‘Girls und Panzer Das Finale’ gets a streaming release date

Girls Und Panzer

Anime history is full of series that end and then restart due to massive demand and fan outcry. One such anime is the infamous Girls und Panzer, a series about schoolgirls who compete in tank battle wargamesOriginally airing in 2012, the series has had several comebacks, with OVAs and movies continuing the anime’s plot. And now, American fans can finally see how it all ends.

HIDIVE has announced that it will be streaming Girls und Panzer das Finale – Part 1 on Monday, December 13th. Girls und Panzer das Finale – Part 1 is the first part of a massive six-part theatrical anime series. This movie series aims to conclude the Girls und Panzer story with an all-new narrative. 

First arriving in Japanese cinemas in 2017, the film sees Momo’s obsession with tanks get the better of her as she flunks her college entrance exam. However, Miho and her friends have a plan that will allow her to retake them. Miho’s scheme involves making Momo the group’s new commander and winning a legendary sensha-dō battle tournament called the Continuous Cup.

The film was licensed by Sentai Filmworks, which specializes in bringing popular Japanese animation to America. They released the movie on home video formats on September 14th, but this is the first time the film has been streamed. 

Sentai Filmworks describes the film as:

“Too much tankery and not enough studying for her entrance exams has landed Momo in the hot seat! Luckily her friends won’t let her flunk out without a fight, and they’ve hatched a foxy plan to put her back on top. Miho’s stepping down to let Momo take up the mantle of commander, because if she can lead the team to victory in the Continuous Cup, Momo can retake her exams. The stakes have never been higher for the team as they fight for tank supremacy both on and off the combat field!”

Girls Und Panzer Das Finale

The film has been translated into English by Mike Haimoto, who also worked on the extremely popular English dub of Vinland Saga. The movie has an all-star voice cast, including Margaret McDonald as Miho, Elizabeth Maxwell as Momo, and the prolific Caitlynn French takes the role of Hana. 

The film was highly praised when it came out in Japan. Many reviewers praised its extremely smooth and detailed tank action scenes. These scenes were created by the studio Graphinica, who used many advanced techniques to try and capture the weight and speed of the tank battles. Other reviewers and fans praised the story, saying that the movie laid the foundation for an excellent continuation of and end for the franchise. 

Currently, parts two and three of Girls und Panzer das Finale have been released in Japan, with the latest part premiering on March 26th, 2021. It is currently unknown when, or if, these other parts will be dubbed.

Girls und Panzer das Finale -Part 1 will be broadcast on HIDIVE at 17:00 UTC. It will be available exclusively for HIDIVE subscribers in America, England, Australia, and other major English-speaking territories.