The Office: Top 10 Jim And Dwight Pranks


4. Fake Radio Show

the boat the office

Directed by Jim himself (John Krasinski), Season 9’s The Boat, sees a radio show host, Iris Black, offer someone from Dunder-Mifflin to get on the air and talk about local business issues. Of course, Dwight readily accepts. But when the interview is called off, Jim decides to call Dwight and pretend to be from the radio. Nellie acts as Iris Black and leads the interview, hilariously getting Dwight to strip to his underwear in the process.

Over the course of the interview, she slanders Dunder-Mifflin and makes it seem like stocks have plummeted and that police are outside of David Wallace’s house ready to arrest the CEO. This leads to Dwight calling David Wallace and telling him to let himself get arrested. Wallace just hangs up not knowing or caring about what’s happening. And once Dwight comes out of the interview (still in his underwear), the whole office claps for him, making it look like he saved Dunder-Mifflin’s reputation.

The best random thing to come out of this is seeing Kevin eating snacks in the background also in his underwear. This is quite a brilliant prank, especially considering it lasted the whole episode. They convinced Dwight that he had put Dunder-Mifflin in big trouble and the fact that he even fell for stripping to his underwear earns this prank a spot in the top 5.

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