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Here’s when you can enjoy all the new anime coming to Crunchyroll this summer

These should keep you busy through the summer months.

Crunchyroll selections

Anime can be difficult to track down in certain areas of the world, particularly without access to a wide range of streaming services.

Rather than flip between Netflix, Hulu, and Prime, each of which have a small selection of cherry-picked anime available for viewers, many instead turn to Crunchyroll. The service is entirely anime-oriented, and offers up a much broader range of both dubbed and subbed anime offerings. It’s one of the very best locations for anime currently available – particularly in light of its recent merger with Funimation. The two anime heavyweights combined forces in March of 2022, greatly beefing up their combined collection and offering subscribers even more options in a convenient, single-stop location.

Even more content is headed to Crunchyroll over the next few weeks and months, building up the service’s selection even more. Summer 2022 will see new seasons of old favorites populate the service, along with new and continuing simulcasts. Here’s everything subscribers can look forward to this summer.

Crunchyroll’s summer 2022 additions

Crunchyroll anime - 2022

Some stellar new content is headed to Crunchyroll throughout July and likely into August, as the service rolls out new seasons and simulcasts. Anime fans also have the service’s official expo to look forward to in early August, when “the hypest event in anime” kicks off between Aug. 5 and Aug. 7. The expo will feature several guest appearances for both in-person and digital attendees, along with vendors, premiers, and — of course — plenty of cosplayers.

A slew of new content is headed to Crunchyroll throughout July, starting in just a few weeks with the earliest releases. Several release dates have yet to be officially announced, but are still listed on Crunchyroll’s site with a simple “TBA” attachment. They’ll likely see a release a bit later in the summer, with some coming out in August or even as late as September.

Anime simulcasts

A huge number of new and returning simulcasts will air via Crunchyroll over the summer. The below anime selections are simulcasts, which are generally released as the anime is actually airing, allowing American or European fans to enjoy their content at the same time as viewers in Japan. With these selections, viewers will get the chance to feast their eyes upon the fresh content as it’s airing in real time. The titles below will see weekly releases, airing at the same time each week through the coming months.

Shadowverse Flame — Fridays — 7:30pm PST

Love All Play — Saturdays — 3am PST

Aoashi — Saturdays — 5am PST

Case Closed — Saturdays — 8:30am PST

A Couple of Cuckoos — Saturdays — 11am PST

Kingdom season four — Saturdays — 11:30am PST

Delicious Party Pretty Cure — Saturdays — 5:30pm PST

Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai — Saturdays — 6pm PST

One Piece — Saturdays — 6pm PST

Digimon Ghost Game — Saturdays — 6:30pm PST

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations — Sundays — 2am PST

Some simulcasts release in full on specific dates, rather than on a weekly schedule. Unlike the above options, which will drop episode by episode, the series, films, and specials below will become available all at once on the dates listed.

Teppen!!!!!!! Laughing ‘Til You Cry — July 1

Rent-a-Girlfriend season two — July 1

Engage Kiss — July 2

Lycoris Recoil — July 2

Utawarerumono Mask of Truth — July 2

Musasi-No — July 2

Shoot! Goal to the Future —July 2

RWBY Ice Queendom — July 3

Yurei Deco — July 3

Classroom of the Elite IIJuly 4

Dropkick on my Devil!! X — July 5

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World — July 6

My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex — July 6

Smile of the Arsnotoria — July 6

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup — July 6

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting — July 7

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer — July 8

Shadows House season two — July 8

Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boys — July 8

Black Summoner — July 9

Orient (Cour 2) — July 11

The Devil is a Part-Timer season two — July 14

Obey Me the Anime season two — July 22

The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious — July 22

Fuuto Pi — July 31

TBA releases


As noted above, not all of the content on Crunchyroll’s site currently has a release date. As these shows get closer to launch, they’ll likely get specified dates, but in the meantime fans will have to remain in limbo. We’re not expecting any of this content to drop later than early September, given the site’s assurance that these are “summer 2022” drops, but you may have a bit longer to wait for this content.

TBA simulcasts

A number of mysterious anime simulcasts are supposedly set to join the below selections, as indicated by a full eight “TBA” options listed on the Crunchyroll site. These simulcasts have yet to be officially announced, but should be joining the lineup over the coming weeks and months.

Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You special episode — August 2022

My Hero Academia season five — Summer 2022

Odd Taxi in the Woods

The Girl from the Other Side

Dr. Stone special episode “Ryusui”

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