Best Discord profile pictures (Pfps)

Discord is a weird and wonderful place for members of many different types of communities to come together. With so much going on, we want you to stand out on Discord, so we have hand-picked these Pfps for you to show off your anime knowledge and fandom. Make sure you download these profile pics first so that you don’t look like a simp when somebody else has the same picture — or if you do see someone with the same profile picture, make friends in the comment section.

This list includes some of the best anime characters from heroes and villains like Zamasu, Ichigo, Kakashi, and Inosuke. They are from some of the most successful animes ever released, such as Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, Naruto, and Demon Slayer. Make sure to download them here — when it comes to all things anime, we got this covered!

Pfps are meant for social media accounts like Discord, and you should not use them for professional accounts like LinkedIn or Skype. Make sure you keep your love of anime for your friends and followers.

Funny Discord Profile Pictures

These profile pics are some of the funniest moments we could find from our favorite animes. These moments made our bellies ache from all the laughter. So download one of these to be the funniest on the channel.

Old man shaking his butt in front of classAnime guy nose bleeding and looking unimpressedAnime dog crying because he hurt himself
Anime boy in love with Oceano the robotHayate holding out a card as if he was in YU-GI-OHAnime girl sitting at computer and shouting at computer
Ichigo so embarrassed and pointing Takumi shocked that two anime boys are making outOne Piece character crying hard with his shades on his head
Kuroko getting hit in the face by a broomMonster Masume holding anime guy close to her chest and guy freaking outRyuko taking off her top and anime characters losing their minds
Shea being thrown towards the moon.Anime man with mouth gaping in shockAqua holding on tight to a bottle of wine

Aesthetic Discord Profile Pictures

These anime characters represent some of our characteristics flawlessly. We have gathered them all, from villains to heroes, to ensure you have a good look for your Discord channel.

Zamasu smiling menacingly with pink hairHaruhi holding a thumbs up and winkingTooru in basketball uniform holding up basketball
Kakashi with mask on and staring down on someoneYujiro with white eyes and looking meanRu busy playing a game console while a boy watches on
Junko busy doing a power up in red and staring blanklyLelouch holding up a gun Ren holding a microphone and pointing to someone
Inosuke covered in blood with boar mask inSailor Moon on her bed relaxingMono standing in front of pink and white tiger
Gintama swinging katana in black and whiteUtsuro without his mask walking with a fire behind himKyo holding up Tohru with love

Weird Discord Profile Pictures

We have chosen some of the weirdest moments and characters in anime that made us do a double-take the first time we laid our eyes on them. We can be sure that these profile pictures will make the thread do a double-take at your Pfp too.

Anime boy in a bug costumeAnime guy with green hair and purple track suitYami with eyes closed and gold light shining out of forehead
Mureum standing with arm up looking menacingCho in her pig costume screamingCrona attacked by the darkness in her
Anime dog looking like its going to attackMaquito girl in her next transformationSecre nesting in another anime characters hair

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