Did Hulu remove ‘My Hero Academia?’

Hulu subscribers were alarmed to find their My Hero Academia rewatches interrupted today. Taking to Twitter, many expressed alarm and even a bit of anger at the unannounced news that My Hero Academia was no longer streamable on the platform. 

Fortunately for fans, it turns out that there’s no need to worry. Hulu still owns the partial streaming rights to the show in the U.S. and seasons one through four of the beloved shonen superhero series are available dubbed and subbed on the platform, with season five available in subtitles. (Season five’s dub is being streamed exclusively on Funimation.) My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is also streamable on Hulu with an additional subscription to Starz.  

But what about those concerned fans?

Hulu Support reassured anxious fans on Twitter that the show isn’t going away, but that the issue they’re working to fix is very real. “We’re working on getting those episodes back up as we speak, so thanks so much for bearing with us,” reads one reply.

At the time of this writing, some users are reporting that the series is streamable again while others continue to wait.

My Hero Academia just concluded its fifth season alongside the release of its third original movie, World Heroes’ Mission, in theaters. The adaptation of mangaka Kōhei Horikoshi’s ongoing shonen manga is entering its penultimate arc. Season six will pick the Paranormal Liberation War Arc back up, though Funimation has yet to announce a premiere date for the season.

In the meantime, seasons one through five of My Hero Academia are streaming now on Funimation.