

    • gloobee


    • Martha Flemmingz

      I have not liked Julia Roberts since she played the role of a hooker ( slam pig with std’s for money) and tried to glamorize prostitution. Young girls look up to that pig with horse teeth and its a crying shame. People will do anything for money…. She will get none of mine for her shit films.

      • LittleMissCantBeWrong

        Calm down, Martha, Julia Roberts was not an actual prostitute. It’s called “acting”. Also she didn’t write or direct the movie. Yes, I agree that Ellen Burstyn should have gotten the Oscar over Julia Roberts, but it’s not that deep.

        • meatmine

          You have a sad lack of reading for comprehension skills. No one said she was a prostitute or taht she wrote or directed anything. The point was …GLAMORIZING prostitution… …since she PLAYED THE ROLE of a hooker.

      • Martha sucks

        Go fuck yourself Martha

      • lulu1515

        People including young girls understand she was acting in this movie and in fact the moral was that you need to respect yourself in order for others to respect you. She left prostitution and was going to go back to school.

      • HPguy

        Pig with orse teeth…….common Martha, stop sugar coating it and tell us how you REALLY feel!! :-)

      • Linda Thompson

        OMG!!! i am so relieved i am not the only one who detests that dreadful movie glorifying prostitution with julia roberts and richard gere — a total crap of a movie that young girls love so much – it is so disgusting—-

        • Tinwoods

          You and maybe fifteen others of the many millions who watched it and didn’t take it anywhere near as seriously as you did, you humorless cow.

      • Tinwoods

        Wow. You have a lot of unresolved issues, don’t you angry lady? And don’t you worry, Ms. Roberts doesn’t need any of your food stamp money.

    • stephanie767

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    • Lolita

      SO agree. Roberts never acts any differently. Danny DeVito produced it. THATS how Roberts won.

    • wuwu

      You would be right on that one. Ellen Burstyn and that whole movie was an emotional roller coaster and an experience I will never forget.

    • Linda Thompson

      omg-requiem for a dream is one of the most nightmarish movies i have ever seen- heartbreaking performance by ellen burstyn. and jennifer connelly was stunning!! unfortunately for me i saw it while i was dealing with stage 4 cancer treatment delusions and hallucinations and it was not the best choice of movies to watch!!! but it was such a brave production. also, being a native new yorker, it gives me more reasons why i detest nyc!!! hard to watch, yes — a huge understatement – but ellen deserved an award for her performance that is for sure –

  • V S

    I agree that the Blindside was racist. The person who the film was based on didn’t like how they portrayed him. He played and knew a lot about football before that family adopted him. Yet in the film, they portrayed him as slow, lethargic and totally ignorant about football.

    • pepjrp

      But the movie won an Oscar because it involved a story involving races and how they formed a family. Hardly racist, in a nutshell, it won because of race. It would have never won had it been a story about a White family and a poor White kid being adopted etc.

      • nycgirl

        The movie was condescending and paternalistic. It glorified Bullock’s character to the point of making Michael a plot device in his own story. And, as VS mentioned, the movie portrayed Michael as a shit-for-brains about everything, including football, when in real life he assiduously studied the game since he was a child.

  • Danny boy

    Really surprised that I didn’t see Cuba Gooding Jr. I like him and all, but the fact that he hasn’t been in a major movie for a loooong time should tell you something…

    • Danny boy

      Also, Slumdog Millionaire. It’s a great movie, though.

    • Larry

      Fuck I forgot about Cuba Gooding Jr. Damn is he just awful. That he won over William H Macy from “Fargo” is a shame. Armin Mueller-Stahl in his understated performance in “Shine” was also a thousand times better.

  • david f white

    Lets Not forget Do the Right thing by spike Lee!!

    • Susan Bowman

      Do the Right Thing and Glory were both shamefully overlooked that year. They took the easy way out on racial matters with Driving Miss Daisy.

      • Bill

        From the 1990 Academy Awards show, I remember Kim Basinger, in an unscripted moment, and without actually naming the movie, beginning her on-stage presentation by politely calling out the Academy for not nominating “Do The Right Thing” for Best Picture. From within the auditorium, she received no boos, and received some applause.

  • david f white

    I hate LIfe is Beautiful!! Truman show should have Won!!

  • david f white

    Denzel washington should have Won in 1999 for the Hurricane !!!

  • david f white

    The empire Strikes Back was a better psychological character study than Ordinary People!! Brubaker was better too!!

  • thatfilmguy

    I disagree about Roberto Begnini vs. Edward Norton. I actually haven’t seen Life is Beautiful but I thought Norton was WAY overrated in American History X. His acting was EXTREMELY over the top and not believable,

    • ladyofargonne

      Begnini had one of the most memorable acceptance speeches. Even if I didn’t understand a word he said.

    • Larry

      I loved Roberto Begnini in “LIfe is Beautiful” and this is one of those, “Someone lost only because someone had to win,” type of moments. One of my favorite movies ever is “Lawrence of Arabia” and Peter O’Toole lost Best Actor in favor of Gregory Peck for “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

      Both movies and both performances are brilliant. I feel this same way about “Life is Beautiful” and “American History X”.

      This is the flaw in awards shows, to think of movies as competing against each other the same manner as do sports. If there were really a competition, everyone would be given the same script and make the same movie, and the best rendition would then be chosen.

  • Bobbawaffle

    Biggest travety ever – Chicago best picture 2002. Hoooly crap. I have to respectfully disagree on Pacino. It was a great performance in a great movie.

  • this guy

    AVATAR sucked, I’m sorry but yeah, it did, Visually and effects wise, yes groundbreaking, original….Fuck no!

    • Christopher Woodard

      What does originality have to do with anything?

    • Vicky Sunderland

      its based upon pocahontas so i think if you look at it as a new age pocahontas its pretty damn good.

      • Jadun Cobb

        Hmmmmm tried that and guess what it still———–Wait for it————SUCKED!!!!

  • Gladys

    Those who aren’t from the south dont really understand fully what a great movie the blind side is…I think it deserved on oscar

  • Tiago Andrade

    Most of these winners got the gold because the Academy loves playing dickish. Either they don’t want to give Best Picture to a specific movie – think The Hurt Locker beating the blockbuster Avatar or Crash beating the controversial Brokeback Mountain – or consider an overall career more than an specific movie, and choose to crown an actor for a not-so-outstanding role – that would be Al Pacino winning Best Actor for Scent of a Woman.

  • Mark

    Many say one of the worst Oscar give-ways was to Elizabeth Taylor for Butterfield 8. She got it for nearly dying than actually putting in a great performance.

  • milo

    Big time disagree on Shakespeare in Love. It really is a great movie with an absolutely amazing screenplay (which also deservedly won). And Saving Private Ryan is one of the most overrated films ever – the opening battle sequence is genius, but after that it goes down the toilet – just a flat out terrible script. If someone wants to argue that one of the other movies should have won best picture, I’d consider that, but if there was a better movie that year, it certainly wasn’t Ryan.

  • e

    Ok I agree about shakespear in love and the blind side, but how can you even think that inception had a better directing than the king’ s speech? Just because it has a fantastic cinematography and visual effects it doesn’ mean that nolan’s directing was this great stuff, he just put a camera in front of actors and let the rest of work to visual effects. Hopper did a very good job, i’m not saying his directing is the best, but he shot some really good and original scenes and his shots are quite good and inspired during almost all the movie (i mean that he put something interesting in almost every shot). Driving miss daisy was not that bad, though i prefered death poets too, but we must accept that opinions are subjectives, especially while talking about art. But there is a thing you wrote that i can’t accept: the hurt locker. It is just one of the best directed movie of all time:every fucking shot is eye-stunning, highly impressive and significative. His screenplay is very good, maybe not the best of all times but it is original, realistic and has a particular narrative structure, i mean it is not just the usual guns and blood stuff. Also, i could understand your point of view if Avatar, Inglorious basterds and Districted 9 (that i really liked) were such a great stuff as you try to say. But c’mon, Avatar is a fucking Pocahontas with a better cimematography, it is impressive by the visive point of view, but it is one of the must predictable movie of all time. His screenplay is horrible, i got all the time a sensation of dejavu and, except for four or five very good shots, the direction is plane and boring. Now, i dare anyone to demonstrate me that i’m wrong (i’m sorry for the grammar but i wrote this with my smartphone).

  • a

    Dont agree

  • Mary

    Al Pacino not winning for Dog Day Afternoon is one of The Academy’s biggest mistakes.

  • Youns

    I agree with must of that but Tom Hoper, look I am big fan to Christ Nolan but Tom Hoper was amizing, also Crash every one loved it more than any other movie in 2005, of cours it s worth.

  • Michael Stemann

    I agree with some but not all of the 10 – My own top 3 would be something like..

    3. Lord of the Rings, part 3 – A classic, you didn´t get it for part 1 & 2 -so now we better cough up with something, since this is our last chance ( little did they know that in 10 years time, they would be back with The Hobbit – but lets NOT go there..).

    2. Chicago

    1. Million Dollar Baby – What a piece of crap ! It is not even close to being a good movie – it´s a sop story and the characters are written for the mentally challenged – at some point I expected the girls family to grow fangs – just to make it even more clear, how bad people they were.. The 4 other nominees (The Aviator, Ray, Sideways and Finding Neverland) must have felt robbed, proper-fucked and the victims of a worldwide hoax and I find it hard to believe that you can find a worse movie among all the nominees that year – ok I haven´t seen I, Robot, but I am willing to give that a chance, before re-wieving MDB.

    • Eric Lucero

      Million Dollar Baby is a masterpiece. The fact that you think it’s one of the worst films of the year clearly shows you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Adam M. Francis

    Dances with Wolves over GOODFELLAS!!!!!

  • rzkchk

    Eastwood and Million Dollar Baby in 2004? Scorsese and The Aviator should have won!

    • Joseph Parker

      Yeah, but this goes back to Mystic River Losing to Return of the King. Mystic River is the best movie of the decade. Return was good, but the multiple endings. The Academy got themselves into a corner by not letting the previous LOTR films win, so we go to the pass it down oscar winners.

  • Shay

    Iron Lady beating Harry Potter in best makeup.

    • Scott Hellon

      Makeup Artists vote for makeup Oscars. Perhaps there had already been so many Harry Potter movies that they went with performance-driven usage of makeup.

  • Larry

    “This is a particularly obvious example of the Academy’s nasty little habit of neglecting actors when they turn in amazing performances, then trying to make up for it by reward their later (usually subpar) work.”

    Could not have gotten this more right. Paul Newman comes to mind for his award for The Color of Money when there were so very many other, better performances. Peter O’Toole never won either, or Hitchcock and I could add to this list for a very long time.

    “The King’s Speech” and calling the direction uninspired is nitpicky and consider that addition to be filler material since there’s no substance behind the claim other than to give all of the credit to the actors.

    “The fact that Welles was never recognized by the Academy for his pioneering work in this film makes me a sad, sad panda.”

    The South Park reference sees to be really out of place.

  • Bruna Torres

    Ok. Not just because I’m a brazilian… But I NEVER understood why City of God wasn’t even nominated for best movie/foreign movie. Seriously, why?

    • Michael Miller

      Because it was good, serious, and had no name recognition. Remember, the Oscars do not reward excellence (necessarily), but are used to promote movie box office and sales. Do not focus on an Oscar=BEST equation

      • Eric Lucero

        If this were the case, Michael Bay would be a winner. The truth is, the Academy far more often awards films that are not big commercial successes. But they are very elitist and do not like awarding non-Hollywood films. They also tend to not like very artistic films or films that make them face subjects they do not like facing. Cloud Atlas is a perfect example this year. It was not nominated for a single thing, yet it’s clearly one of the best films this year (I think one of the best ever). But it’s an independent film with collaborative directors one of which is foreign.

        • Jane

          Cloud Atlas was a boring, pretentious movie. Just painful to sit thru.

        • kvanar

          Cloud Atlas sucked. The only good thing about it was Doona Bae.

        • julie

          I agree. Anyone who doesn’t like Cloud Atlas just isn’t intelligent enough to “get it”.

        • gcooke777

          Tried to watch that movie three times and failed. I think I got lost in the clouds. Clearly there is a person in this world that will love any particular film. It speaks to them personally. But to be the best picture it should have to speak to a broader audience. It should have compelling and powerful performances. It should reach the audience through artistic excellence and be innovative.

          Think of Lawrence of Arabia. It tells a somewhat true story of a great man. Peter O’Toole was SHOCKINGLY beautiful (I’m not gay!), the camera work is AMAZING, the morals of the time exposed for their racism (and it was made in 1963), the Arabs were shown as people both good and bad, and a history lesson was taught at the same time. THAT is everything a best picture should be and it won as it should have.

    • LP

      I dont get what box office have to do with foreign movies. No way “Nowhere in Africa” was a box office hit… and if it was i must have been asleep. None the less, i totally agree City of God was a phenomenal movie that should have won best foreign and even be in the Big Picture award Race.
      Chicago won over Gangs of New York that year. Im not a big fan of musical while Gangs of NY is pretty damn good. But the steal that year was Brody’s over Day-lewis. The Pianist was a great and sad movie, but no one in his right mind would deny one of the greatest actor to have walk this earth over … Adrian Brody.

      • Dee


    • APinOz

      Agree 100%. And I’m NOT Brazilian.

    • JayJay

      That movie is awful. I love how people that realism is based on evil and death.

    • The Walking Cuban

      Such a good movie

    • Nuri

      Was it even sent in for consideration? The way I know it from my own country, the local cinema academy chooses the film that they will send to the academy of Hollywood to opt for an Oscar nomination. And sometime we citizens of a non-English-speaking country are also befuddled that the film sent to Hollywood is not really the best of the year or the one with better chances. So it can be that Brazil never even sent City of God to Hollywood. Or if you did… then others have replied to your question already :)

  • Mr. Ed

    The Blind Side….. on what parallel universe would a story (as presented) like this really happen? The name of this story should have been called, “White Naive Rich Bitch Feels Guilty.”

    • Pedro

      The Blind Side is a story of a real football player.

      • Joseph Parker

        Yeah, but not as depicted in the movie.

  • Dean Craz

    Worst ever choice- Ghandi over Tootsie. KIngsley with a diaper and a great impersonation of Fisher Stevens’ monotone performance over Hoffman’s tour de force.

    • loyal viewer

      diaper??? really you said diaper?! jeez the level of ignorance!

      • Joseph Parker

        Ghandi was a white supremacist, look it up

  • LC

    Nice list, I only disagree wiht 1, Life is beautiful is one of the most impactful movies I’ve seen.
    Just because holocaust movies were “hip” back then, doesn’t mean a masterpiece can’t be made of it. American History X – good movie, but as far as moving me it didn’t come close to the winner.

  • Whoman Jim

    Ya want unworthy Oscar winner? Three words here: The English Patient.

    • JJ

      Agreed – that movie was terrible.

    • zillkleetooz

      yes, yes, yes and again i say YES! i was sick that it beat Shine… still am when i think about it (damn silly thing to get sick about, i know)

    • ztak123

      ABSOLUTELY AGREE. Almost fell asleep.

    • Cord Wainer

      English Patient is one of my all-time top 10 movies, as is Shakespeare in Love.
      What’s your beef? No gangsters, drugs or rock’n’roll?

      • Dean

        Soooooooo BORING!!!! OMG!!!! That’s my beef, It sucked.

    • jujulovebean

      Agreed 202%

  • Kenn

    Gwyneth Paltrow beating anyone, but especially Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth 1.

  • anna

    Hello, I’d just like to let the creator of this list know that some guy has plagiarised your list. Here is the link to it:

  • JR

    I agree with some of your choices, but not all.

    I never understood why Fredric March won Best Actor for “The Best Years of Our Lives” when there were three leading male roles. (Yeah I know Harold Russell won BS Actor & a special award.) Why did March win over Jimmy Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life”? Why Did Jimmy Stewart, in “The Philadelphia Story”, win over Henry Fonda in “The Grapes Of Wrath”? Why did Timothy Hutton win BS Actor when he was obviously the main character? And why the hell wasn’t John Wayne even nominated for “The Searchers”!?!?

    There needs to be an award given out in different catagories ten years after a film has been released…maybe twenty. By then we would all know who truely deserved the award.


    Crash was derivative PC drivel.

  • Parles

    ummmm… jennifer hudson

  • Gavlar

    Have to admit I have to agree on most of those choices. Born on the fourth of July was a film so completely overlooked not just at the Oscars that it angers when you seen mediocre films win.

    As much as I enjoyed, not exactly loved Gump, I felt that Tom Hanks and even Steve Speil (for film, as he did win for director) both should have won for Saving Private Ryan. In my opinion this film redefined the war movie like Sam Peckinpah redefined violence.

    Titanic was an absolute stinker of a film and the amount of times you knew you were watching a computer simulation made me cringe, but you know when a film is bad when the actors don’t actually win any of the awards, Shindlers list being the exception as both Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes were both excellent. Shawshank needs to be remade so it can win the Oscars that it so deserves.

  • FusterCluck

    Russell Crowe got the Oscar for Gladiator, which I didn’t agree with at the time. I’m betting that it’s the reason he didn’t get it for A Beautiful Mind, which would have been much more deserved.

  • Tim Pendergast

    How can “The Greatest Show on Earth” not be at the top of this list?

  • Andrew Crisp

    The HURT LOCKER should never have made this list it was a great film

  • Sideshow

    In the Rewarding sub par work to make up for past tragedies: Martin Scorcese: Departed

  • kate

    how about There will be blood over ANYTHING…or the king’s speech or whatever over the hunger games??

    • Scott Hellon

      There Will Be Blood won actor. That’s it, I believe.

  • Stavros

    This is all wrong. Al Pacino’s performance was one of the greatest I’ve ever seen! Sandra Bullock deserved the oscar. Who the hell are you saying they don’t deserve the praise?

  • Misfitslove

    ALL I have to say is Avatar it the adult version of fern gully !!! Watch both sometime avatar is just fern gully minus the child singgy songs it was like the director was watching it with a bunch of kids and thought to himself ” hum i can do this no prob!”

  • Erik Miitel

    Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts wasn’t that great at all.

    • ztak123

      Very true. Both she and Sandra Bullock are unworthy.

  • opdude

    First name that pops into my head is Helen Hunt.

  • obliv326

    Any discussion of oscar screw ups that doesn’t start and stop with chicago being even given a thought in the head of a single academy member is sorely lacking. not only is it utter and complete dreck (and frankly, musicals are weak material to begin with, and this one is below average even for that poor crop of candidates) but we had to sit through that God-awful “tribute” to it this year! It’s not enough of an insult that it was made, and that for some reason people were in one of those easily to be duped modes that allows things like this to become “popular” (jean claude van damme and sinbad owe their careers to similar mass hypnosis) but the producers of that piece of garbage (and, coincidentally, this years oscars) have to act like it is anything other than one of the academy’s far too often bouts of insanity, some of which were menationed here, but are actually far too common for a body declaring something like “best picture” (gigi? gandhi? out of africa? need i go on?) If I were head of the academy, I would declare a moratorium for 5 years, and would only award a year’s best after some time had passed. That way it is less to do with pr and more to do with actually standing the test of time. I doubt one of weinstein’s big oscar campaigns could even manufacture that kind of cred… and we would not ever have reason to mention a piece of crap like chicago again as anything other than a punchline.

  • DGRJR30

    Saying The Hurt Locker won’t be remembered in 10 years is just ignorant. It’s an outstanding film that was easily one of the 2 best films of 2010. I would’ve chosen Inglourious Basterds as the winner, but I have no issue with The Hurt Locker as the Best Picture winner. I agree about Tom Hooper winning for The King’s Speech. It was the best film that year, but Best Director should’ve gone to either David Fincher for The Social Network or Chris Nolan for Inception. What I can’t hardly believe is why Forrest Gump isn’t on this list. It was up against Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Quiz Show, and Four Weddings and a Funeral. At least 3 of those films are better than Gump, particularly Shawshank and Pulp Fiction, and the fact that Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get the Oscar for his performance as Jules Winfield is still one of the biggest Oscar flubs ever.

    • DGRJR30

      Oh yeah. I also agree about Crash. Good, not great movie. Good Night and Good Luck should’ve won Best Picture that year. That film is outstanding.

    • Christopher Woodard

      Speaking of ignorant… The Hurt Locker came out in the summer of 2009.

  • Ben Carr

    Jennifer Lawrence’s performance over Emmanuelle Riva on Amour was just unacceptable. The physical & psychological commitment of that woman, her transformation was incredible. B

    • brendan soliwoda

      I think Chastain should have won this year, but I agree in the fact that if it couldn’t have been Chastain, it should have easily been Riva. Lawrence was great, just not Oscar great.

      • Joseph Parker

        Chastain was awful. Zero Dark Thirty was awful. Such a fairty tale of those events, and not a great portrayal. I have loved Kat Bigs for a long time, but huge misfire for her. Amor was amazing and easily the best picture and Riva was awesome. Lawrence is Miss Hollywood right now, and will win some more. Plus she does make it look effortless in her credit.

  • Kay

    Reese Witherspoon did a good job as June Carter in Walk the Line but the best performance that year was Felicity Huffman playing a transsexual in Transamerica.

  • MIchael S.

    Sandra B. beat the talented Carey Mulligan,the fierce Gabourey Sidibe,the legendary Helen Mirren and the greatest of them all–Meryl Streep! ALL of them deserved to win, except her ! ! ! A crime.

  • Anthony

    Does anyone remember the name of the actress or the role that beat out Gloria Swanson’s Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard? Any one remember the Film? No googling!

    • Dejahthoris

      Had to look it up, Judy holiday in Born Yesterday. I did like that movie, but Swanson should have won, and if not her Davis or Baxter.

  • Rosie

    The oscar to this category goes to: anything won by Avatar.
    It’s Blue Alien Pocahontas!!!!!

  • gog mclaine

    What about “The Apartment” winning over Psycho ?

  • Jeremy Kelly

    Dances with Wolves winning over Goodfellas?

  • AGT

    All personal opinion. To me she blew me away here after all the comedy roles she’s done. Similar to her performance in the Americanised version of Premonition.

  • Chuck Petersen

    The BIGGEST one was Joaquin Phoenix not winning for his role as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. Brokeback mountain won—wow, I wonder why?

    • John W Hargis

      Shame how brokeback scarred those horses for life

    • Evan

      I know this was posted two months ago, but none of the actors in Brokeback Mountain won.

  • Cain Raison

    Time Out….No Marisa Tomei? No Dances With Wolves over Goodfellas? I mean yeah, Ordinary People, and Driving Miss Daisy, absolutely but Crash was awesome, sorry man, this list sucks…and your “I just took a movie course in College”-style reviews and commentary is all the proof I need.

  • Norbert

    Oh my god! I could not agree agree more with the analysis of number 5. Scent of a Woman is far less deserving of an oscar than some of Al Pacino’s other films. And Malcolm X is a classic!

    • Joseph Parker

      Art Carney. Yeah, he beat Pacino in Godfather II and Jack Nicholson in Chinatown. Yeah, exactly. Who is Art Carney?

  • David Wickham

    I love Driving Miss Daisy. It’s one of the rare movies that I will watch every time it’s on TV.

  • Eric Lucero

    I’m glad to see The Hurt Locker being recognized as undeserved. The greatest snub is clearly the Oscar going to Shakespeare in Love (overy Saving Private Ryan). I’m glad to see it included in this list. But what ultimately might be the second greatest snub behind that is Argo (over The Life of Pi). The best thing about Argo (which, don’t get me wrong, was a good film) was the directing which it wasn’t even nominated for.

  • kmorris76

    Dances with Wolves over Goodfellas and the King’s Speech over the Social Network.

  • David

    The English Patient, in my opinion, is not just the worst movie ever to win the Oscar for Best Picture, it’s one of the worst movies period.

    • Joseph Parker

      I don’t understand the English Patient hate. I get Fargo should have won, but EP is so beautiful a movie and story. It is about what we lose for what we care about and love. Yes it is slow, but the director went on to make the equally amazing Cold Mountain

  • L. Jaymes

    Tommy Lee Jones winning best supporting actor in The Fugitive over Ralph Fiennes’ courageous and career risking performance in Schindler’s List. I will never understand that oversight by the academy.

  • Jarrett

    Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream losing out Julia Roberts in Erin Brokovich cause she showed her breasts. Burstyn’s performance was one of the most amazing of all time and talk about someone that changed their apperance. WOW!!!

  • Ferdinand Uziel Wang

    Did The English Patient win Best Picture or not? At any rate, it was boooring.

    • Dejahthoris

      English patient was even worse than titanic

  • sonic4life

    Call me a total nerd but Annie Hall winning best picture over Star Wars, the most groundbreaking film of its time, angers me every time I hear Woody Allen’s name.

  • DavidTrock

    By Far the worst of those was the Hurt Locker, followed closely by Ordinary People, and How Green Was My Valley. A couple I never heard of, some I never saw, and four I thought were OK but not that great. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

  • Tom McKinnell

    Kind Hearts and Coronets. Alec Guinness playing 8 different members of the same family…..

  • crittab

    Argo. Argo, Argo, Argo. It was a satisfactory fictional movie that skated by on snipbits of actual reality. It was in no way superior to even a single other nominee. Seriously. Argo? Argo over Zero Dark Thirty, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Amour…. just no. No.

  • Oz

    Crash won because Paul Haggis was a protegeé from Clint Eastwood, who, in that times, was in very good relation with California´s governor at that time: Arnold Schwarzenegger… it was a political winnning,,, like Argo, but more subtle….

  • Mauricio Muniz

    CHARIOTS OF FIRE (who?) over RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Seriously?

  • LaLa

    Best one is how Halle Berry got an Oscar for that farce of a movie and she was just plain awful

  • sizo

    Julia Roberts is missing from the list

  • Mick

    I dont agree with the Denzel oscar for Trainig Day either, that was total bullshit. Check out who won best actress that year not that she didnt deserve it also they gave a special award to someone. Youll see what I mean. That was a cool movie but an oscar? I said that along time ago he did not deserve an oscar for that. Also Pacinos best performance was Scarface but thats just my opinion.

  • Steve Croft

    I’m sorry but Driving Miss Daisy DID deserve it. Damn fine movie and brilliant performances by the entire cast. Sorry you can’t find the pure enjoyment in it.

  • Chris

    Hurt Locker deserved it’s Oscar. Should never even be considered to be on this list.

  • YouWishYouHadAnMPA

    Roberto Benigni did an excellent job in Life is Beautiful!

  • Nolan

    Leo didn’t even get nominated for Django Unchained. He should have won. Christoph would have deserved an oscar, if Leo hadn’t been in the same movie, and much better. Aw well, guessi’m just lucky Django won so much.

    • Enclave Forever

      Cristoph Waltz did not deserve that Oscar at all. His acting was just standard, mostly emotionless. I could have acted that part exactly the same way. it goes to show how much popularity can cloud people’s judgement.

    • jujulovebean

      Sorry to say, but I think Leo is going to be one of those actors (Al Pacino as mentioned, Judi Dench, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemon, to name a few) who will probably win an Oscar some day, but just not for their greatest role or in a great movie.

  • Darren Christman

    What about Nat Portman in Black Swan?! People laughed in the theater. Like Paltroe being called most beautiful woman on planet earth; Hollywood loves to promote their own special children. It’s a joke.

  • Art R

    1969: The Best Picture oscar does not go to Funny Girl, The Lion In Winter or Romeo and Juliet, but to the lightweight musical version of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist, “Oliver!”

    1986: How did The Color Purple lose out to the abominable snooze-fest Out Of Africa?

    1997: Seriously, does anyone remember or even own on DVD The English Patient? That this movie won over Fargo a much more memorable film is beyond me! Actually, the Best Picture of the year wasn’t even nominated — John Sayles’s Lone Star!

    1953: A light-weight picture, The Greatest Show On Earth, wins over two classics, High Noon and The Quiet Man

    1964: Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady won over Richard Burton & Peter O’Toole in Becket AND, even more outrageously, over Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove (he played 3 different parts)

    • Joseph Parker

      2001 for 69, but Oliver is definitely the worst best picture winner. I’ll admit Out of Africa was another bad winner, but not sure about The Color Purple as the winner. I would have gone Kiss of the Spider Woman personally. Greatest Show won for technical reasons, much like the Avatar of its day.

  • Brian Carey

    Chicago beat Gangs of New York for Best Picture…

  • Brian Carey

    Chicago beat Gangs of New York for Best Picture…

  • Golding

    I agree 200% on The King’s Speech. It was memorable because of it’s acting by Colin Firfth, I mean, there was Inception, The Black Swan and The Social Network that year. And they were well-written and also well-directed. I honestly think that it should win an Oscar-but only to Colin Firth.

  • ME or n

    Roberto Benigni – Life is Beautiful is better movie then American H. X!!

  • ME or n

    Roberto Benigni – Life is Beautiful is better movie then American H. X!!

  • ME or n

    Roberto Benigni – Life is Beautiful is better movie then American H. X!!

  • Sandra <3

    Sandra Bullock is one of the best actrees of all time she worth the oscar she is just awesome

    • Jadun Cobb

      LMBAO You`re kidding right…… do you do stand-up too.

  • markg

    Marisa Tomei for My Cousin Vinnie. Really? OMG. This is one of the biggest blunders Oscar has made. Granted Tomei has proven herself to be a talented actress but do you remember who Tomei was up against?

    Vanessa Redgrave for Howard’s End
    Marisa Tome for My Cousin Vinny
    Judy David for Husbands and Wives
    Joan Plowright (lawrence olivier’s widow) for Enchanted April
    Miranda Richardson for Damage

    And the oscar goes to Marisa Tomei for My Cousin Vinny.

    I say again. Are you f’ing kidding me???

    • John W Hargis

      Marisa nailed that Oscar, so SMS

  • cabsau

    It’s meaningless to weigh the validity of an outcome in history, based on a legacy that would be in the future of that time. Ordinary People was an incredible film with a surprisingly strong breakout dramatic performance by Mary Tyler Moore. It’s greatness lies in its subtlety, it’s prose and it’s bare raw nerve to give us an honest portrayal of a movie mother who is decidedly the opposite of nurturing. What the legacy of those films has ended up being is hardly a gauge for what happened then. Now, Helen Hunt from As Good as it Gets over Judi Dench from Mrs Brown; there’s a mistake.

  • klyana

    Jennifer Lawrence and Silver Linings Playbook were similarly high level TV movies actor but Amerikkkan made to flout and counter all of the Brit, Aussie, Scot nd Irish actors/movies getting nominations and wins thru the year. The Academy was just trying award American crap the way Shia LaBeouf constantly is put in movies with award winning actors when he CAN’T. It ain’t gonna rub off on him.

    • Joseph Parker

      I couldn’t agree more, and it really is an insult to people with mental disabilities, its one source of artistic merit. Shia, I want him to die. I don’t know how to feel about him being in a Von Trier film.

  • Sierra Vennes

    Sandra Bullock was boss in this movie…she deserved every bit of that Oscar!

  • fiklay

    chicago beat gangs of new york! that same year adrian brody beat daniel-day’s lewis’s bill the butcher…

    • Edgar Antonio Edward Alvarez R

      ok, so finally someone mentioned Gangs of New York… Can someone tell me how is it that the most stupid/commercial song and, in my humble opinion, least armonius music, Eminem’s Lose Yourself, won against U2′s “The hands that built America” ? Even Bono’s actual live performance without Pavarotti giving that Chest voice in C, but doing it himself, was something unbelievable to hear while looking at the Oscars show. Can’t believe an idiot rapping “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow” got the golden statue. dont know if it is forbidden, but here goes the link to that marvelous Bono’s performance.

  • Lisa

    Hello!? Titanic! Least deserving film ever!

  • Ellis Watson

    Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.

    • Sven

      good call on both

    • Cathy Hoag Waldemar

      I was totally amazed at Leo’s ” Arnie” in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape! It makes Hoffman’s (who I adore) Rain Man performance seem really unremarkable in comparison

  • Robert

    By the way: Avatar was far and away one of the worst movies ever. The fact that it was even nominated is an affront to God.

  • Isabel

    How about Gwyneth over Cate Blanchett? After that injustice, the Academy Awards just lost credibility for me.

  • Bad Antenna

    Crash maybe but Driving Miss Daisy? Both Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy were fantastic.

  • Bad Antenna

    Crash maybe but Driving Miss Daisy? Both Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy were fantastic.

  • Maddalena Repetto

    “The departed” says it all. I mean, I love the film and looking at the other nominees for that year I must admit that maybe it deserves the Oscar (though I like a lot “Little miss sunshine” and “The Queen”). But the point is: Scorsese made a ton of GREAT movies back in the 70s, 80s and 90s (just to name one per decade: “Taxi driver”, “Raging bull” and “Goodfellas”) and no one ever gave him credit for those. It’s like Pacino’s Oscar for “Scent of a woman”. I think the Academy is bitterly regretting the fact that both Hitchcock and Kubrick did NOT win ANY Oscar, so they’re trying to change things with those who are still alive. Now I assume that they’ll give poor De Palma an Oscar for a shitty film in some years as a reward for his past directing greatness.

    • Scott Hellon

      Everyone ALWAYS gives Scorcese credit for those movies. He just didn’t get the Oscar for directing them. If anything, people also choose to continuously dog the winners as unworthy because he didn’t win, and the films didn’t win. And Kubrick DID win an Oscar, not for Directing, however (for Special Effects on “2001″).

  • LswaN

    Ok, when I read this article and the first thing I see is Avatar listed as “unquestionably ground breaking,” and a contender with The Hurt Locker, I realized that this will probably be another of those lists that are just totally worthless…

  • Xander81

    I thought The Departed could be placed in the same token category as Scent of A Woman. By no means Scorsese’s best film – in fact you could say it was on the same level as Training Day. Every cast member of this film was standout, however it was a re-write of a Hong Kong movie called Infernal Affairs (which I am sure everyone already knows), and it doesn’t even come close to the brilliance of Raging Bull or Taxi Driver, in fact its not even in the same class as Mean Streets, Casino, or Goodfellas. Pure token choice by the Academy who realised that Scorsese had been wrongly long overlooked, and who are boorishly conservative in their choices. So yes Scorsese deserved an Oscar (in fact he probably deserves more than one) before he died it just shouldn’t have been for The Departed, and his deserved Oscar(s) should have come about 25-30 years earlier than The Departed.

  • Jennifer

    Finally, someone else agrees about the lunacy of Bullock winning for that bitchy schlock.

  • Jennifer

    Oh PLEASE, you people think Crash is lesser than BrokeBack Mountain?? Get real; the film was electric, haunting and with an amazing musical score; kudos to the Oscars for not bowing to PC stuff.

  • Jennifer

    LOVE the article on why Scent of a Woman really stunk. But no way do I agree that Ordinary People deserved the Oscar LESS than Raging Bull, which is little more than sensationalized fighting, cursing, screaming, blood-spraying and skull-cracking. All with hideous Italian accents.

  • Forrest Slater

    Say what you want about Hurt Locker, but none of the films it was up against were best picture worthy.

    • Grayfox

      Inglorious Basterds, Up, and Precious.

      All were far, far, FAR better films than The Hurt Locker was.

      Hell, I hate Avatar, and I’d still say it was a better movie than the Fucking Hurt Locker, and that it did more for cinema, thus making it more worthy.

  • Walter

    I always thought Tom Hanks won an Oscar for Philadelphia not because of superior acting, (he sat silent, still, and slack-jawed in pasty make-up through 70% of the movie) but because it was about a homosexual man with AIDS when that was THE hot topic in Hollywood. He turned in much better performances in Gump (for which he did deserve an Oscar) and Castaway. Heck, even Bachelor Party had better acting. The only scene in that movie I thought had Oscar-worthy acting was when Tom’s character needs a break (from preparing for trial) and puts on a classical album. As they listen he is visibly moved by the music as he explains the piece to Denzel’s character. That was good, the rest… meh.

    I didn’t see Training Day but I think Denzel knew it wasn’t his best work and the award was an attempt to make up for past over sights. He looked and sounded a bit embarrassed receiving the Oscar that year. Kinda the way Obama looked and sounded receiving a Nobel Peace Prize after just a few months in office.

  • BeerMagnet

    I’ll never understand how Gladiator won Best Picture.

  • Javier SC

    kevin spacey winning best actor for “american beauty”! when russell crowe and denzel washington gave far superior performances in “the insider” and “the hurricane”

  • Dejahthoris

    Ordinary People dealt with a subject that is rarely spoken of, the loss of a child, in a realistic way. Yes, you see the loss of a child in films, but it is a part of the bigger plot. Trying to deal with it emotionally is the whole plot of the film here. For any family that has gone through this, this is a treasure. It shows that anyone can lose their child, and we all have to find our way through the inevitable guilt we feel for still being here. Losing a child is not supposed to happen. It’s not the natural order of things. It can tear people and families apart.

  • bill

    While somewhat true, you have to admit that his monologue at the Baird School discipline hearing ranks with the best of his work. The whole film builds to that moment then peters out. A sublime moment IMHO. Just sayin’….

  • sara

    what about marissa tomei for my cousin vinny?

  • sara

    what about marissa tomei for my cousin vinny?

  • paramitch

    I disagree with the neverending pummeling poor “Ordinary People” receives. Yes, “Raging Bull” is fantastic and should have won. But “Ordinary People” is a gorgeously made film, and in a weird way I love it more because it’s so brutal yet so quiet. The suspension of tone, the high-wire act of all these people whispering when they want to scream, is really moving. And all of the actors, especially Hutton, Moore, Hirsch, and Sutherland, were just wonderful.

    I disagree however on “Hurt Locker” or “Shakespeare in Love” being egregious though. I thought both were beautifully made films that deserve to live on in their own rights. Also, while I enjoy “Elephant Man,” it’s got some problems and doesn’t age well (the opening sequence is frankly inadvertently hilarious).

    But on the flip side, you were oh so right about “Crash,” the worst movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture, much less to actually win. It’s the only Best Picture winner I can think of that I actually hated. So clumsy, obvious and badly written, it was like a two-hour “The More You Know” PSA. I still can’t believe it beat the gorgeous “Brokeback Mountain.” Also agreed on “Scent of a Woman” and (ESPECIALLY) “The Blind Side.” (Poor Sandra Bullock, while a wonderful performer, has twice appeared in undeserving Oscar winners…)

    But I do wish, as a few others have posted, that you’d included Ellen Burstyn’s undeserved loss for her stunning work in “Requiem for a Dream,” and the Best Picture wins for “Gladiator” and “Forrest Gump.” While both are hugely entertaining movies in their own ways, and fun to watch, they were both relatively shallow films, and not even among the top three of their years.

  • Don’tKnow&Don’tCare

    Let us not forget Marisa Tomei’s win in 1993. She beat out better qualified performers, it is speculated that the others split the majority of the votes and that she won with a minority of the vote. It is now known as the Tomei affect, when you have 2 or 3 strong performances that split the vote, allowing a lesser qualified nominee to win. Of course the Academy would never acknowledge this. I think this is what happened to more than a few of the above winners.

  • Roslyn Civello

    Totally disagree about Sandra Bullock and “The Blind Side”. I think she was fabulous in the role of Leigh Anne Tuoey. The movie was heartwarming and very well acted. I loved it, it is one of my favorite films.

  • Bob van Peer

    Am I correct in my memories that one of the movies Shakespeare In Love beat out was Saving Private Ryan? If so that was one of the worst mistakes ever.

    • Joseph Parker

      That was a great year. Also Mallick’s Thin Red Line. A lot of people think these two split the vote.

  • Steve-a-rino

    Love the “people of color” comment. When will a white person win the Ebony award or a BET award? Just wondering . . .

    • Lucretia Cohen

      Wow, love white people’s sense of entitlement. Please learn why Essence Awards(not Ebony) and the BET Awards were created in the first place. It was because people of color weren’t being represented or appreciated by the mainstream awards shows like the Oscars, the Emmys, the Tonys etc. There’s a difference between a race having their own things exclusive only to them because of under representation in the mainstream versus a race having their own things because of wanting to shut others out.

  • GunFarce

    Bowling for Columbine and Michale Moore STOLE a documentary Oscar from some REALLY deserving person or perhaps it was given to him as a politically correct statement from the hypocrites in Hollywood. This film was created on the cutting room floor and contained very little truthful information. It was Truly just a ‘mockumentary’ of lies, half truths, and anti gun propaganda.

  • randyrand

    how did broke back mountain not make this list. one of the most over rated movies of all time.

    • Scott Hellon

      Because it didn’t win.

  • jammer

    what about star wars losing to annie hall?!?!?

  • King Henry the VIII

    How can Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost” NOT be on this list?

  • Gatsby75

    I don’t consider Field of Dreams to be “an important piece of cinema”.

  • Gilbie

    Kim Bassinger in LA Confidential. Seriously? She was on the screen for less than 20 minutes in total, and all she really did was pout and look pretty. And let’s not forget Jack Palance’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it performance in….. um, what was that movie again? All I can remember is that he did push ups when he won! Lovely fellow, I’m sure, but giving him an award just for being Jack Palance isn’t really winning, is it?

  • Christ Curt Hrastich

    Denzel for Training Day but NOT Man on Fire. That’s always irked me.

  • Jvagrance

    Nicolas Cage has an Oscar. I’ll let that sink in. Nuff said.

  • Kate J

    WOW. Surprising that Reese Witherspoon isn’t on the list but Sandra Bullock was. Felicity Huffman was robbed the year Reese won. Come on. June Carter? I dont think it was that much of a stretch for Reese. But Felicity Huffman – a woman playing a man becoming a woman…. yeah.

    • Sven


  • Gayle Wendell

    Sandra Bullock didn’t deserve an Oscar?!!!! Are you kidding me?!!!
    Boy, you must be from that parallel universe. Thank goodness the academy doesn’t give a flea about your opinion.

  • SlyFox

    Citizen Cane was and still is one huge snore fest. This is your opinion and everyone has an opinion. Some of your remarks I agree with and some I don’t. Awards are irrelevant when you come to think of it.

  • Halo Howlett

    You forgot Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls, where on this green earth was that performance Oscar-worthy? Against Cate Blanchett for Notes on a Scandal? I rest my case!

    • Joseph Parker

      Don’t forget Eddie Murphy in Dream Girls.

    • mynameisbluecanary

      Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls was, I think, the biggest slap in the face to legitimate, hardworking actors I have ever seen. What’s she done since? Weight Watchers commercials?

  • Vero

    Where is Slumdog Millionaire?????????????????

  • John Ellis

    Indeed, CLOUD (CLOWN) ATLAS re-defined presumptuousness. The “Cloud” aspired to be more than the run-of-the-mill BOMB by transcending to becoming a genuine abomination assuming its rightful place amongst such notables as Avatar, the Streisand/ Christopherson remake of A Star is Born, and of course Bob,Ted,Carol, and Alice (if anyone can remember)..

  • Michael Kish

    Awesome list. Which is why i put no stock in awards. The best movies generally never win.

  • Jeffrey Sharp

    Top 10 Most Unworthy Columnists… 1. Audrey Fox

  • dregj

    halle berry

  • JR

    I don’t think that Oscars for a year’s films should be given out until a minimum of ten years later.

  • J Paul Read

    Halle Berry for Monsters Ball

  • Todd Jensen

    Thank you. Crash was not that great and it beat Brokeback Mountain.

  • dub

    I take it that Cher’s Oscar was deserved then…along with Marisa Tomei’s…

  • matveynotkin

    Are you crazy? I have not seen all of the movies in this article,but the ones I have seen,I can say that I totally disagree. Tom Hooper deserved that Oscar. Al Pacino’s performance in Scent of a Woman was one of the best in the last 40 years at least. What sane person calls “The Blind Side” A-Better-Than-Average TV movie? Truly Horrible.

  • BLuh

    I agree with all of these except for AL Pacino’s. Scent of a Woman was phenomenal, and I certainly feel his performance was oscar worthy.

  • Dave

    I respected this article until you suggested that Christopher Nolan deserved an Oscar for Inception. No! Just no!!!


    academy’s 6 biggest mistakes……….no Oscar win for glenn close in the world according to garp, big chill, the natural, fatal attraction, dangerous liasons, & albert nobbs. screw that academy of dunces.

  • Gab

    Forrest Gump 1994
    Beaten by The shawshank redemption, pulp fiction, Leon the professional.
    Do I need to say anything else?

  • Movie Guy 24/7

    Titanic over L.A. Confidential? The English Patient over Fargo? Forrest Gump over Pulp Fiction? Tom Hanks (Gump) over Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption)? Out of Africa over The Color Purple? I could go on and on.

    • Joseph Parker

      Um, I don’t see the Color Purple Love. Did no one see Ran. Seriously one of the best films of the decade, but I know its foreign.

      • Sven

        Ran is amazing. Definitely an epic film.

  • Heather Bryant

    Nicolas Cage has an Oscar. That is all. Oh wait, no it isn’t – he beat out Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking. Also, that same year, Dead Man Walking wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture. That set of circumstances definitely should be included in this list.

    • Joseph Parker

      Have you seen Leaving Las Vegas. Not all Cage films are bad. Yes many are, but that movie is amazing. so is Bad Lieutenant (not to mention the original Keitel performance.)

  • Kristen

    Great read! I couldn’t agree more. Only I’m actually happy Crash won. You’re absolutely right about Edward Norton (American History X) and Al Pacino. But I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow should have won the Oscar that year. And while I think she’s an amazing actress (she’s actually one of my all time favorites), I really think it should have gone to Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth.

  • Antonio G Zertuche

    Crash is one of my favorite movies, I don’t give a fuck if it had famous actors, producers or directors, It was fucking AMAZING and it totally deserved the oscar.

  • Boxcut_Wayne

    Man I think Pootie Tang should have won an Oscar. It was riveting, it had an amazing development of characters and storyline, and the comedy was definitely a something new for American audiences to experience.

  • Christina N

    Jennifer Lawrence should be on this list.

  • James H Watschke

    The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, yes absolutely! Scarface? I loved the IDEA that they took the classic 30′s bootleg era Chicago gangster flick and placed it in cocaine infested Miami with Cubans instead of Italians, brilliant. A re-make, but still not a remake. But c’mon, Al was running around like Desi Arnez with his head cut of. The over-acting, the carpet chewing. Just bad.

  • James H Watschke

    Okay, yes I will agree, anything that ‘beat out’ Citizen Cane was just wrong. Absolutely. BUT there is a GLARING omission on this list. There was an incredible movie that came out around 15 years ago or so and was up for best movie. It had an incredible cast, a brilliant script based on a great book and when it didn’t win practically every respected film critic in the nation cried foul. It was titled L.A. Confidential. It lost to that 3 hour Lifetime ‘movie for women’, James Cameron, boondoggle known as Titanic. What a Joke.

  • Growlrr

    Kramer vs. Kramer beating Star Wars….yes – I know I know, Sci-fi films are never Oscar worthy…But one was a forgettable film about a bitter divorce, the other became a multi-bilion dollar franchise that defined a genre for TWO generations – and is now working on doing the same for a third generation!

    • Scott Hellon

      You’re two years off. S.W.=1977, K vs.K=1979 yo.

  • Bill

    No mention of Kim Basinger for “LA Confidential?” How did she even get nominated?

    • Joseph Parker

      Yeah, I mean I’m Glad LAC got something, but when I think of things that were awesome about that movie, she wasn’t one of them.

  • Anna

    Natalie Portman winning Best Actress over Annette Benning in The Kids are All Right, Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine, Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone, and Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole was what made me lose the shred of respect I had left in the Academy Awards. What a joke.

  • Bob Barker

    There is NOBODY, nor film more undeserving of an Oscar than Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball. Her acting was horrible(as is all of her performances). She only won the Oscar because she got naked and, “surprise surprise” the academy was honoring african american actors that year(same year Denzel won his award, what a coincidence)

  • Sashay

    YES!!! Monster Ball with Halle Berry. This was not a good movie at all

  • expatpatriot

    Thanks for mentioning Hurt Locker, which wildly overachieved in the unworthiness stakes. No thanks for not acknowledging that it was bad, bad, bad.

    I’ve seen 7-year-olds playing with plastic army men who got much closer to the gritty truth of the Iraq War. Bleeeah!

  • OhDawg

    This list does not have A Beautiful Mind on it, and therefore it is invalid. No it’s not, but there is no film more deserving to be on this list, no director and screenwriter, than ABM, Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman. Well acted, but comes across as a stupid film about being really, really smart. And that is… unfortunate.

    Another drop of the ball is when Titanic got the Oscar over L.A. Confidential, but in that case I understand completely how and why it happened. If I’m to give someone a tip of a good 90s film or a good neo noir, I’ll generally say “the actual Best Film from the year when Titanic won the Oscar for best film”.

  • Jason Newman

    I agree with most of these, but American Beauty is the most overrated movie of all time. I still dont know how that thing won Best Picture.

  • Difabio

    Shakespeare in Love beating Saving Private Ryan is rage worthy, but it beating The Thin Red Line is truly why I stopped watching the Oscars.

    • Nam

      I agree The Thin Red Line is one of the best movies of the nineties

      • Scott Hellon

        Martin Scorcese agreed with you. He listed “Thin Red Line” as his second best film of the 90′s.

  • Joseph Parker

    What about Fight Club over American Beauty?

  • Sean Thornton

    Everybody says Citizen Kane was magnificently directed, but no one ever explains why (other than talking about the “use of shadows”.)

    • Llama

      Are you freaking kidding. I could fill an entire library with the books which have been written about why Citizen Kane is brilliant and groundbreaking. Standard techniques of filmmaking were /invented/ by that film. Shots were achieved that should have been impossible. The special effects are so good that no one realises they are there (and this was a low budget film made in 1941). Everything about the image and everything about the soundtrack contribute to the storytelling. Soundtrack and SFX are used more extensively and effectively than anyone had ever done. Nothing is ever there for no reason.

      You don’t have to love it, but you do have to acknowledge it. It’s a towering achievement and changed moviemaking forever.

  • Nam

    The Hurt Locker and Kathryn Bigelow were most undeserving of an Oscar, the academy only awarded her coz they wanted the first female Oscar winning director. They try to be politically correct at the Oscars and try to show they are not racists and tend to favour women, that is why Denzel Washington won for Training day over a brilliant performance by Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind some years ago..

  • cass_k

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Leonardo DiCaprio does not have an Oscar by now. No matter what movie, he should definitely have gotten one by now. In my opinion, he should have gotten it for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

    • Cathy Hoag Waldemar

      Totally agree with you!

  • cass_k

    I also think that Hugh Jackman should have received way more recognition for his performance in The Fountain. Completely outstanding film and yet hardly anyone has ever even heard of it. It’s a Darren Aronofsky film; Hugh Jackman gives the best performance, I would say, possibly of all time.

  • Hitch’s Apprentice

    Megan Fox/’s breasts should win an Oscar!

  • nouna kouassi

    please added jamie foxx in ray,jamie is good actor but dicaprio is best (aviator)

    • Sven

      And Stallone for Rocky. His one truly great performance and he lost to Peter Finch for Network, who had one brilliant scene. He died prior to the awards and picked up a lot of votes in sympathy. Network was as much William Holden’s movie than Finch’s. Stallone’s performance was very strong.

    • Lucretia Cohen

      Oh please, DiCaprio plays the same person in all of his films…himself.

  • Archie Leach

    Avatar = crapatar

    Crash = trash.

    Ordinary People = has not aged well.

    How Green was my Valley = So persons still say Oscars are a meritocracy?

  • Richard Bal

    Steven Soderbergh winning the Best Directing Oscar for Traffic (a movie which virtually no one remembers) over Ridley Scott’s efforts on Gladiator

    Let that sink in

  • goobishy

    Many will boo me for this one, but Frances McDormand winning best actress over Brenda Blethyn and in particular Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves was just ludicrous. Did voters see Breaking the Waves? Still chaps me.
    AND- The English Patient beating out Shine for best picture- absurd.

  • ylopez

    Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich was another made for tv movie that got on the big screen. Her range is limited as is Helen Hunt for As Good As It Gets. Both play a slightly different version of the same character they always play in every single role.

    • Scott Hellon

      Watch “The Pelican Brief” (again) and then say Julia Roberts doesn’t have range. I realize that movie is 21 years old, but she is truly amazing throughout it.

  • Mari

    Ok, how about Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln? Come on! he won because of the role he was playing, it was an automatic win, he was the most iconic president of the US, there was no way he wasn’t getting the Oscar even if he had sucked!

    Hugh Jackman’s role in les miserables was more challenging in every way, he lost weight, had to dehydrate himself to look like a slave, had to cry and sing and suffer like hell, for god’s sake, i’d like to see DDL play Jean Valjean and do half as good as Hugh did!

    I’m not saying DDL was bad or that Lincoln wasn’t a difficult role to play, i’m just saying Jean Valjean was the role of Hugh Jackman’s life, he deserved that Oscar goddammit! (hopefully the academy will compensate him later with an oscar for a lesser role, as happened with Al Pacino and Denzel Washington, but it’s still not the same.)

  • Cornholio

    Marisa Tomei.

  • Norma Shearer

    Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday! That one’s always bothered me. It’s neither that great of a film nor was her acting anything special. Especially when you think about how she beat Bette Davis in All About Eve & Gloria Swanson in Sunset Blvd!! Her performance had nothing on neither Davis’ nor Swanson’s iconic performances. Those 2 roles you still hear about today but nothing about her in Born Yesterday. I think Swanson should have taken the Oscar home in the end. She was perfect as Norma Desmond & more than deserved the Oscar. If not for an amazing performance, her lasting influence on movie making. She helped shape not only the move industry itself but also what we think of today as glamorous movie stars. She started that.

  • Kyle Coleman

    The Hurt Locker: it was competing against Avatar, District 9, Inglourious Basterds, and Up. Avatar was over the top all the hype was over the 3D element, District 9 was okay but not great, Inglourious Basterds was stupid and UP was a cartoon.

    • Christopher Tkachuk

      I disagree. District 9 was a far more interesting and adventurous film than The Hurt Locker. D9 tackled apartheid, discrimination, ghettoization, racism, mysticism and how certain beliefs hurt the poor the most… there was a lot that movie tackled that The Hurt Locker actively avoided as a slightly above-par war movie.

  • Joe

    I gotta oppose to Sandra Bullock….she deserved that award

    • Sully

      in my opinion, she deserved the award but she won it for the role not the acting. A lot of actresses could’ve played that role and been up for the Oscar

  • Claude Lamontagne

    Totally agree for Al Pacino. He was far better in other movies even in mini-series like Angels in America but not having the Oscar. Same could be said for John Wayne…

  • Claude Lamontagne

    You should have add John Wayne in True Grit. He was way better in the quiet man and many others whiteout ever winning the Oscar…

    • ace13

      Or The Searchers, Red River, The Sands of Iwo Jima

  • ducatisteve

    Has history already forgotten the fact that Three-Six Mafia won an Oscar before Martin Scorsese?

  • George Ashburn

    Cuba Gooding Jr winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for screaming SHOW ME THE MONEY in Jerry Maguire when Edward Norton should have won it for his film debut in Primal Fear. Norton has been screwed twice

  • Darren

    Subjective certainly is the key word here. In my opinion, Crash is far better than Brokeback and Goodnight.
    As for the Gump vs Pulp vs Shawshank debate; that is far too close to call as all three are absolute powerhouses. Gump and Shawshank are my favourite movies of all time and they regularly swap places as my number 1 (depending on the mood I’m in).

    • George Ashburn

      Sometimes, you have a strong field and a movie that would win in other years in a weaker field gets shut out

  • Z

    Star Wars vs Annie Hall. This was back when Hollyweird was still wasting its efforts trying to kiss Woody Allen’s ass.

  • john b

    I thought Batman Dark Knight deserved at least a nomination for best picture, and probably a win, typical Oscars though, they don’t recognize anything to do with a superhero. TBH i don’t think Heath would have got the oscar had he not died even though he clearly deserved it, one of the best performances and character creations i’ve ever seen. There is a lot of them though, I think Angela Bassett deserved it for whats love got to do with it, and Viola Davis for the help. I think Meryl Streep should have won a lot of times she didn’t but the Iron lady win was an apology oscar. Also Liam Neeson for schindlers list and Matt Damon for good will hunting, mel gibson for braveheart, jesse eissenbug for social network, and you could even argue johnny depp for the first pirates movie.

  • Austin

    The Artist was garbage IMO.

    • Norton231

      And so are you, you piece of shit.

  • TheRoosh

    Think of the astonished look on Alec Baldwin’s face when the announcement was made … “and the Oscar goes to … Kim Basinger … ” That pretty much sums it up. I know it was for Best Supporting, but still, really?

  • robert

    how about Coming home over the Deer Hunter. REALLY what a joke

    • Iam_Spartacus

      What are you talking about? Coming Home didn’t win over Deer Hunter. DH won best pic, supporting actor (Walken), director, screenplay and others.
      Now if your going on about Fonda & Voight winning over De Niro and Streep, then you may have a case.

  • Ed Martinez

    Ordinary People hasn’t faded away over the decades, my friend

  • Twyla Thorpe

    Sandra Bullock should not have won the Oscar that year for Blind Side. It should have gone to Gabourey Sidibe for her amazing portrayal of an abused teenage girl in Precious.

  • Ms. Piggy

    Can we Silver Linings Playbook to this list. I mean it was good, but THREE oscars… It wasn’t that good. Plus Jennofer Lawrence’s Oscar win is questionable too.

  • Kevin Yeatts

    Nicholas Cage in “Leaving Las Vegas” beating out Sean Penn in “Dead Man Walking”. One of the worst travesties ever. One of the other worst travesties was giving every Oscar available to “Forrest Gump” when “Pulp Fiction” was at least as deserving.

  • njbdouglas

    What about Million Dollar Baby? I thought it was just sappy sentimental and was very disappointed in it.

  • David A

    I never cared for Sandra Bullock until The Blind Side. She did an excellent job with the role. It is in my top 10 favorite movies that I can watch again and again.

  • Clay

    You’re dead wrong about ‘Driving Miss Daisy’….the other films you mentioned as opposed to DMD, are films that we actually do not watch over and over again… Driving Miss Daisy is one that you can watch again and again to this day

  • Sterling Boyd

    I would have included Debra Winger losing to Shirley McClaine in Terms of Endearment. I think that Shirley’s performance was worthy of being nominated but definitely not better than Debra Winger’s performance. She got ROBBED!

  • LOTO Man

    The worst movie to ever recieve an Oscar for best picture was around the world in 80 days in 1956. This piece of crap beat out the Ten Commandments, the King & I and Giant.
    Case closed.

  • brendan soliwoda

    Bullshit, Crash was far superior to Brokeback Mountain and easily deserved to win Best Picture.

  • acfix1203

    Al Gore for “An Inconvenient Truth” That was done simply as a sop to Al baby becuase he lost to W, then went nuts over the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan

  • brendan soliwoda

    I see many people here are posting that the Social Network should have beat out King’s Speech. Up until a month’s ago, I would have disagreed, but upon watching SN again, I realize that it is slightly better the King’s Speech. However, neither of those were best pictures that year. Toy Story 3 should have easily won. Not only was it the best film of that year, but it was also the most critically acclaimed and far more better than either SN and KS. Also, The Artist beating Hugo for Best Picture and Jean Dujurdin beating George Clooney for best actor are absolute jokes.

  • vegimorph

    Honestly, while I like watching the Academy Awards, it doesn’t really matter who won or not, just so long as the films are remembered by their fans and future generations because everyone has different tastes and different inspirations and while the awards are a nice piece of historical information/trivia, the films themselves are going to remembered the most rather than who won what award, you know? That’s just my opinion though I guess

  • Iam_Spartacus

    Robert Shaw for Jaws, wasn’t even nominated if you can believe that. An absolute iconic performance.

  • Gena Romeyn

    American Beauty beating The Green Mile or even The Sixth Sense.

  • KungFuMasterLarry

    How about Halle Berry winning best actress for “Monster’s Ball”? Or Denzel Washington being snubbed and finally winning for the most exploitative role of his career?

  • Chris

    ‘How Green Was My Valley’ was schmalzy?! That’s like saying, ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ was no fun, not even for kids. Sorry, this article is decent at pointing out the obvious misses, but can’t see beyond it’s own two feet when it comes to depth and perspective.

  • Gerald

    The greatest injustice in Oscar history came when ‘Annie Hall’ beat out ‘Star Wars’ for movies in 1977. Then ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ wasn’t even nominated for best picture for 1980.

  • Gulugulu Mark

    Disagree big time with your assessment of “Life is Beautiful”. It’s not an average holocaust genre film! It’s a witty, quirky, moving and unforgettable movie. Definitely worthy of Oscar recognition!

  • Leonardo

    Rocky beated fucking Taxi Driver, nobody can forget this. And also the 2012 Academy Awards was a crazy crap, The Master is one of the best movies of the last 15 years and wasn’t indicated for best picture + Joaquim Phoenix lost best actor. And Jennifer Lawrence won for best actress.

  • MrEPluribus

    Dances with Wolves, like Ordinary People another paint-by-numbers “pander for an Oscar” movie directed by an actor-cum director, over GoodFellas. Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

  • Guest

    The Hurt Locker …………SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Kimberly

    Emily Kimberly

  • Janie

    Sorry but Life is Beautiful deserved it’s Oscar. It truly functioned as visual art and it did not rest solely on Holocaust hype. Honestly there shouldnt be this competition between films of drastically varying types and Norton deserved appreciation, of course, but that shouldnt deprive another great film of its well won accolades.

  • PX

    Ang Lee – “Life of Pi”
    Mr. Lee gets all the credit for visual effects that he did not create but none of the blame for this excruciatingly boring presentation with perhaps the most unexciting “reveal” in movie history.

  • Dino

    I agree with this article almost 100%. But the part about Oscar making up for missing the earlier boat and rewarding a bad performance miffed me a little. Denzel in Training Day? Are you serious? He was fabulous, and it’s easily one of my five favorite films. The subject matter I’m sure is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this movie made me a Denzel fan when before I could care less.

    • Scott Hellon

      You didn’t care about Denzel’s acting UNTIL “Training Day”?. . . Interesting.

  • Jake is King

    Brokeback mountain was better than Crash. Are you serious!!!???

  • skeets11

    Driving Miss Daisy is of best written and acted movies of the last 30 years.

  • heka

    What about this one ?
    Jamie Foxx (Ray) winning over Johnny Depp (Finding Neverland) and Leonardo Dicaprio (The Aviator) in 2004 !!!

  • Gustavo Faria

    “…Avatar, District 9, Inglourious Basterds, and Up, all of which are unquestionably ground breaking films in their genres”. Well… It is questionable. Avatar is no more then a great display of technical achievement served by an already seen/heard/read over and over plot, and a lot of aesthetics and art design clichés. Disctrict 9 has the problem of having a main character that is badly portraited, this is perceived as a caricature, making every good we might recognize in the movie (and it is a lot) as ephemeral. Inglorious Basterds it is a Tarantino movie as there are Wes Anderson’s movies, and Tim Burton’s movies, making for most of us almost impossible not to think ” i’ve seen this before… Oh! he made exactly this same thing the last time”. Up is a movie with a great moral message vehiculated in the script as if the viewers, even 5 year old ones, were all imbeciles and didn’t need any nexus or coherence in the story. When you see a David Linch’s or David Cronenberg’s film, you find yourselves wandering if you are idiots, in this movie the opposite happens Please forgive me for any grammar mistake or miswritten words, English is not my natural speaking language. And thank you for giving me the possibility of disagreing.

  • Gustavo Faria

    I know these weren’t Meryl Streep’s or Helen Mirren’s best performances. I don’t know if this were Gabourey Sidibe’s or Carey Mulligan’s personal best, but they were very good in their roles. And i’m certain that this was one of Sandra Bullock’s best acting performance ever. I can’t see how any of the others nominees were worst than Sandra’s but I can understand how Sandra Bullock’s good acting was a surprise. And I’ve seen this happening a few times before, with Jennifer Connelly, and Kim Basinger. They weren’t necessarily good but they were good enough to be a surprise. Forgive me any English language mistake i might have done , is not my natural speaking language. Thank you.

  • Momus

    I can sort of agree on some of these, but seriously – the Hurt Locker? You would have preferred Avatar – a completely nondescript movie with amazing visuals?

    And I gotta say that if you don’t remember “Ordinary People” maybe you shouldn’t be writing about movies.


  • Gustavo Faria

    The Little Mermaid had a great songs but the score was just ok. Driving Miss Daisy and Cinema Paradiso scores were better, a lot better and weren’t nominated.”Sex, Lies and Videotape”, “Glory”, “When Harry met Sally…”, “Steel Magnolias” or “Cinema Paradiso” weren’t nominated for best picture although this last one won the oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Also the winning of Jessica Tandy to Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys” or Isabelle Adjani in”Camile Claudel”, still don’t get it. “Dead Poet Society” was my pick for best picture that year.

  • Josh

    Well, you know why Welles didn’t win..he pissed off Hearst. And. with all due respect to the people involved with Crash, I felt the script was sub-par and the only direction for the actors was to just “act racist”.

  • DJ

    The reason why Hurt Locker probably won is because the misandrists in the media decided that it was ex-wife vs ex-husband (Avatar). Naturally, in feminist-infested ‘merica, they’d vote for the ex-wife.

  • Gary

    How could ‘American Beauty’ beat out “The Green Mile”?!!!

  • Naribu

    I’m still pissed that the Color Purple was nominated for like 11 nominations and did not win a thing!

  • AMBG

    Two words: Kim Basinger

  • Lianna

    Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings Playbook”. She beat French actor Emmanuelle Riva and her phenomenal acting in “Amour”. That’s it for me and the Oscars…..

    • Jekk

      Paying Back Jennifer Lawrence for Winter’s Bone

      • chardonnaystone

        I know the academy does “pay back” Oscars, but Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t have even been nominated. ANYBODY could’ve done that role.

  • Pizza the Hut

    Hurt Locker is better than Avatar

  • manting

    Mariisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinnie – Best Supporting actress oscar. Russel Crowe – Gladiator

  • Tom Hocker

    Tommy Lee Jones winning Best Supporting Actor in 1993 for The Fugitive, beating out Pete Postlethwaite’s astonishing performance in In The Name of the Father.

  • Mary Ann Arlotta

    I did not see this movie, but one thing I know is that it was based on a true story. The award may be for the woman that made it what it was. A lady who took stock of a seemingly homeless boy and gave him a life and he became a professional football player.

  • Mary Ann Arlotta

    The movie “Citizen Kane” was “supposedly” based on John R. Hearst and this movie is rumoured to have tainted Orson Welles in Hollywood. Mr. Hearst owned a newspaper and everything else he could buy. The one thing, at least the Academy nominated the movie, it just didn’t win.

  • Nazroon

    Paul Newman’s win in The Color of the Money is the same case as Al Pacino’s Scent of a Woman, 6 years earlier.

  • jeromerivers

    Martin Landau should give his Oscar to Samuel L. Jackson today! How does his performance in “Ed Wood” beats out Sam Jackson’s performance in “Pulp Fiction”! Who even remembers “Ed Wood”!

  • akv

    Sandra bullock for the blindside deserved the Oscar you dim wit!!!!!!!!!!! she was perfectly cast for that role and did more then a “better then average” job!!1

    • SurfinUSA

      It’s always some “critic” who throws a damp rag on someone they don’t particularly care for. Sandra has widespread appeal and deserved the accolade she received. Her performance was “out front” and entertaining. And that, not psycho babbled drama school b.s. is what it is all about.

  • Rule5pick

    Fun topic! And your #2 has been on my “Oscar F’ed up List” for years! “Saving Private Ryan”? C’mon the first 20 minutes of that movie alone was better than “Shakespeare.” And I REALLY liked Shakespeare in Love. Very inventive idea on and take on The Bard’s backstory and how “Romeo and Juliet” was written. But C’MON!!!!

    I’d like to make a case for “Crash.” If you saw this in the movie theatre, people, including my wife and I, had a visceral reaction to this movie, especially the Latino locksmith storyline. People outwardly GASPED for air and cried out loud in the movie theatre. Academy voters often recall moments from films, and you have to admit that “Crash” had the memorable moment of the year that carried it to an Oscar.

    Same with “Ordinary People.” I’m not sure how old you were when this movie came out, but this movie has stayed with me. Better than “Raging Bull”? Uh, no, but not undeserving in a different year.

  • DHB

    How did Marisa Tomei’s win for My Cousin Vinny” not make this list??? Funny movie but definitely not Oscar worthy by any stretch.

  • Deborah Grulke

    Oliver winning best picture over The Lion in Winter still has me mystified!

  • Oreadno1

    Chariots of Fire. How that boring snoozefest won Best Picture I will never know.

    • Bill

      Vangelis put the whammy on the voters.

  • rodmoorhead

    sweet — and lo.

  • Laura Bryngelson

    Crash was such a pile of self-important, pedantic trash. I wish I could have gotten my money back after that waste of time.

  • Just Sayin’

    As much as I love Art Carney, his win for Harry and Tonto has to be one of the most bewildering Oscar mishaps of all time. Al Pacino for The Godfather Part II, Jack Nicholson for Chinatown, and Dustin Hoffman for Lenny combine to make one of the most impressive AMPAS best actor classes (plus Albert Finney in an Agatha Christie adaptation). It would have been understandable as a “lifetime achievement” nod if the performance and film were of above average quality, but they just weren’t. Harry and Tonto has the production values of a middle of the road TV movie; and though Carney does an admirable job with what he had to work with, there just wasn’t enough there to merit a nomination, even in the weakest Oscar year.

  • Jim

    The single year that made me realize what a joke the Oscars were was the year that Dances With Wolves won for best picture over Goodfellas. Yes, Joe Pesci go the best supporting actor nod ( and gave the best acceptance speech you’ll ever see…’ It was my pleasure, thank you very much’ DONE) and I believe won best screenplay. I could , possibly , forgive the Best Picture Win too, given the groundswell of PC support the film gathered. but, BEST DIRECTOR? Over Martin Scorcese at his absolute prime?? Do yourself a favour, and watch both films now, and tell me which one has dated considerably, and which one is still as vibrant and uncompromising as when it was released. After that…..The AA’s a glorified High School ceremony.

  • Jughead

    I think Benigni was worthy of the win. Conversely, I found Citizen Kane boring. Or maybe I’m just not as sophisticated as the author of this list :)

  • Laylalola

    Lost in Translation won Best Original Screenplay — for a movie without a story. The best parts of it were the first ten minutes (scenes with Bill Murray doing a commercial overseas). Then she just gave up, didn’t know where to go from there. And won an Oscar for it.

  • Jane

    Gwyneth Paltrow. How could she have been left off this list?

  • Dave Melges

    I think you missed the biggest one…but it’s easy to forgive. Everyone in hollywood, even those who knew him VERY well, said Gregory Peck was essentially just “playing himself” when he played Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. How do you get an Academy Award for playing yourself?

    And all that would be fine, except to win that year you had to beat out Peter O’Toole playing Lawrence of Arabia. In his first major film role, which would later be voted the NUMBER PERFORMANCE in FILM IN THE LAST 100 YEARS.


  • Joseph Richard Mannella

    I’ve never understood why Marisa Tomei won Best Actress in a Supporting Role for My Cousin Vinny.

    • ace13

      The four other British actress split the vote, and Tomei won plus she deserved to win.

  • LeighAmanda

    Marisa Tomei, My Cousin Vinny. I don’t know who she was competing against, and the film itself is allright. But every time I hear her speech about the wrench and proper amount of torque, I think, “Really? She’s the one?”

  • me

    Natalie Portman

    • Scott Hellon

      If you are referring to “Closer”, I strongly disagree. If you’re referring to her for “Black Swan”, I definitely disagree.

  • welsh filmgoer

    I could not understand the ‘best costumes’ award for Ghandi, I mean come on, he spent the entire film in a dhoti, and everyone else wore clothes consistent with the period! Surely awards for things like costume should be for stuff which is imaginative and or innovative?

  • Tim S

    Avatar didn’t win because it wasn’t original. Who cares if it grossed more than any other movie that year or if it used a new technological breakthrough…it was still the story of John Smith and Pocahontas.

    • IAmLars

      And Ferngully.

  • Doug McKenzie

    Kane changed everything about film-making. From the sound design and recording, set and art design, cinematography, narrative structure, demeanour of the acting, and the two most important, the editing, and the purpose of a director on a film itself. It was the first modern film. It used even the concept of the medium itself to new lengths. Previously all films were essentially just filmed versions of stage plays or extensions of artistic movements in other mediums (work of Dali’s surrealism, or say Cabinet of Dr.Caligari or Metropolis being from German Expressionist). Watch even the best of pre Kane like Wiz of Oz and Gone with the Wind, or even Grapes of Wrath… none of it seems like Kane or like most films that came after Kane. It is where film grew into something new. Welles is responsible for most of it, but Mancewicz and Tolland also had a large hand in the finished product too.I think the only detraction you can take from the ham-handed and too obvious allegory of Hearst’s life.

  • Shaun Kunty

    What about slams dog millioner??? Another film that won because the best movie of that year wasn’t even nominated (the dark knight)

    • Jekk

      Any comic book movie will never be the best movie of the year.

  • Greg Dove

    #1 and #2 has to be Gladiator
    Best Motion Picture of the Year
    Best Actor in a Leading Role (Russell Crowe)

  • R. A. Phooter

    I learned about the Oscars when Gregory Peck won for “To Kill a Mockingbird” the same year Jack Lemmon made “Days of Wine and Roses”. It seems to me that it’s really usually for the past body of work by the actor, not the specific role cited for the award. As for the Best Picture, it seems to go the film that touches on a great social or historical theme. Come on now; Forrest Gump? Get real.

  • Velvet

    Gwyneth. Paltrow win over Fernanda Montenegro in 99 is the most unworthy oscar win of all times.

  • chris m

    As much as I liked Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. I still believe Ralph Finnes deserved the Oscar for Schinlers list. He was scary good. The performance like that lingered in my mind for days after I saw it.

  • Spiggits

    Best Actress (May have been supporting actress) for Marisa Tomei for My cousin Vinnie – a true WTH moment.

  • Corey Bell

    julia roberts. that is all.

  • Matthew Krause

    You note that Benigni beat out Edward Norton in American History X, but to me, Nolte’s performance in Affliction far surpassed even Norton. Nolte was also nominated, pretty much assumed to be the winner … and then Roberto (who I still like) started walking on the seats of chairs.

  • Ray Martin

    I was all ready to read this and be righteously outraged, but I can’t argue with it at all. Just for a change, it wasn’t a bunch of snarky hipster opinion, but instead a reasoned examination by someone who clearly loves the medium. Well done.

  • Dragonetta

    I can’t believe people still watch the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, etc. Award shows are the most phony, boring, played-out shows on TV, only second to beauty pageants. The fact that these obsolete standards of performance and beauty are still popular in America just goes to show that when it comes to certain forms of art and/or entertainment, we are worlds behind certain other countries. Certain people in this country like it that way though, they never want things to change because the system works fine for them the way it is. They keep getting richer, meanwhile, the rest of us keep getting ripped off. It’s 2013 and if you still believe that the Oscars are “fair” and that money and influence don’t have more to do with who gets picked than actual talent or substance, then I feel sorry for you.

  • spritkp

    Hugo won for special effects beating out Potter pt.2
    From what I saw during the movie the effects where horrible. Seemed like no one really tried to make it look good.

  • Brandon

    Jennifer Lawrence was undeserving.

    • IAmLars


  • Thomas

    This person needs to watch A Home at the End of the World and then come back say Brokeback Mountain was a brilliant film. Both dealt with someone exploring their sexuality but Heath Ledger did NOT transform himself for that role like he did for The Joker. Colin Farrell on the other hand did transform himself for A Home at the End of the World. Where are the awards for that movie? Brokeback Mountain boiled down to a postcard movie with a Heath Ledger acting and talking like he was constipated the whole time and he was the one doing the screwing.

  • jpatton346

    After reading these reviews I can only say you have your opinion and your opinion sucks.

  • Severe

    Dances with Wolves & Kevin Costner beating Goodfellas & Martin Scorsese = THE BIGGEST JOKE IN OSCAR HISTORY!

  • Amanda

    How about Reese Witherspoon winning over Felicity Huffman? Huffman plays a transgenered woman but…OH MY GOD….REESE WITHERSPOON dares to SING? with her OWN VOICE? Oscar!!!!

    • IAmLars

      That’s a pretty crappy assessment of Walk The Line.

  • Quadrafrons

    Mulholland Drive wasn’t even nominated for best film. Beautiful Mind won that year. Proof the awards mean nothing if ever proof was needed.

  • ace13

    For me if what won would of been my number 2 choice or at least would normally would deserve to win. I have know problem with it . I don’t have a problem with Shakespear in Love beating Saving Private Ryan because if Saving Private Ryan wasn’t there Shakespear in Love should have won. But when Gladiator, a movie that didn’t even deserved to be nominated beats great films like Traffic or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon that is a travisty. But what is worse is when a great picture or performance doesn’t even get nominated like best picture The Dark Knight, best song Goldfinger, best actor Bill Murrey for Groundhog Day.

  • wheelnut53

    crash was trash

  • SAAA

    Totally right on target. About two days after the Oscars, it dawned on me how much Sandra Bullock simply over-acted and chewed the scenery. “The King’s Speech” won on the encouraging message and Firth’s likability–not the direction.

  • Irene M

    The artist robbed The invention of Hugo Cabret. And Tom Hulce was robbed when he played Amadeus.

  • James

    Well spare a thought Rene Owen from ONCE WERE WARRIORS one if not the best performances you will every ever see by an actress and her and the film where snubbed and not even nominated. The New Zealand film from 1994 is a must see and if this performance does not leave you with goosebumps then something is very wrong. She should be a household name like day lewis was after my left foot.

  • dor

    how about ellen Burstyn in resurrection?

  • dor

    what about bette midler in the rose.. Streisand won that year for another crap picture she was in

  • APinOz

    I thought Denzel Washington was awesome in “Training Day”, arguably much better than Malcolm X, which I found to be a confused, overlong, overblown slab of self-indulgence.

  • G

    I love Meryl Streep, but the award she won for Iron Lady should have gone to Glenn Close or Michelle Williams. She should have won her third for Doubt instead. My humble opinion anyway..

  • Ashley

    How is Jennifer Hudson *not* on this list!? What she did was not acting!!!

  • Gail

    I’ve never recovered from True Grit/John Wayne winning over Midnight Cowboy/Dustin Hoffman was phenomenal as Ratso Rizzo!!

  • Robin

    Kim Basinger – one of the sexiest, most beautiful actresses of all time – and one of the worst. I haven’t been able to watch the Oscars since.

  • Din Islam Mamun

    Halle Berry for Monster’s ball.

  • Nir

    life is beautiful was deserving in every way – can’t remember how many people i have met that agree it’s one of their favorite movies of all time. Ed Norton was mostly good in american history x…his crying in the movie is awful though. Seriously, go back and watch.

  • frank

    who ever wrote this deserves to be shot in the face , honestly you shouldnt even be allowed to watch movies

  • frank

    i cant get over how dumb people can be

  • frank

    how do you have a job?

  • frank

    please never comment on any movie or actors ever again you are clueless

  • frank

    i never hated someone more in my life without meeting them

  • Spyral777

    Biggest outrage EVER in academy history (as far as I’m concerned) is Julia Roberts getting the Best Actress in a Leading Role award for Erin Brockovich when she was up against Ellen Burstyn, whose performance in Requiem for a Dream was jaw-dropping. It STILL makes me mad. Julia Roberts is pretty, but her acting range is a tenth of Burstyn’s.

  • George A

    What about Cuba Gooding, Jr. getting an Best Supporting Actor Oscar for screaming “Show Me The Money” in Jerry Maguire when Edward Norton should have won it for his unforgettable film debut in Primal Fear? As it turns out, this wouldn’t be the only time Norton gets jobbed out of am Oscar.

  • Parminder Swing

    I disagree with Argo winning best picture. Its a great thriller and I loved it. But come on! it was the most straightforward film ever! Life of Pi or Lincoln deserved the award

  • Tim Basham

    I think De Niro should’ve got the Oscar for “The Deer Hunter”, instead of Jon Voight. Voight should’ve gotten it for “Deliverance”. De Niro gave a clinic in acting in DH, and the performance to end all performances.

    • Cathy Hoag Waldemar

      Voight should have gotten one for Midnight Cowboy, either him or Dustin Hoffman.

  • me

    I absolutely agree with the first movie. Absolutely disappointing for me and “Yes, it’s a bad movie”

  • SilentXero

    Where’s “The Artist”? That movie sucked!!!

  • JeffAHayes

    “Crash” was a decent movie, but I concur with whoever the critic is that’s posting these movies on WHY it most likely won “Best Picture” in 2006… Almost everyone in Hollywood had a friend who worked in the film in some capacity — MANY in front of the camera.

  • JeffAHayes

    I DOUBLE… NAY, TRIPLE concur with the OP about WHY Pacino won for “Scent of a Woman” (he’d been snubbed for earlier, better films where he SHOULD have won, and Academy voters were afraid they might not get another chance) — and QUADRUPLE agree that created an even WORSE offense by neglecting Denzel Washington’s work on “Malcolm X,” so they then turned around and gave him Best Actor for “Training Day.”
    AT THE TIME I didn’t make the connection; I simply wondered WHY THE HELL Washington (who I agree is one of America’s best actors) won for that mediocre corrupt-cops flick. Now I know.

  • JeffAHayes

    As for “The King’s Speech…” If it’s a period piece, that’s ONE vote, and IF it’s a BRITISH period piece, that’s ANOTHER VOTE, and IF it’s ALSO a TRUE-LIFE BRITISH PERIOD PIECE ABOUT THE ROYAL FAMILY, well that’s ANOTHER VOTE — 2 more if it’s in the last century or so.
    Didn’t matter that the directing was flat. The voters in the academy are gaga for British Royalty period pieces. I thought it was good (always liked Helena Bonham Carter — especially when she was young and always took her top off in her films, lol). But Best Picture? Nawwwwwwwwww.

    • Robt

      It won because the King said F**k. The rest was fill.

    • Scott Hellon

      JeffAHayes: Please name me another Best Picture winner (other than “Chariots of Fire”) which was a British period piece. Many have been nominated, but you make it sound like it’s a slam dunk. I can’t think of any Best picture winners other than “King’s” and “Chariots” in several decades. I suppose “The English Patient” counts. “Shakespeare In Love” is about that, but is a Hollywood production, not full British.

  • JeffAHayes

    “Ordinary People” won for three reasons (two minor and ONE MAJOR).
    The two minor first.
    1. Big, popular stars: Donald Southerland and Mary Tyler Moore (not long after he show quit running)
    2. It dealt with painful loss and how the parents focused so much on their loss of the one son they didn’t realize the other son was hurting as badly, and could lose him, as well.
    3. IT WAS THE FIRST FILM ROBERT REDFORD DIRECTED. HE WAS A BIG HOLLYWOOD “INSIDER” AND WELL-LIKED BY EVERYONE. So as long as the movie wasn’t pure tripe, it was destined to win. And it WAS a pretty good movie, even if it WAS also depressing as hell… Better than EITHER “Raging Bull” OR “The Elephant Man,” however??? Hmpppppph! Just WHAT strain of Hindu Kush were Academy voters SMOKING that winter?!?!?

  • JeffAHayes

    I’ve yet to see Cate Blanchett’s “Elizabeth,” so I can’t speak to the competition for “Shakespeare in Love.” But I DID catch a great deal on the Blu-Ray of the latter a while back, which was made when Ms. Blythe Danner’s daughter was a mere slip of 23, and I must say after watching her frolicking topless in Shakespeare’s bed, I, too, was quite “infatuated” with her.
    Was that enough to give the movie Best Picture and HER Best Actress? Probably not, but I’m thinking there were A LOT of MALE (and maybe lesbian female) Academy voters “feeling their oats” when it came time to vote that year… Such a shame winners can be dictated on such shallow things…
    These days, since she’s gotten all high and mighty with a cookbook that looks like little more than some gratuitous act of trying to be “The White Oprah,” or something, I sadly find myself more enjoying her in roles like the one she had in the movie, “Contagion.”

  • JeffAHayes

    NO MOVIE should have beaten “Citizen Kane” for Best Picture… Nothing… Not “Gone With the Wind,” not “Bridge over the River Kwai,” not “Of Mice and Men,” not “From Here to Eternity,” not even “Casablanca!”
    But you essentially have to STUDY film in this day and age and have a professor or someone point out to you all the FIRSTS Welles accomplished in that movie in terms of camera and lens work (not to mention the story and overall acting direction) to TRULY APPRECIATE why it STILL tops the No. 1 all-time greatest film list of MOST critics. I was fortunate enough to have that in college, in a class where we spent a week watching the film. It was eye-opening.
    Welles’ not winning A SINGLE OSCAR for “Citizen Kane” is the most flagrant example in history of just HOW POLITICAL the awards system in Hollywood is — especially the Academy Awards. It’s NOT as bad today as it was in 1938, when he made “Citizen Kane,” and the major studios pretty much controlled everything and had a stranglehold on everything (ALL actors were under contract to one studio or another. If an actor got upset with his or her studio… felt he or she was being underpaid, or not getting good roles, he or she couldn’t just go off and shoot with someone else — not UNLESS another studio BOUGHT the remainder of the contract. And IF the studio who owned it decided to PUNISH them, they could just NOT give them any more work — contracts were usually for a fixed number of films — so if they had 3 movies left to make, they could just say they didn’t have any films where that actor “fit the part” and just keep them OUT of the movies while their “star faded”).
    A similar sort of thing befell Welles. He was a rebel, working outside the major studio system. That meant he was essentially blackballed when it came to Academy Awards nominations and voting. Certainly, actors, directors could nominate and vote for him, BUT IF their studios found out, THEY could be blackballed, as well.
    Today, Hollywood is still “political,” but at least it’s not like some sort of “mafia” like it was up until the 1960s, when big actors finally went independent. BUT, if, for instance, you WEAR FUR, when MOST people in the business belong to PETA, don’t count on many nominations or votes, no matter HOW great your work is.

    • Llama

      What you say is true of Welles’ later films, but KANE was snubbed because it was loosely based on real-life yellow journalist William Randolph Hearst, who still controlled more than enough of the media to crush the film. It barely opened, few people got to see it and even fewer could afford to piss of Hearst by publicly praising it. RKO refused an offer to sell him all copies of the film so they could be destroyed.

      Welles did win one Oscar for it (his only Oscar, which should be to the Academy’s everlasting shame) and it was for the original screenplay he co-wrote. He should have won Picture, Director, and Actor. I think his performance is the best leading performance ever and it is downright insulting that he’s never recognised as an actor.

  • MsLaydee

    This list needs to be revised and #1 least deserved, god-awful movies not deserving an Oscar was Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball. Terribly offensive that this piece of mess ended up getting Oscar as 1st AA best actress over more worthy AA work (Angela Bassett–What’s Love Got To Do With It).

    Didn’t see at theatre but after Halle won, me and some girlfriends had Oscar party get together and watched this mess… and were stunned silent.

  • Spencer Aleksander

    screw this article like seriously sandra bullocks performance was amazing it left me speechless, your a fucking dumb #asshole. #SandraBullocksnumber1FAN

  • JerseyLion

    There’s been plenty of outstanding performances that never were recognized: damn near anything in Science Fiction or Fantasy is ignored up until Avatar… Truly popular is almost a guarantee of being ignored by the academy.

    I like Forrest Gump. I think it says a lot about expectations, innocence of spirit, and facing life. I don’t credit what’s in the book against what’s in the movie, if we’re all discussing movies; it doesn’t matter Forrest raped Jenny in the book, he does not in the film. He’s not so simple as being white conservative American against Hippie culture; white conservative America of his time did not start companies with black men. The movie has a lot more going on in it than it seems.

    I like Tarrantino just fine, but Pulp Fiction is one of THE most boring pieces of film ever. I’ve yet to be able to actually watch the damn thing from one end to the other. The characters are pretty pointless, IMO. They’re sociopathic, to say the least, self absorbed. I don’t find the directing all that outstanding, and it has three great actors in it.

    Hurt Locker was brilliant. It clearly portrayed, quietly, the totally devastating effect of war on a culture by focusing it all through one man’s actions. It can be applied universally to all soldiers… and to some extent shows why wars perpetuate ad infinitum.

  • markfive

    Yeah, what exactly is the specific “perfectly valid school of thought” that “Citizen Kane” is “overrated” again…?

  • JayJay

    No. Brokeback Mountain wasn’t good enough to win Best Picture any year. It was so melodramatic and mired in its own seriousness that I wanted to kill myself by the time it was over.

    Good Night and Good Luck was good and that could have won over Crash. Not Brokeback please cry for my sob story Mountain.

  • JayJay

    Life is Beautiful was good.

    American History X was good.

    Acting as if American History X should win cause it was serious is a stupid argument. This is why I hate how they nominate films. Serious isn’t better just cause it’s serious.

  • JayJay

    Shakespear in Love isn’t a great film. It’s an okay film. It should have NEVER been nominated.

  • DLivR8R

    When “Out Of Africa” swept the Oscars, one of the ones it took home was Best Art Direction. It beat out Brazil. Terry Gilliam’s team created an iconic, unique world, practically from scratch. Sidney Pollack’s team mostly just pointed a camera at Africa.

  • criticnauseous

    I agree, why give an actor like Sandra Bullock, that has great acting and comedic skills an oscar? I mean, what on earth are we thinking to allow an actor who appealls to the public, and has true ability, an Oscar? Oscars are meant for the movies no one understands or cares to understand…of course, in the eyes of the “true” movie critics (it is to laugh)! How dare we give an Oscar to a movie and an actor that most have enjoyed with heartfelt joy…we should be ashamed of ourselves for enjoying a movie that touches our hearts and feeling that the actor deserves recognition for their efforts…for shame to us who feel this way!! Certainly we should crawl back under our rocks and LEARN to see the life’s message in movies that depress or confuse us…I used to think, “why should I pay hard earned cash for a movie that brings reality to the forefront of my mind when i deal with reality nearly 24/7…I come to the movies to be entertained and ESCAPE reality, even if only for a couple of hours…why whould I come to a movie to be further reminded of it?” Thank you for opening my eyes to the “truth”!!! I have seen the Light!!! or I’m blinded by it!!!

  • dave

    Last Oscars I ever watched were when The Fifth Element lost best original score to Titanic. I still get upset when I think about it, so I don’t think about it.

  • Chris Dontneedtoknow

    wrong… she was great!

  • Skyhawk95

    Cher for Moonstruck ~ since then I have never even looked at the Oscar results.

  • GHOST999

    Ghandi vs E.T. The latter is remembered and it is in the Top 100 of all TIME.
    Ghandi is not even remembered as having a film

  • Robert Sell

    Really!? Avatar was not groundbreaking in its genre it was groundbreaking only its use of 3d and possibly visual effects,clearly if you’ve watched any amount of sci/fi,fantasy you’d reappraise this view.

  • Casper

    Avatar had no business being nominated at all. It’s script was cardboard crap. Inglorious Basterds was hardly groundbreaking; Tarantino has been making the same movie over and over for 20 years. Up was terrific, but the Academy was never going to give an animated film the Best Picture award. Both Hurt Locker and District 9 were great movies. Unfortunately District 9 was too radical to really be recognized by the staid, predictable Academy. Hurt Locker is a worthy winner.

  • Casper

    Sandra Bullock’s win is the most embarrassing on the list. Just ridiculous.

  • cjohnston

    I’m not look down the entire longevity of this list to see if I’m repeating someone else’s sentiments here (if I am – my sincere apologies, lol). At the same time tho’ – even IF I am, I still feel a VERY strong pull/urge/inclination to shout this out from as MANY rooftops as I can find…….
    I think that the committee of 2012 (and, by ‘extension’ many a committee afterwards, needs the insides of their BRAINS examined and/or perhaps, better yet, completely REPLACED!!!).
    CLOUD ATLAS IS – AND WAS – PERHAPS -_- THE BIGGEST OSCAR SNUB – EEVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!etc.etc…etc….etc….. — IMHO –
    I generally …read NEVER(!) – like to employ the use of profanity in a[ny] correspondences so i’ll use a simple abbreviation in order to hopefully ‘soften the blow’ a little bit —
    WTF WERE THEY {NOT} THINKING!!?!!?!??!!!!?!?!!!!?!!!?!!!!!!!!?!??

    • ericmvan

      Cloud Atlas had no chance at major awards, because (as great as some of us thought it was*) it was a huge box office disappointment. However, it is, in my opinion, the best edited movie I’ve ever seen. (I certainly can’t remember an audience gasping at the coolness of certain edits, and of course the challenge of stitching together six movies was immense.) That it didn’t even get nominated in that category — I agree, that was preposterous. *This, as it turns out, is not a matter of differing tastes, but of neurology. Meyers-Briggs sensing types, who are most of the population, simply can’t grasp the movie, something I actually demonstrated with a survey at IMDB. (It also helps to be passionate and a little absent-minded, too.)

  • Carlos

    I’m a fan of Dustin Hoffman, honest I am … but Peter Sellers performance in “Being There” was infinitely superior to Hoffman’s Kramer and deserved to take home the statue in 1980.

  • Carlos

    Again, I loved “Dances With Wolves”, but “Goodfellas” in the same year ?

  • Carlos

    Woody Allen & Annie Hall !! A joke on both counts ! Any other nominees from that year would be more deserving … (Goodbye Girl,Star Wars, Spielberg, Lucas)

  • snoopmish

    What about Forrest Gump winning over Shawshank & Pulp Fiction? That one still boggles my mind.

  • Babs

    Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side article
    Sounds like you are jealous. Sandra and entire cast kept their cloths on, used clean language,no explosions and actually told a great story. We need more good stories with good acting. She deserved her award!

  • Rogina

    I know many people disagree with me on this, but I think Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight should have been on this list. Yes, his performance was good, but in my opinion it was not Oscar winner good, and I firmly believe he won only because of his death. He had more amazing performances in other movies, but the Joker just wasn’t an Oscar performance.

  • Jimmy

    The Hurt Locker was in no way an “average combat movie”. It wasn’t even a “combat movie” per se. What a bunch of bollocks.

  • red7eric

    When Whoopi Goldberg won for GHOST, she beat out Annette Bening (THE GRIFTERS) and Diane Ladd (WILD AT HEART). Of course, Whoopi should have won for THE COLOR PURPLE, but the Academy was making it up to Geraldine Page (THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL) for the eight or nine nominations with no wins in her career …

  • Sugar B

    I disagree with your pick, Sandra Bullock – Blind Side. She did justice to the role. Sandra had me convinced she was someone other than Sandra to the point I had to remind myself it was Sandra, and not someone else. For instance, whenever I see a Julia Roberts movie all I see is Julia Roberts. I have to remind myself of her role; total opposite of Bullock’s role in Blind Side. That is the sign of a good actor. Another example is Geena Davis in “The Last Kiss Goodnight.” When her character regained her memory of Charly, the assassin, was when Geena’s “Beetlejuice” persona walks off the set and in comes Charly.

  • Edward Michael Stoddard

    I would say it’s a good thing that Audrey Fox has no voice in selecting the Oscars. She is entitled to her opinion, but at the end of the day that’s all it is – her opinion.

    And for everyone else, making a selection of which is best is very similar to trying to select the best art – it’s subjective to the individual. Some will always think a different film should have been chosen instead of what was.

  • manolito

    Sour grapes can make good wines sometimes and this are all water under the bridge. Pleasant thoughts and memories will keep you guys away from Lomotils. Post traumatic stress syndrome from movies is not covered by Obamacare or any other medical insurance. Just go to sleep. tomorrow is another

  • Nice Marmot

    Crash is the one that tops my list. So damn overrated. Its probably the only winner that I actually ever hated. Even if I don’t agree w/ a winner, it usually has something going for it that I can see why it won . . .

  • Mary Gries Paglia

    You left out Goldie Hawn in “Cactus Flower”.

  • Pat

    How Green is My Valley is a SPECTACULAR film… there is absolutely nothing schmaltzy about it. For seriously… one of the best musings about the loss of innocence and the death of rural communities at the hands of industrialization ever made. That you think Citizen Kane is a better movie is just, like, your opinion, man.

  • JM

    You forgot Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook.

  • Deno Lorenzo

    Al Pacino not worthy in “A Scent of a Woman”? What is your drug of choice? That IS one of his best performances!

  • Charlene A. Howell

    I guess that pointing out & adding The Color Purple (chronicling the post-slavery yet VERY racist South) losing to Out of Africa (a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of caucasians going into Africa to save the day) would have been TOO obvious (but very fitting nonetheless)…

  • Ray West

    The biggest Oscar oversight–Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. Gregory Peck won that year for To Kill A Mockingbird. Peck gave a competent performance while O’Toole gave a brilliant one. Go figure. It’s all about Hollywood cronyism not acting..

  • Ray West

    Oh yeah, one more: Marissa Tomei. How did that happen? What a joke that was.

  • RichSpirit

    What most people either don’t know, or refuse to get about how Holly-wood works, is that it IS an occultic organization that, along with the music industry, is going to give their oscars to their insider buddies that have gone through their masonic rituals and thus will get their Oscars, Academy Awards or Grammys.. that’s how it works.

    Artists are often told YEARS in advance what kind of character profile they’re going to have in their movie career and that they’ll be given an award at some point for one of those movies. So it’s not so much that the academy actually getrs it wrong.. it’s that they’re ALL following a SCRIPT for who, where, when and for what movie they’ll get said award.

    This is why what they vote for SO often does not jive with what the public wants. Just as countless times, movies that were the top grossing films, most commented on, tweeted or shared online, are, the majority of times, NOT ones that win academy awards, best acting awards, etc. Because the Academy simply doesn’t give a CRAP about what the public likes.. it’s all about giving their best buddies the awards that they want to give them.. end of story.

    It has nothing to do with any great performance or the like. it’s when the powers that be, whom these people do worship dark forces, tells them to give out said awards to said actors or actresses. Same goes for who gets a grammy and who doesn’t, as well as what actors get what contracts and who doesn’t.

    If you’re one of their top insiders, you’ll get those top movies, the best scripts, the best songs and the like.

    Check out the series “THE INDUSTRY EXPOSED” for way more about this.

    So don’t bother scratching your head wondering how these morons at the academy could so plainly get it wrong SO many times, it has nothing to do with who is actually the best at all. That is why they eventually came up with “The Peoples Choice Awards” and others that are based on people actual choices, because the public finally got sick and tired of these retards at the “Academy” getting is SO obviously wrongs so many times.

  • Michael Legere

    I’ve always said that Saving Private Ryan was screwed by the Academy..I like Shakespare in love,but it shouldnt have won..On the flip side…I think Crash was more than deserving..its a great film

  • Rumblepack

    Malcolm X is a fantastic film. But the award for best acting hinges on the effort needed to flesh out a role. Denzel was a dead ringer for Malcolm and on everybody’s short list to play him. Had probably known all about him by the time he got to high school. And, in his core personality, very reflective of Malcolm X. He didn’t need to peel back many layers to get that performance.
    You also didn’t mention Russell Crowe’s Gladiator beating out Tom Hanks’ Castaway. Gladiator is also a fantastic film, but Russell Crowe will probably never be more in his element than he is in that film. He is playing off his own surplus of personality traits. None of which is much of a stretch for him. Whereas Hanks spends nearly the entire film alone and is tasked with bringing the chaos in his own mind to life. Acting is reacting, and Hanks has to show the audience why the notion of “If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could have only one book or album, what would it be?”, is absurd. Don’t get stuck on a deserted island, it is the bottom rung of human existence. Russell has said the audience should take a look at what the character has to go through. That’s one way of looking at it. Another, since it’s an award for acting, would be to look at what the actor has to go through. Tom hanks had to leave in the middle of filming to shed enough weight to make the character look malnourished before they could complete the film. But, then again, Christian Bale’s commitment in The Machinist didn’t even get nominated is 2004.
    Looking at what the character has to go through didn’t help Richard Dreyfuss when Nic Cage’s Leaving Las Vegas beat out Mr. Holland’s Opus. Although, considering Cage’s usual fare, that performance may actually qualify as enough of a standout to warrant that Oscar. Wish the film weren’t so depressing that I could watch it more than once.

  • Words2lvby

    Marisa Tomei for “My Cousin Vinny.” She did a good job and the best thing in the movie, but my theory is that the other four nominees split the votes and she managed to get one more than the other four. there were no standouts that year and the votes got divided eveninly.

  • Woodey

    Halle Berry for Monster’s Ball….all she did was cry and get naked, the result was an Oscar. Really!?

  • smth

    The blind side was amazing and I think it’s Oscar worthy. I mean, it might not be to you, and that’s fine, but to others it is, it’s not because you think it’s not that others shouldn’t? Goes the same for all the other movies actually. I mean, are you an important critic person? Do you have any experience in the film making or acting industry?

  • MarketingWiz54

    Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovitz and Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny were totally undeserved.

  • Ray West

    The list should have included Marissa Tomei winning for My Cousin Vinny. A lightweight, silly performance that one over four Oscar-worthy competitors. Also, Gregory Peck winning for To Kill A Mockingbird. He gave a nice performance while Peter O’Toole gave a brilliant one in Lawrence of Arabia.

  • Ray West

    What the Academy needs to do is have categories of films and actors. Seems unfair to compare a musical or comedy movie with a heavy-handed drama.

  • Merel

    I say one thing: Erin Brockovich

  • Dart Vade

    Nothing that year was better than the Hurt Locker, I mean Avatar, District 9 really?

  • Dart Vade

    Sandra Bullock ruins every movie she is in and ther is no doubt she knows she sucks and did not deserve this win or really any role she has had in the last 20yrs, what a flake

  • Madison908

    If Audry Fox were actually a more than competent writer, I’d find her ability to pickjand choose more satisfactory. as it is she is may be adequate as a writer of the unworthy, but not necessarily a competent critic

  • Linda B. Williams

    It’s all a hoax. I don’t know who comes up with the “winners” of any of these awards, but it’s all a big joke, as ultimately revealed when Peter Falk as Columbo, won “Best Actor” Emmy against Scott Bakula, who was doing amazing work every week in Quantum Leap, and Patrick Stewart was NEVER nominated for any of the work he did on Star Trek.

    It’s all a farce, and a cheat.

  • My2Cents

    I expected to see Cher for her “make-up Oscar” in “Moonstruck”, when she deserved it more for “Mask”.

  • Corey Hoffarth

    I am so glad someone has said this about Sandra Bullock in the Blind Side, when she won I remember yelling at the tv and I thought I had gone to some sort of crazy universe. Her performance was so unoriginal it was really not a joy to watch. Very undeserved. However her recent role in Gravity is what should really have been her first real oscar contender

  • uro55

    Glad this article isn’t pretentious…..

  • SmilingAtheist

    I rented ‘Hurt Locker’ from Netflix, wouldn’t waste my money seeing it in the theater, and even after I rented it, I couldn’t sit throught it, even at home. It’s impossible to justify Bush-shit’s wars….. All of the other competing movies were better….

  • Eagle3

    I’m already disappointed by last night’s winner “12 Years A Slave.” It was an average movie, but once again the Academy wants to show sympathy and understanding to the often touchy subject of slavery within our country. Fine, I understand that, but that alone didn’t make it an Oscar-worthy film. Being graphic does NOT qualify it as Oscar-worthy, either. It was a slightly better than average film, and there were more deserving films that should have won. Sorry, but true…

    • rubbish

      No need to be sorry, you told the truth. When I heard they were making this movie, I knew it would get a lot of phony plaudits and I hoped it would actually be good so I wouldn’t have to bash it and come off as a racist A-hole to my friends.

  • sa

    Crash – worst choice that year – should be #2 or #3 on the mistake list.

  • Barbara Brown

    Some of these picks are right on; others miss the mark. But this post misses the biggest fish in the pond of “How the heck did they get an Oscar?” That’s Titanic. It was a hollow but beautifully cinematic film. It was like eating air: you were awed , but you felt empty inside.

  • Zsuzsa

    Edgy and socially relevant don’t always equal good, while simple and sweet can be beautiful perfection. I’m not totally disagreeing with your article, but sometimes critics rave about crap, while dismissing the feel good movies that are just good storytelling. At the end of the day, I like my entertainment to be ENTERTAINING, not an overindulgent, introspective ego trip that takes itself far too seriously.

  • jujulovebean

    I agree about Sandra Bullock. She is a very good, likeable actress, but none of her roles (especially in the *overly hyped* Gravity) ever stood out as exceptional to me. Dito Gwyneth Paltrow. I think most people who saw Shakespeare in Love will agree it is a nice movie and she did a nice job, but Oscar worthy?? If you are scratching your head about that one, her father was a Hollywood insider if that should give you a clue (and I’m sure the jewelry she got that night wasn’t the only thing daddy bought her). Al Pacino is just another example of actors who were passed over by the Academy Awards for their greatest roles and when wanting to make it up to him, gave him an Oscar for a so, so role in a so, so movie.

    I strongly disagree with ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ and ‘Ordinary People’. No they weren’t ground breaking cinema, but they had powerful messages about what makes us human and our relationships to each other (Brokeback Mountain which the author thought was unfairly passed over for an Oscar could be put in the same category with these films). If Ordinary People did not leave an impression on the writer and if all she saw was a grumpy old lady and Morgan Freedman in Ms. Daisy, than she really doesn’t know much about what makes a good film!

  • Jonny Ganas

    Whoopi Goldberg for Ghost. Now anytime she appears anywhere, it is Acadamy Award winning Whoopi Goldberg. Awful.

  • jckfmsincty

    The worst winners for acting Oscars are Katharine Hepburn for “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” and Helen Hayes for “Airport”.

  • RunRobby

    Micheal Caine – Cider House rules

  • PixieDustPrincess

    Titanic won over LA Confidential

  • Shawn Hill

    Who cares??? really? All the awards ceremonies are just another way for Hollywood to blow themselves. I gave up on the Hollywood shit machine a long time ago.

  • victor0630

    It seem like every movie that Pacino is in he is over the top. Remember when he played the devil? We need the old Pacino that did the Godfather films. I can’t take his over the top acting anymore.

  • dean cannon

    Wasn’t even close to “Saving Private Ryan.”

  • James Dalessandro

    Rocky over Network? Seriously? And Julia Roberts – a very good performance – but over Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for A Dream, one of the greatest performances EVER? And the Oscars that Scorsese should have won – Raging Bull and Wolf of Wall Street – went to those other guys. Cuaron is a fine film maker, but Gravity was not it. And seriously HURT LOCKER OVER INGLORIOUS BASTERDS? Chariots of Fire over a masterpiece like REDS? We need an annual DO-OVER – popular vote demanding the return of one Oscar per year.

  • kjdk

    the author is a moron for writing
    this article …

  • Lolita

    The only one you got right was Shakespeare in Love. The rest were quite worthy. Ordinary People hands down should have got it and did. All nominations are winners. Driving Miss Daisy was a love story. That is what most miss about the film, in a different time. But whoever wrote this hates the south. Sandra Bullock should have won and did. She stepped out of her comfort zone and now is making wonderful movies. But you had to say oh I liked her in Miss Congeniality. Julia Roberts turned it down thank God. She acts the same in every single movie. Low and behold Her Oscar win was not in here. Crash was good shouldn’t Capote have won ? Witherspoon should not have won that year. Phoenix did an outstanding job,she was not June Carter and now 2 more films were made of June Carter…This was way off.

  • Yeats1984

    Did I miss the Marisa Tomei entry? She’s clearly the most glarin Academy scew up of all time. I mean, anything related to “My Cousin Vinny” should be considered Oscar poison. But seriously, did I miss that one in the list?

    • Lolita

      I hope she is very sad by the passing of PSH. She said she had a double to do a love scene with him. He was gross. hello..its acting. I think we are getting better choosing the WORK instead of who you know. She could not hold a candle to PSH or many. He stole Flawless from DeNiro..DeNiro ! I love DeNiro but he stole the movie from him.

  • storme

    Julia Roberts? Best Actress?

  • LostSok

    Best Screenplay for The Crying Game over Unforgiven still rubs me the wrong way. An unexpected dick trumps one of the greatest Western’s of all time? Not even close.

    Tommy losing best soundtrack in ’75 (to Tom Jones I believe) was also horrible.

  • Mike Comerford

    What needs to be investigated is who’s cock it was that Jared Leto had to suck to get one… I mean if the entire Rock industry can’t take his punk ass seriously then how did someone in the Academy?

    • Scott Hellon

      I’m guessing you didn’t see “Dallas Buyers Club” with such a comment. And if you did, I’ll just continue to guess the kind of personality you are in everyday life.

  • Brent Kennedy

    Ok as soon as you mentioned Driving Miss Daisy as a “stubborn old lady
    and Morgan Freeman” I stopped reading as it is obvious that this is
    just a list of movies you don’t like that won Oscars, and has absolutely
    nothing to do with being Oscar worthy… Oscars are not about general
    popularity and the like. It’s about important and/or groundbreaking film
    making. These awards are given by “people in the industry” to “people
    in the industry” in recognition for their hard work and dedication to
    the craft… I’m in the industry and can tell you why all of these films won over the ones that you say should have… for example The reason the Hurt locker won over Avatar is obvious… Avatar is Pocahontas in space with good VFX… thats it… It has a classic storyline that has been done a thousand times, with a new coat of paint… It did break ground in VFX, and had good cinematography which is why it won those categories… but for something to win best film it has to be above average in ALL RESPECTS not just one area…

  • Federica

    “Life is beautiful” is unworthy compared to American Hystory X? I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. What about re-watching the movie uh? :)

  • Dan

    Russel Crowe performance in A Beautiful Mind was beaten out by Denzel Washington’s performance in Training Day (which the author pointed out was a sympathy award for missing him in Malcolm X). Crowe’s performance in a Beautiful Mind was much, much better. The timing was just wrong. Number one, Crowe had won the previous year. Number two, this was the Oscar’s opportunity to put a black actor and actress on the stage at the same time (Halle Berry for a much deserved Monster’s Ball). Either way, the whole system is obviously tainted. The best performance, the best movie, the best director should win. The politics of the whole affair make it a silly endevour.

  • Rainsong2

    Please go to youtube and find the video of Leanne Tuohy and Sandra Bullock talking about The Blind Side. When you see the two women together, you will discover that Sandra Bullock captured Leanne’s personality to a T. As I recall, even Mrs. Tuohy’s kids mentioned it was like having two of their mother.

    In other words, Ms. Bullock well and truly deserved her Oscar win.

  • Maxime Duval

    Sorry dude but Brokeback mountain is no where near as good as Crash

    • williamsommerwerck

      Considered as a serious drama, “Crash” is one of the most God-awful films I’ve ever seen — and I’ve been going to movies for 60 years. It attempts to compress a complex story that would be difficult to tell well in eight hours, into 135 minutes. It fails horribly. Its writer/director had the semi-decency to say “Well, I never claimed it was a good film”.

  • SteveB

    I neither particularly agree nor particularly disagree with those… but any list of most undeserving Oscars MUST include “The French Connection,” “Dances With Wolves” and “Training Day.”

  • Dee

    Marisa Tomei…..I live in Brooklyn and so did she. I could have played that role considering everyone woman I knew was just like that.

  • Adele Dazeem

    Marissa Tomei, My Cousin Vinny. Nuff said.

  • Scott Hellon

    “Ordinary People” IS one of the Best Films ever made. Your mistake.

    • unpleasantfacts478

      I prefer movies about extraordinary people.

      • Scott Hellon

        You mean like Tim Hutton, Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Judd Hirsch, Elizabeth McGovern, and Robert Redford?

  • Not2obvious

    Cher. Awful.

  • Tim

    How does Happy Feet not get mentioned here? Boot Driving Miss Daisy and put in that absolute mess of a movie.

  • GPCooper

    In 1985 Brazil was not even nominated, yet Terms of Endearment won. Star Wars lost to Annie Hall In 1977.

  • Vito Semion Defronzo

    #5 was a great performance worth of an Oscar.

  • doman

    I agree with about half the article, which is simply another portrayal of subjectivity. Thought Sandra Bullock knocked it out of the park with “The Blind Side”, and absolutely loved “Crash.” Totally think “Dead Poets Society” deserved the Oscar, though. I thought they got it right this year in almost every category.

    We all connect with movies differently, and by that right, different movies. I tend to pull for those with which I feel the strongest connection, regardless of who might have given the “better” performance. I imagine members of the academy do the same.

  • Nissim Levy

    What about Kramer vs Kramer beating out Apocalypse Now. That is the most egregious mistake the Academy ever made.

  • Sean Williams

    Dude, the Hurt Locker was/is awesome, and when it becomes dated I can see your opinion then, but just as itll get dated(if) so will all the others you mentioned. Avatar was the lone 3D gimmick that worked. It didnt win an award because it ran on a huge budget, Hurt Locker told suspense and took you somewhere as well.
    Jesus just by saying its dated doesnt win your struggling argument. Hurt Locker won, so hopefully you wont state anymore ludicris things like the first one.

  • gcooke777

    1976 best picture:

    1. Network
    2. Taxi Driver
    3. Rocky
    4. All the Presidents Men
    5. Bound for Glory

    And the winner for best foreign language film, I mean best picture, ROCKY?
    Nothing against Rocky. Liked the movie. But All the Presidents Men wasn’t better? Travis Bickle was the performance of a generation in Taxi Driver! Peter Finch in network took the county by storm! Rocky and Bound for Glory are bound for tedium when compared to the top three that year!

    Yo Adrian give the Oscar back PLEASE!

  • lakawak

    WE…I mean. if blogger Audrey Fox doesn’t think they deserved it..then they definitely didn’t!

  • ericmvan

    This started off questionably (The Hurt Locker was superb) but, as it moved on to the more egregious snubs, got quite good.

  • Charlie Charlie Echo

    I stopped watching the Academy Awards when Julia Roberts won for showing us nothing more than her cleavage in Erin Brockovich, over Ellen Burstyn’s mind blowing performance in Requiem For A Dream.

    That oversight alone reveals that the Oscars have little to do with actual
    talent and everything to do with being one of the ‘in crowd’.

  • Z_Lauren_Z

    Lee Marvin for Cat Ballou beating Rod Steiger for The Pawnbroker.

    You are correct that the Academy did have a penchant for awarding Oscars to people based on snubbing them for earlier/better performances such as the Pacino/Scent Of A Woman atrocity BUT I do believe they have gotten better over the years . . .

  • Just A Body

    What about Kim Bassinger for LA CONFIDENTIAL !!! Not Oscar worthy; not even a challenging role. Basically she just played herself.

  • des_3

    You’re on drugs if you think Avatar should have been best movie. Seriously, it is the single most mocked movie on the internet for it’s plot, lack of originality, and TERRIBLE acting (not to mention the hysterically two dimensional villains). Inglorius was mediocre, District 9 was clever (but hardly best picture material) and Up is an animated film (which they’ll NEVER give an Oscar to).

  • Mike McTighe

    Ordinary People also beat out Star Wars, perhaps the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie ever made.

  • TFear

    I was agreeing with you until “Crash”. It was a fantastic movie. If you’re saying “Crash” was unworthy, then “Chariots of Fire” better be on this list. It was a boring movie that doesn’t, ever, show in re-runs, anywhere!

  • TFear

    Really? You think “Chariots of Fire” which isn’t on this list, even though it is, BY FAR, thee worst movie to ever win the best picture Oscar, is better than “Crash”, or “Ordinary People”??!! Whover wrote this article is an idiot!

  • SkyePuppy

    I agree with you on Crash, but “Good Night and Good Luck”??? That’s a movie best filtered through the eyelids.

  • Lauren McGrath

    How could Forrest Gump *not* be in the top 10?

  • languageb

    There is a reason that American History X didn’t win the Oscar, all you have to do is watch the movie. Winning the oscar is not only about making a technically perfect movie or about an actor taking a risk. I love Roberto Benigni, in Life is Beautiful, it’s a movie I can watch over and over and each time notice something different, and beautiful even though at it’s core it’s a very dark and depressing movie. I guess that is why it’s called the magic of hollywood.

  • The guy

    Meanwhile, when Pacino won for Scent of a Woman, not only did Denzel miss out on the Oscar, but so did Robert Downey Jr. for his performance in Chaplin, easily his best work and perhaps some of the best work the film industry has ever seen.

  • greg

    this list has a problem…. the writer doesnt like films that are simple but artistically rich..its as if for you to win an oscar you should be bold and risky.. judging a film should be judged by the film itself… not because of awesome sets, risky and ahead of its time qualities or because it tries to advocate something.. no it should be as plain as telling a stories and intricacies of dissecting the emotions and the human condition. im surprised he never mentioned sean penn winning in milk when he should have won in i am sam and mickey rourke should have won for the wrestler…its so obvious.

  • Kathleen

    I saw “American History X” when it first came out. Edward Norton is a stellar actor in everything he does. I have to agree that his performance in X was blow-you-away incredible. Holocaust movies are important pieces of cinema and the good ones honor history and tell that tragedy well. But I believe that the Best Actor/Actress awards in some, if not many cases, go to the person who while very talented, stars in the movie whose subject matter is societally and culturally prevailing at the current time. I feel this is what happened this year with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto winning the acting awards for “Dallas Buyers Club”. It is remarkable that Chiwetel Ejiofor did not win for his searing performance in “12 Years A Slave”. Slavery, as much as it will forever be a blight on our history and universal humanity, is so far removed from people who did not experience it, or never knew anyone who did, which are all of us. The actors in a film about HIV/AIDS took the Gold, as Tom Hanks also did, two decades ago in “Philadelphia”. The Academy Awards are highly subjective, as all theater and film tend to be, and seem to be very much based on what is politically correct and popular at the moment.

  • James Allard

    Malcolm X was more like Ghandi and Lawrence Of Arabia and The Ten Commandments because it was an epic film. Consider this definition of “epic” in terms of these films: social upheaval on a national level; chaos rises; one man, far from normal but not a mover or shaker on the mass consciousness level, merely confronts what is wrong and is escalated into Hero status. Sweeping cinematography, gigantic score, huge story and a centered main character… hallmarked in each film, and Malcom X as well.

  • nostalgiac

    How about Bill Condon not winning Best Director for CHICAGO!
    They had their heads up their back ends that year to!

  • Diane D.

    You totally missed the point of Driving Miss Daisy.

  • TeaScum

    “Born on the 4th of July” is what? “…important pieces of cinema…”?? Hahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Jenna

    Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan. In what universe could that actually happen???

  • Sabrina

    Um, Avatar, & Up were both horrible movies. Inglorious Basterds was ok, & District 9 was damn good, but with that competition, The Hurt Locker did deserve to win. However, the rest of this list is pretty spot-on. Especially the Shakespeare in Love thing. That’s the movie that beat Saving Private Ryan. For real?

  • Jim Kennedy

    The writer of this article loses all credibility when she lists ‘Scarface’ as one of Al Pacino’s more worthy performances. Words can’t describe how much I hate Scarface and Al Pacino in Scarface. Goddamn Scarface.

  • Glynn

    Yes, Whoopi Goldberg should give back the Oscar for Ghost. Seriously. She should have won for Color Purple. And Cher in Moonstruck. Give it back. She should have won for Mask. Apology Oscars, they freaking suck.

  • Cheryl Roarke

    Ok maybe this is harsh but Sandra Bullock’s Nazi loving husband cheating on her was the best thing that could have happened to her career,she was in lousy movies and kind of a has been and now she’s suddenly getting all these good roles,everyone loves her…..

  • bill c

    Totally disagree, the Hurt Locker was by far the best of that group. Avatar and Bastards were overrated, District 9 was goofy and Up was not worthy.

  • bill c

    Love Sandra Bullock, but the article is right. This was an above average performance and not Oscar worthy.

  • bill c

    Dead Poets Society, My Left Foot, Born on the Fourth of July, Field of Dreams, and Driving Miss Daisy. Wow, what a list. Probably the strongest one year list of all time. Five absolutely brilliant movies in their own unique ways.

  • bill c

    Crash was a great movie.

    • BumbaK

      There were two movies titled “Crash.” The lesser of the two won the Oscar. Both were crap.

  • Dan

    How could Taxi Driver lose to Rocky? and Requiem for a Dream, lose out to Erin Brokovich?!?!? Or ,Ellen Burstyn losing to Julia Roberts, for best actress in the same movies? UGH..

  • InTheMixLV

    Well we can add “12 years a slave” to this mix. I saw the movie out of an interest in history currently spurred by college history classes. I was incredibly shocked when it was nominated and completely flabbergasted when it won Best Picture.

    This movie is so dismally predictable and out of focus in it’s narrative and any connection to actual events it also shocked me it was based on a true story. This movie so blatantly panders to the ethnic stereotypes of slavery and our almost universal agreement that slavery is and was wrong it pretty much looses it’s story in this.

    I don’t think any right thinking person would disagree that slavery in the US was probably one of the stupidest things this country ever did. But guess what, we dident invent it, and we’re not the ones who brought it here. You can thank the Dutch for that. I think it’s about time Hollywood stopped pandering to ethnic groups for cheap accolades and started awarding Oscars based on actual merit and achievement again.

    • hp b

      Dutch Jews to be politically incorrect, but 100% accurate.
      They owned practically all the ships. (and marketplaces)
      Let’s see a movie about THAT. Yeah, right.

      I agree. This is made for TV type fare.
      Another “must vote for this” or you’re a racist (fill in the blank)

    • Assis Junior

      You said everything I thought about this picture. “Her” would be the most well deserved winner this year, fresh and clever. “12 Years a Slave” was made on a mold-to-win.

  • Hey berto

    Regarding the first entry on the Hurt Locker.. up against Avatar, District 9, Inglourious Basterds, and Up. Avatar was terrible screenwriting/dialogue and a retread story that negated anything that was groundbreaking about the visuals. District 9 was good, but not great. I didn’t see Up, and I would’ve given the award to Basterds. I don’t disagree that Hurt Locker was an over achiever, but my point is the competition really wasn’t that imposing.

    • hp b

      Hurt Locker received an Oscar for political correctness.
      Let us see..
      Pro war = rah, rah, Oscar.
      Antiwar = *&%$))#@%$^^

  • Tony Halden

    How is Marrisa Tomei not on this list?!

  • Danny Stillinger

    Driving Miss Daisy was a damn good film. I would say well worth the Oscar that it won.

  • Chad

    Slumdog Millionaire was poorly directed, poorly written, sappy, terrible score, just an all-around poorly-made big budget film.

  • Shannon

    Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich and Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. Or anything from Silver Linings Playbook.

  • hp b

    They stole Clint Eastwood’s Oscar and gave it to Al Pacino.

  • DutchS

    Braveheart was good, but nowhere near as good as Apollo XIII

  • MidnightSunBlonde

    Elizabeth Taylor in BUtterfield 8; should have gone to Shirley Maclaine in The Apartment.
    Patty Duke in the Miracle Worker; should have gone to Angela Lansbury in The Manchurian Candidate.
    Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou; should have gone to Oskar Werner in Ship Of Fools.
    (Interestingly, Lee Marvin was brilliant in Ship Of Fools, along with Vivien Leigh, and neither were even nominated in the Best Supporting category).
    Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird (great performance); but it should have really gone to Peter O’Toole in Lawrence Of Arabia (brilliant performance).

    Of course, this is only my opinion and I’m sure many will disagree with my choices.

  • Principesa

    Seriously? American History X? Have you ever seen Romper Stomper? The far better film it was lifted from? Benigni deserved to win.

  • meloshe


    Raging Bull, the godfather, scarface, goodfellas, avatar, born on the fourth of july… Martin Scorsese is another person that has been screwed over by the academy on several occassions…rediculous

  • Joel Wright

    Out of Africa (1985) was a horribly boring movie. Chariots of Fire (1981) winning over Raiders of the Lost Ark was a travesty.

  • Ray CJ

    How could you possibly have missed the biggest travesty in Oscar history?? Marisa Tomei for “My Cousin Vinny”?!?!? Very funny movie and she was good in it but an Oscar?!?

  • BumbaK

    “It’s not that Roberto Benigni and Life is Beautiful weren’t good. . . .” Yes, it is. It very much is. Both were cloyingly horrible.

  • BlueBird

    How about Argo on 2013?…c’mon academy, for the best picture! C’mon…Argo was like 2 hours of my life just went right into trash

  • Barmace

    OH no you forgot Marissa Tormei in My Cousin Vinney..Wow is all I could say

  • Ne He

    Gladiator could have been put on this list.

  • Assis Junior

    Come on, how come no one mentioned Jennifer Lawrence winning back in 2012??? Even Quevenzhané Wallis would be a most deserved winner that year. It was a shame that Emmanuelle Riva didn’t win that Oscar. Reese Witherspoon over Felicity Huffman?? Frances McDormand would deserve winning on “North Country” but in “Fargo”? Come on, she barely appear on the screen, Emily Watson was robbed. But I think that Gwyneth Paltrow winning is the most laughable of them all. Winning over Cate Blanchett and Fernanda Montengro??? The King’s Speech over Black Swan??? Slumdog Millionare over Milk and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?? And the list goes on and on… I understand all the politics behind the Oscars and the academy members, but it shouldn’t be that way. It should be the most genuine way of recognize the talents on worldwide filmaking.

    • gooched

      because she deserved it?

      • Assis Junior

        No, she didn’t. Weakest of that year, maybe she was only better than Jessica Chastain.

  • saraha180

    I’ll mostly agree with most of these, but not _Hurt Locker_. It was honestly hard to click through to the second slide after seeing _Avatar_ praised. Other than its visual and technical effects, everything about _Avatar_ was both derivative and lame. _District 9_ was enjoyable but heavy handed and _Basterds_ was a badly edited mess with some great scenes. _Up_ was an interesting contender, but mostly because of its amazing first ten minutes. Both _WALL-E_ and _Toy Story 3_ were **far** better as overall films. Overall, _Hurt Locker_ was the only film nominated that year that was worthy of a best picture.

    • gooched

      hahahaha _no_

  • mwanderson

    Goodness but this article is just a bunch of sour grapes! While I appreciate everyone has a different point of view, it’s really churlish to “decide” that those who the Academy have granted an Oscar to should give it back. This just seems like petty childishness because your film/actor/director didn’t win so therefore it’s okay to badmouth those that did.

  • gooched

    Inception should have swept up in 2011, Django should have won last year, District 9 or Basterds in 2010, Dark knight in 2009, Brokeback in 2006 and so on. I think the only times they got it right in recently was departed in 07, no country for old men in 08 and 12 years in 14.

    • Elzeenor

      Basterds was so terrible I could not even sit through the entire thing. No Country was awful, Dark Knight is a cbm that has too much undeserved love. Heath Ledger as the Joker is really the only truly great thing about that movie. Have not seen Django, but Tarino’s entire career is overrated with only a couple good movies. Inception…It was alright from what I recall, but it was another that did not live up its hype. Memento is Nolan’s greatest achievement.

  • Redsteel

    Last year saw two of the biggest snubs ever.
    1) Ben Affleck not only was nominated but won every other major award for directing and the Academy did not even nominate him for a film that won every best picture award out there. That was LAUGHABLE
    2) Daniel Day Lewis wins off his name in a film 50% of the people that pop it in cant finish because of how incredibly BORING it is. the BEST performance last year was Hugh Jackman in Les Miserables and it wasnt even close……this was the best performance of his carrer and he deserved better

  • meatmine

    mira sorvino?

  • Grayden

    I’m not sure if it’s ignorance or just that people feel the need to inject their personal bias into something they, as an audience member, have zero relevance in. The Academy isn’t exclusively studio heads and film financiers; it’s everyone in Hollywood. Writers, Actors/Actresses, Cinematographers, Directors, Producers, etc. They all vote, all 6,000 of them. It’s not as if it’s our Congress sitting behind closed doors, fiendishly twirling their mustaches, and deciding who the next president will be. The Oscars are for the film industry, by the film industry. Saying who got robbed, as someone on the outside looking in, doesn’t mean diddly. We have our awards show. It’s called the People’s Choice Awards. Whine and complain when someone gets snubbed at that one. Sheesh.

  • tim

    your list is bogus if you actually think marisa tomei deserved an Oscar for my cousin vinny!

  • Bruce Dull

    Putting aside that the oscars have become a political award, I totally agreed with all your assessments except “How Green..” over Citizen Kane”. Keep in mind you are judging a nearly 75 year old culture based on your modern culture. Hollywood rewards liberal idealism over real acting. It’s about self infatuation. Oh, and you forgot giving What’s her name an Oscar because everyone felt sorry that Hinkly Shot Regan to impress her and felt an Oscar for her would make it up. What was her name again?

  • Bruce Dull

    Considering the Academy admits most of the winners were never seen by the voters…. The Oscars are a parade of “The Emporer’s new clothes”.

  • Jim

    Just because you can’t appreciate a great movie or great performance doesn’t mean it’s no good!! You’re better off keeping your opinions to yourself!!

  • texshelters

    Brokeback Mountain was an overrated, overhyped love story that I feel people wouldn’t have thought was so great if it was a straight couple. We have no reason to care about the characters other than we “should” care.

    Ordinary people over Raging Bull or Elephant Man is a travesty. So was the win of the English Patient over Fargo and Secrets and Lies, two much better films. Hey, at least Jerry McGuire didn’t win.


  • Jalfred

    The worst thing about the Shakespeare in Love and Paltrow wins was the crass promotional campaign waged by the studio that year which in the end doomed Paltrow to a life of bad karma.

  • Patrick S. Selitrenny

    My only comment is: when true talent meets true incompetence and inept, greedy people, that’s what you get. Enough said. Now back to work.

  • bluex

    everything in The Artist

  • Ramtin KaZemi

    You are so stupid!

  • Larissa Bassi

    Martin Scorsese won with The Departed, a “remake” of Internal Affairs. I think he should have won the Oscar as best director at least 2 or 3 times before, for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Casino (my opinion, of course).

  • Gregory Dangerfield

    Also, American Beauty won Best Picture over the far superior The Green Mile. Hated that American Beauty won. Any other film was better than The English Patient.

  • Doc049

    No Country For Old Men, one of the most retarded movies ever. I would have rather seen paint dry on a frogs arse !!!

    • Elzeenor

      I wouldn’t say it was that bad, but it was pretty damn boring. Sometimes I think they pick their favorite director and just reward them for being unique. In the case of this movie it was very uniquely directed, but was utterly stupid. Rewarded for uniquely directing a turd, with a memorable casting choice.

  • Lena Auxier

    Val Kilmer should’ve won for his role of Doc Holliday, he is what made that movie worth watching. I love him in Tombstone.

    • ThatBaldGuy

      I couldn’t agree more…his was the best of several great performances, most notably (to me, at least) Michael Biehn.
      “You know Ike, maybe poker just isn’t your game. I know, let’s have a spelling contest!”

  • Cane Adiss

    Jack Palance in City Slickers. That movie just wasn’t that great anyway and his performance was pretty meh.

  • Curandera99 .

    Gwyneth Paltrow is that generation’s Kirsten Stewart although Gwyneth has classic looks and Kirsten is just not attractive. But both have zero (maybe negative number) acting ability. They just say their lines, look blankly about and pick up major parts in movies.

  • Dolan K

    Ellen Page should have beat Marion Cotillard in 2007

    • EAP

      Julie Christie should have beat Cotillard, but Marion was amazing as Edith Piaf. It wasn’t a mediocre performance like Bullock’s.

  • Dolan K

    Forrest Gump is an awesome movie but Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption are better in my opinion

  • Lois ÇKevorkian

    Is incredible how are people here ,disputing Who deserve the “Oscar”. Pretty woman was released in 1990. Madonna is a real hooker. She started her career in the 80′s. And with his music: Live a virgin, and release a book called: Sex in the 80′s, that mean who is the greatest hooker made in USA. She was a friend of Gwyneth Paltrow. She also, has friends like: Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera ( and the lesbian kiss in a show where children can watch that. She doesn’t care. And, She is always using people, to stay in the top as the Queen of Pop. She is the hooker trademark

  • Yannis glyfada

    i also want to add that The Gladiator with Rushel crow was not a movie for Oscars it was just an Action movie… BUT i liked Crush a lot.. because it showed that an educated person with compation took the bullets away from her fathers gun and saved a life!!!!

  • steamboat

    Sandra won because she portrayed a white woman helping out a black guy. Hollyweird is sooo prediculous. Just look at the winners for the year 2013. Best picture – about evil whites and slavery. Best actor played a guy with aids. Best supporting actor played a transexual. Best actress was a pill popping neurotic. Best supporting actress was a black who portrayed a slave.

    Driving miss Daisy – about a black guy helping an old jewish woman.

    Hurt locker – has a woman director.

    Crash – angry whites against blacks.

    Life is beautiful – holocaust

    Al Pacino – career payoff

    • Shawn N

      Crash is about angry whites against blacks????

      Hahaha… have you seen the movie?

      More like the movie is about LA, which is the locale that Hollywood most cares about.

  • Shawn N

    AH…. The Hurt Locker is a way better movie than any of those you listed. UP is the only one that even deserved to be among the other nominees.

    • EAP

      Yes. Thank you.

  • Shawn N

    Sandra Bullock was just as deserving as Julia Roberts was for Erin Brockovich.

    Both were based on true stories where the woman was by far the biggest actor in the movie. That is rare and had a lot to do with the Oscar.

    Julia Roberts also had a plot that Hollywood absolutely salivates over. Bullock didn’t have that since it actually glorifies rich white people. Considering that, it is amazing that she won.

  • Shawn N

    Never got the controversy over Crash. It is damn good movie. Way better than Brokeback Mountain.

  • Shawn N

    Sorry, I’ll take Ordinary People over Raging Bull any day. Great movie.

    And Saving Private Ryan was NOT best picture worthy. Yeah, maybe something should have beaten out Shakespeare in Love, but it wasn’t that phony, annoying, self-important flick by Spielberg.

  • Shawn N

    About the only thing I agree with on this list, besides Citizen Kane, obviously, is the fact that Hollywood has the tendency to recognize great acting performances by actors on their FOLLOWING roles.

  • Roopa Rayappa

    I also feel Jessica Chastain was better in Zero Dark Thirty when compared to Jlaw in Silver Linings Playbook. Jessica truly deserved an Oscar for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty.

  • Sooty Sammy

    Ordinary people is a great film that analysis a family. Everyone says that no one remembers this film but raging bull is one of the best film every made blah blah. Raging bull is very stylish yet very pretentious . Nobody would not give a f… about this film if the boxing scenes were not that good. Re Sandra Bullock if you think her performance wasn’t oscar worthy see Jessica Lang in tootsie and blue sky .

    • EAP

      I love Ordinary People. I love Raging Bull. They’re incredibly different and excellent and they’re also two of my favorite films.

      Also, Jessica Lange is amazing. The reason she got the Oscar for Tootsie was because the Academy decided to give her Oscar to Meryl for Sophie’s Choice instead of awarding her for Frances.

  • Ron Smith

    How Green Was My Valley. beat Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane.

    I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

    WOW largest academy fail ever – why even watch the oscars??

  • Simon Akselsen

    Do you even know what directing is?

  • missiemeghan

    Sandra Bullock has Gabourey Sidibe’s Oscar.

    • EAP

      Carey Mulligan’s Oscar

  • David

    Totally agree with Al Pacino on this list. I saw Scent of a Woman after Pacino won the Oscar and was shocked how bad his acting was. WAY overacted. That was my first indication at how bad the Oscar choices are.

  • obamaiscarter

    American History X is easily one of the most overrated movies of all-time.

  • PanzerDSS

    Crash won because the Oscar voters weren’t brave enough to give it to Brokeback but could still feel like good, socially conscious people if they awarded Best Picture to a movie about racism.

  • PanzerDSS

    Also, when it comes down to it, the old white guys who vote for the Academy Awards will vote for something conservative and similar to what they know than something truly new (See: The Kings Speech vs. The Social Network).

  • Cathy Hoag Waldemar

    Disappointing that neither Dustin Hoffman or Jon Voigt won Best Actor Award for Midnight Cowboy (1969). Instead they did the obligatory old actor acknowledgement and gave the award to John Wayne for True Grit. Yuck.

  • starlight

    They gave Julia Roberts the Oscar for Best Actress for Erin Brockovich the year that Ellen Burstyn in Require for a Dream FAR SURPASSED Julia’s *meh* job. It’s when Julia was the long-reigning America’s Sweetheart, and it seems like they were (reasonably) afraid it was the best acting job she’d ever do, so they better give it to her then! Boo.

  • Apoorva

    Performances which did not deserve Oscars – Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’. Not very impressive or novel

  • Sooty Sammy

    Raging Bull is a stylish , ambitious , unengaging boredom . Saw it many times , never remember the characters or storyline cos the film believes its superiority an does nothing to any emotional impact on the audience. Whereas ” ordinary people” tells its story in an ordinary way however it does analyses a dysfunctional family.

  • JayJay

    Good job on conveying something useful. If only it was English.