Digimon’s first worldwide convention ‘Digimon Con’ set for Feb. 26


Digimon fans worldwide will soon get to experience a brand new event themed around the iconic anime series. We know Digimon Con will be taking place digitally on Feb. 26, 2022.

This event will celebrate the franchise and its history, boasting games, toys, card battles, and live performances for fans to tune into live on YouTube. 2022 is the very first year that the event has been held.

Some of the content to be held during the digital convention include a “Digimon anime special planning segment” and “Digimon Series game info segment.” Recently, Digimon released a fitness band called the Digimon Vital Bracelet. During this convention, more info on upcoming app-related content will be revealed.

Winners of the Digimon Illustration Competition will also be revealed during this event, and there will be a live performance from singer Ayumi Miyazaki. That’s what we know so far; however, plenty more is to come.

The broadcast will go live on Bandai’s official YouTube channel, and you can check it out in both English and Japanese. According to the announcement, the event will kick off on Feb. 26, 2022, at 8pm ET, but it isn’t clear how long it will last.

With months still until the event takes place, there will be plenty more information coming for Digimon fans to get themselves up to speed on before the event. You can check out more details on the official Digimon announcement page here.