Here’s where to watch ‘One Piece’ online for free

Screengrab via YouTube

One Piece is an extremely popular manga and anime. It is the best-selling manga series in history. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who sets off to sea to find the ‘One Piece’ treasure.

With a current total of 1050 chapters in the manga, 1019 episodes in the anime, and countless story arcs, the anime and all of its intricacies have been enjoyed and analyzed since its inception in 1997. Here’s how you can binge One Piece online for free.

Animesuge has all 1019 episodes streaming, Japanese with English subs. No registration required. However, it took clicking several times for the player to open up. Repeatedly, it led to a full page ad. Once you’ve got the player open, little ads pop up that you can close easily while you watch, not too annoying.


The entire library is streaming, no registration required, but the most recent episodes require a premium plus subscription, which is $7.99/month. Presumably, these will become available after they’ve been out for a few months.

The only problem we had on Funimation was that if you pause an episode for too long it starts to buffer, then the app crashes.

Japanese with English subtitles.


This was another one that takes you straight into a full page ad the first five times you click on the search tab. But once in, the full library is available to you, Japanese with English subtitles. had the full library, no registration required. Fillers are identified in bold, which is helpful. Japanese with English subs.

No email required, which also makes password retrieval impossible. You sign up with a username and password, then select the genres you are interested in. All 1019 episodes are available to you, Japanese with English subtitles.

For pay: Netflix & Hulu

Subscribers can watch the first 11 seasons on Hulu without an add-on. The first seven seasons are available on Netflix.