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All filler episodes to skip in ‘World Trigger’

You shouldn't have too much trouble.

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World Trigger is the creation of mangaka Daisuke Ashihara and over the years it has built a massive fanbase — a big part of this is thanks to the manga’s anime adaption.

Launching in 2014, the anime for World Trigger quickly grew in popularity eventually airing 99 episodes so far with the fourth season of the show expected to launch later this year or early in 2023.

As the show’s anime was initially only one year ahead of the manga, of course, filler was sure to be present somewhere during the run, but fortunately, there isn’t a lot. Here are the filler episodes you can avoid when watching World Trigger.

All Filler Episodes to skip in World Trigger

Screengrab via Viz Media

You’re not going to have trouble avoiding filler when you watch World Trigger as there are only 15 episodes that can be classified as such in its 99-episode run so far.

Furthermore, these episodes all come together back-to-back as part of the anime’s only filler arc — the Fugitive Arc.

The filler arc begins with episode 49 “Fugitives from Another World” and concludes with episode 63 “A Reversed Future”. This means you’ll want to skip all of the episodes between these if you plan on avoiding any filler.

This anime-only arc tells a story about Tamakoma Second as they train in Shizuka City encountering Xeno and Lillith who are on the run from their home planet. Lilith has priceless information about Trion Soldier technology leading to Ergates, Giev, and Charon chasing them down in pursuit.

This arc feels very different from other episodes of the show and as such, we recommend you give it a miss.

Given this is an anime-only arc you won’t need any of the contexts of these episodes to enjoy the events following their place. Outside of these episodes, there is no other filler in World Trigger so you can continue to watch as normal.

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