The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

ArrestedDevelopmentSeason4 600x360 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

Season 4 of Arrested Development successfully channeled many of the elements that made the first three seasons so memorable, which resulted in 15 episodes chocked full of hilarious jokes and running gags. Now that the episodes have been available for a few days, it’s time to start breaking down the season and picking out the best moments from season 4.

This list certainly doesn’t have every single great bit from the Netflix string of episodes, this article would have to be hundreds of pages long to house that, but merely 10 that stood out as moments everyone should be talking, and laughing, about. Keep in mind, this list is in no particular order, it is simply a collection of the 10 best moments.

And in case you didn’t figure it out yet, this list definitely has spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the season and don’t want things to be ruined, I’m not sure why you clicked on this article in the first place. But seriously, if that’s the case you should getaway, getaway.

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Everybody’s Gay!

tony wonder gob The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

I’m here! I’m queer! And now I’m over here!

I believe it was a wise character on a Seth McFarlane show who once said, “Why can’t you just hang out with guys, you know? Just live with someone of your own sex. Just do what you would do with women, but with your buddy, you know? Why don’t guys just do that?”

There’s that ever hazy line between friendship and romance, and it becomes even more hazy when the parties involved have never felt friendship before. Having feelings for someone, even platonic feelings, for the first time could be misconstrued as romantic interest, which is the case for Gob and his rival turned lover Tony Wonder.

The two straight men dance around elaborate schemes at breaking each others’ hearts while under the assumption that the other was gay. But when the alarming news of straightness is brought to light, that doesn’t dissuade the efforts, but rather turns them into a whirlwind of masks and deceit, eventually leading to everyone indeed becoming gay.

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I’m A Monster

S4 Buster 01 639x360 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

Buster has had to deal with feeling like a monster for a long time. When his hand was first bit off it was replaced by a hook, which left him unable to do many things that normal sons do (like backrubs and unzip their mother and such).

When Buster gets hurt while working for the Army, he gets a big hand from the United States. Literally, a large hand. It’s better than his hook, kind of. Buster tanks his rehab since he doesn’t want to get back in the game and hurt people again. Sadly, he isn’t able to crush a cat and so he gets kicked out of the Army and sent looking for a place to live. Fortunately, he is seen by Herbert Love’s wife, who adopts him in an effort to create a Blindside-like story for Love’s campaign.

Eventually things don’t work out with the Loves and Buster the monster is again sent out into the world, only to be constantly reminded that he is indeed just a monster, and that means he doesn’t have to be good. Which he isn’t, when he uses his super-strength to knock out Herbert Love.

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Stupid, Forgetful Michael

forgetful michael bluth The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

Gob’s “forget-me-now” addiction is one of the best, and most prevalent, recurring jokes in the season. First appearing in season 3, these pills basically became a character in season 4. Every time Gob did something he is ashamed of and wanted to forget (which is extremely frequently) he pops one of these little pills and the bad memories are erased.

Unfortunately, this leads to a viciously recurring roofie circle where the only thing Gob is forgetting is the fact that he took the pills in the first place. He loses more than a month of his life to this circle before his Mexican dealer finally refuses to sell him any more pills.

The best use of the pill is when Gob forces one into Michael in order to make his younger brother forget that he saw Tony Wonder leaving Gob’s bedroom in a robe. Too bad Gob can’t give all us viewers a forget-me-now pill too after seeing that.

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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

arrested development 9 624x360 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

Oh Simon & Garfunkel. No duo was ever better at setting a somber mood, and so many years later their music is no less effective than it originally was. Of course, it isn’t merely the song that is so memorable in season 4, but the fact that it’s used over and over and over and over again as the season goes on, and the majority of the time it’s accompanied by a slow zoom on Gob’s hurt, empty face.

The time it’s used with Tony Wonder is hilarious, and the use with the Mongol leader is as unexpectedly funny as anything in the season, but it is the constant use with Gob, episode after episode, that makes it so funny.

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Fakeblock board room 3 645x360 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

This is the joke that developed the best over the course of the season as we saw the events from different characters’ perspectives. From thinking George Michael actually had some new internet start-up that was going to make him millions, to finding out that it is merely an app for an electronic wood block, with each episode the saga of Fakeblock got funnier and funnier.

There’s also the whole joke of how Michael Cera is sometimes confused with Jesse Eisenberg, who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. George Maharis’ saga stole many elements from that film, all the way down to the legal meetings caused by friction with one of the original backers who put in the first 99 cents (times three!).

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He Has Not Responded Now For 41 Seconds

1369778270 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

We’ve always known that George Michael is a bit hesitant and uncertain about things, but it had never been vocalized and shown as well as it is in season 4. Multiple times when George Michael is asked a somewhat difficult question, his thought process is discussed by the narrator, detailing all the possibilities George Michael is juggling.

The other characters in the scene seem not to notice, until the narrator goes on and on and on, continuing with an array of possibilities until everyone begins to look uncomfortable. By the time George Michael has been turning things over for 41 seconds, it’s time for a brief yes or no. Excellent way to display George Michael’s lack of confidence, and excellent use of Ron Howard’s narration.

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Getaway, Getaway

VIu0Z8SJKrW6yx 2 hd The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

If this list seems a bit Gob heavy, that’s because Will Arnett absolutely stole the show throughout the season. Another awesome moment from Gob is when he befriends an entourage of young partiers which includes Marc Cherry, a pop sensation. As with most groups of people, they get sick of Gob after getting to know him and eventually want him out of the group. Unfortunately, Gob can’t take a hint, even when Cherry goes as far to write a song using Gob’s nickname “Getaway.”

The scenes of Gob hanging out with the younger guys are great, but when they try to get rid of him is when it gets really funny. Once his bees come into play and he gets control of the limo, well, you can only imagine the hilarity that ensues. Still, the shame Gob feels from his lifestyle leads to the use of many forget-me-nows.

The song recurs throughout the rest of the season, and Lucille even quotes it when talking to Buster, saying it’s as if that song was written about her own son.

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Ann Awfully Funny Time To See You Too…

KoGdAwN 648x360 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

Oh Egg. Ann. Egg? Her? Anyway, you’ve got to feel sorry for the girl who gets a giant “Her?” above the stage at her own wedding.

Throughout the season people kept confusing Ann’s name with the article “an”, leading to a series of instances where people think Ann is simply starting a sentence rather than stating her own name. Even her father’s co-host on television doesn’t know that he actually has a daughter, despite Ann sitting right next time him on the set.

After all, you don’t want to put all your Anns in one basket…do you?

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I’m A Registered Sex Offender, I’m A Registered Sex Offender, I’m A Registered Sex Offender

1369778255 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

It wouldn’t have come as any surprise if Tobias had unwittingly done something to actually get on the registered sex offender list, but the fact he got on it due to a mere misunderstanding (and business scheming by his daughter) made his new status as sex offender all the more hilarious. The quote above is from when Tobias is at the Cinco De Quatro celebration and a group of kids come running by. He’s forced to inform all of them that he’s a registered sex offender or else risk being in violation of his parole. But really, who brings kids to Cinco?

The sex offender jokes don’t stop with Tobias, as Gob fills all of Sudden Valley with offenders since it’s so far from schools, churches, parks, and well… everything else. When George Michael moves in, and the offenders (who all magically have ice cream trucks and “fun” vans) find out that this cute, 16-year-old appearing boy is actually 22 they can’t help but be extra nice and welcome him to the neighborhood with games of Twister.

Then there’s Maeby, who actually becomes a sex offender due to her escapades with Perfecto. The Funke family having two sex offenders is no surprise, but Maeby being one of them is a bit unexpected considering Lindsay once tried to seduce a still-in-high school Steve Holt (though he was over 18 at the time).

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I Assure You, There Is Nothing Ambiguous About Me

enhanced buzz 2101 1369622502 11 The 10 Best Moments From Arrested Development Season 4

Finally Tobias’ interesting phrasing is directly addressed by everyone and not just through Michael’s slightly confused looks. Tobias’ increasingly gay tendencies were certainly one of the best parts of seasons 1-3, and the way they are expanded even further in season 4 is easily one of the highlights of these 15 episodes. Once Tobias realizes his sexuality is a running joke among the family he is very offended and sets out to prove to everyone just how straight he is.

Despite hardly being able to go 11 seconds without saying something gay, Tobias is baffled by their assumptions about him. I mean anyone would go down on Matthew Mcconaughey for 36 dollars. Right?

That’s our list of the 10 best moments from Arrested Development season 4. Did we miss some of your favorites? Share your picks in the comments section below.

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  • Darren Ruecker

    After each one of these that I read, my only thought was “Same!”

  • Blake J

    I thought it was great how everyone was dating a somewhat celebrity.

  • ewkk

    after watching the episodes 2 time. Im really starting to believe that Lucille’s remark that she was able turn her own Queen have doule meaning — one for the ship and another for George Sr

  • flyerfan162

    I thought Kristen Wiig as a young Jessica Walters/Lucille was brilliant. She totally nailed all of her facial expressions.

  • Conner Nielsen

    I like the part where DeBrie says “We met at a methadone clinic!”

    Tobias: “Are you high? We met at an ACTING clinic! Method… One… Oh, God.”