Here Are The Strongest Tailed Beasts In Naruto

Of all the mythical creatures in Naruto, the most powerful are undeniably the tailed beasts. Being sealed within different hosts, most of these creatures don’t unveil their full powers until very late in the series; however, it might not be a shock to fans that they are mostly unrivaled.

The tailed beasts wind up becoming one of the key plot devices pushing the series through Naruto Shippuden all the way up to the end as the Akatsuki begin to gather them for initially unknown reasons at the start of the series.

Given that they’re all extremely powerful, you might be wondering how each beast stacks up against the others, and the answer is glaringly obvious. For the sake of this list, we’ll simply list the tailed beast power order without taking into account their host’s power. While many of them are roughly equal to each other, some further down on the list are notably more powerful.

Shukaku – One Tails

The weakest of the tailed beasts in Naruto is Shukaku, the one-tailed beast. Shukaku is the second tailed beast we’re introduced to and its host is Garra of the Sand. The offense of this beast is both melee and Jutsu oriented. Shukaku uses its tail to deal physical damage along with sand manipulation and nature transformations to fire wind bullets.

Matatabi – Two Tails

Right above Shukaku is the two-tailed beast Matatabi. Possessing extreme amounts of chakra, Matatabi is much faster than other tailed beasts and uses its claws for close-range offense. The other method of attack that Matatabi boasts is the tailed beast bomb and the ability to emit fireballs. Like other tailed beasts, this can be used to deal huge damage from afar.

Isobu – Three Tails

Isobu the three-tailed beast boasts a turtle-like appearance and uses this shape to facilitate its offense. The physical attacks of Isobu include turning into a ball and ramming its spinning spikes into enemies. Ninjutsu is another big part of Isobu’s attack, with the ability to use shockwaves as offense, spawn thousands of miniature versions of itself to hunt the enemy, water release, and space-time jutsu.

Son Goku – Four Tails

The four-tailed beast Son Goku is an ape creature with formidable taijutsu skills and the extremely powerful tailed beast bomb. The beast also has multiple nature abilities like Fire, Earth, and Lava release capable of creating volcanos and breathing fire. 

Kokuo – Five Tails

Similar to other tailed beasts, the five tails Kokuo has access to the tailed beast bomb along with its own unique nature release. The nature release for this beast are both water and fire, allowing them to be combined crafting the boil release. In battle, this ability can be used to facilitate Steam-based Ninjutsu which will increase its physical strength.

Saiken – Six Tails

Saiken has one of the oddest skill sets of all the tailed beasts. The six tails can create a tailed beast bomb, but its water release allows for some of its stranger attacks. These include corrosive liquid and gas and a sticky substance that can be emitted from its mouth to trap foes. Saiken is also extremely durable which is why it’s one of the most powerful of the tailed beasts.

Chomei – Seven Tails

Chomei is the only tailed beast that is capable of flying. It can also emit blinding power to use as offense but its physical attacks are limited to biting and using its horn as a ram. Again, this tailed beast is very durable and can use the tailed beast bomb. Chomei can also enter a cocoon, which reduces the effects of chakra absorption techniques.

Gyuki – Eight Tails

Gyuki is one of the more prominently featured tailed beasts in the series along with its host, Killerbee. The eight tails has a range of ninjutsu at its disposal including the tailed beast bomb, the ability to produce ink for clones, and the ability to blind its foes. For physical offense, Gyuki uses its tentacles and can even use its momentum to rapidly spin its body for defense. 

Kuruma – Nine Tails

If you’ve seen Naruto, then you’ve probably seen Kuruma. The jinchuriki sealed within Naruto Uzumaki himself, the nine-tailed fox is the most frequently appearing tailed beast in the show by far. Kuruman is easily the most powerful of the nine-tailed beasts with massive amounts of chakra capable of using tailed beast bombs, breathing fire, and even creating tornados for its offense.

Juubi – Ten Tailed Beast

The fact that the ten tails beast is at the top of this list should not come at a surprise, as it is quite literally the embodiment of all nine tailed beasts. As the source of all chakra, the ten tails can create devastating tailed beast bombs among a range of other elemental abilities. For physical attacks, the ten tails can extend their root-like limbs to capture and attack enemies from afar. It takes a lot for the ninja of Konoha to stop this creature, but no one alone could do so, not even a different tailed beast.