How Does Hinata Die In Naruto?

Just like her husband Naruto, Hinata Uzumaki has been in her fair share of battles as a shinobi. Being one of the weakest ninjas at one time, Hinata has had more than a few close calls throughout the course of the series, but she’s always managed to survive. Now a married woman and mother in the Boruto series, it seems Hinata is not as active as she used to be; especially since she’s usually tending to the house or taking care of her children, Himawari and Boruto. In fact, in Hinata’s case, things have actually been quite peaceful. But as the series begins to heat up and finally starts travelling down the road to the fateful day that Naruto passes away, that peace that Hinata has had for so long may be interrupted in a tragic way. 

After the flash-forward scene at the beginning of the first episode, many fans have speculated that Hinata and Boruto will both die at some point during the Boruto series, but that has yet to be confirmed. Some fans have even come up with several theories to support their claim. One of the theories is that Hinata dying at the hands of Pain was an omen for what’s to come in Boruto. But did she even really die?

In Naruto Shippuden, Hinata faces off against the Akatsuki leader Pain in a terribly one-sided battle that left Hinata near the brink of death. Up until this point, Pain had killed many of the main characters–including Kakashi and Shizune–and it seemed that his objective was to destroy the entire village. However, Pain doesn’t get a chance to follow through with Hinata; as he is stopped by Naruto before he could make sure that Hinata is killed. After Naruto defeats Pain, he convinces the Akatsuki shinobi to resurrect all the ninjas who died during his attack.  

But Hinata did not need resurrection, as she was still barely clinging to life by the time Sakura got to her. Hinata is then healed by Sakura and since then, has lived a relatively peaceful life with Naruto.

So, since Hinata hasn’t died yet, that omen theory is now invalid; adding to all the other scrapped Boruto theories that have been proven wrong. However, there are still rumblings on social media that Hinata’s death is sure to come in Boruto, but no one can really know for sure. As of right now, the only casualty has been Kurama after he and Naruto used Baryon Mode to fight Isshiki Otsutsuki; which can be seen as a true omen of things to come. If the past deaths in Naruto Shippuden were any indication, there are sure to be more deaths to come in Boruto, but until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.