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Here at We Got This Covered, we want you to have the coolest profile pictures! We have made this list below of the coolest male and female characters in the anime universe, and we want you to show off your anime knowledge by uploading these to your profile. There are so many cool anime shows to choose from, so we have shortened that list for you and made picking your favorite character simple!

In this list, we have collected some of the best characters like Naruto, Jellal, Ryuko, and Whitebeard from anime shows like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and Kill la Kill. Download these profile pictures to make you stand out from the rest!

These profile pictures are meant to be used for your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. These profile pictures should not be used for professional or business accounts like MS Teams or LinkedIn.

Coolest guy profile pictures

These guys have a soft spot in our hearts. Whether they punched their way there or, many episodes later, we have fallen in love with them. All of them deserve a place on this list.

Zenitsu looking afraid while he is shakingNaruto in transformation with orange eyesEdward holding his hands together and facing down enemy
Genos with broken robot face Ed with code running through his glassesSesshoumaru with white hair looking angry
Whitebeard standing with his jacket openGoku in ultra instinct form and flying towards enemyLelouch holding a gun out and his eye is red
Kiritoin black uniform with his sword drawnJellal experiencing pain as he grips on to his faceJojo in a red jacket and blue tie
Ichigo saving an anime girl with a sword on his shoulderLevi with a sword full of blood in front of his faceFushiguro holding a baton as he faces enemy

Coolest Girl Profile Pictures

Whether these girls are friends or foes, we know they have made a massive impression on us, so we have made this list all about the girl power from your favorite animes.

Erza in her battle suit lift a sword above her headLucy in a orange top standing next to HappyBoa with a pink hew behind her with snake earrings on
Haruhi singing into microphone holding a guitarQuinella with purple hair standing in a white hewLucy looking bemused with her cat ears sticking out of hair
Revy smiling and with her tattoo showingAssasin of Red flirtingly looking at someoneCentauria holding her chest in a white top
Junko holding up two fingers to her head and in black outfitDarkness in white cape smilingSaeko with glowing eye and black hair
Rujinko pointing at someone with a black and pink gi onRyuko looking confused in her black battle armorFaye holding her hands above her head in a yellow crop top

Coolest anime moments

We have made this list from anime’s best battles and jaw-dropping moments. You can now have these moments forever!

Almight battling with All for OneMedaka punching enemy in the stomachRyuko staring down Satsuki
Whitebeard goes red with his final formEren transformed into titan formGurrens robot appears for the first time
Android 17 uses a blue blastAnime pet dog screaming with his paws upItachi using power of the red eyed Jutsu
Tanjiro slashing at RuiStorror doing a power move against Sorans throatMob holding Koyamas head

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