How strong is Mei Mei from ‘Jujutsu Kaisen?’

Jujutsu Kaisen has introduced us to some powerful sorcerers and cursed spirits in its first season. Out of the strongest characters on the show so far, Satoru Gojo has proven on multiple occasions he just may be the strongest sorcerer of all. 

However, fans couldn’t help but notice that Gojo spoke of another sorcerer in high regard. He even transfers a large sum of money to keep the sorcerer fighting on their side. Since then, fans of the anime have wanted to know more about the mysterious silver-haired woman that Gojo is willing to pay just to keep her around. Who is Mei Mei? And just how powerful is she?

Who is Mei Mei?

Although fans have yet to be fully introduced to Mei Mei in the anime, she has already graced the pages of the manga, as she’s featured in the Gojo’s Past Arc that details Satoru Gojo’s days as a student at Jujutsu High.

During the events of the arc, it’s revealed that Mei Mei was actually Gojo’s senpai, as she was already in her third year at the technical school when Gojo was still in his second. Given that she was in her final year at Jujutsu High, Mei Mei was certainly a strong sorcerer, but what exactly makes her so dangerous?

First, there’s her Cursed Technique. Even though it’s not as flashy or powerful as the techniques of the other sorcerers, Mei Mei’s Cursed Technique, Black Bird Manipulation, is not to be taken lightly. It allows her to imbue crows with her cursed energy and control them even from a long distance. A side effect of this trait is that Mei-Mei can share her vision with the crows, giving her the ability to see anything they see. She’s also able to freely manipulate the amount of cursed energy each crow is imbued with, which also allows for unique variations in attack style and strength. 

But that couldn’t be the only reason why Gojo respects Mei Mei’s power enough to keep her around, right?

How strong is Mei Mei?

Don’t let the bird reconnaissance deceive you ⏤ those crows are actually pretty powerful when used correctly, but we’ll get to that in a second. Despite the Black Bird Manipulation being more of a surveillance technique, Mei Mei is actually quite powerful offensively. During her time as a sorcerer, she has trained hard in martial arts combat and is essentially a master. By manipulating the curse energy within herself to augment her training, Mei Mei has also reached her physical peak, making her an expert at using curse energy to enhance physical attacks. Thanks to that, Mei Mei’s level of physical strength was worthy enough to promote her to the rank of Grade 1 sorcerer.

As some Jujutsu sorcerers have cursed weapons or items that they use during combat, Mei Mei also carries a gigantic battle axe as one of her faithful companions on missions. She has mastered total control of the cursed energy she imbues in it, allowing her to cleave her opponents in half with incredible speed and position after one or two strikes.

Unlike other Grade 1 sorcerers, Mei Mei has yet to achieve Domain Expansion. However, she has a foolproof plan for not getting trapped in one, either. On extremely difficult missions involving powerful Cursed Spirits, she brings her brother and Master of the Simple Domain Technique, Ui Ui. Once he activates a small barrier around them and nullifies another’s Domain Expansion, Mei Mei is free to give her opponents the thrashing they never expected.

Just in case things get hairy, Mei Mei has one last trump card up her sleeve. Aside from reconnaissance, Mei Mei’s crows are the greatest weapons in her arsenal, as she can use Black Bird Manipulation to create an aerial attack called the Bird Strike. In order to activate it, she enters a binding vow with one of the crows under her control and increases its cursed energy to extremely high levels in exchange for its life. Once the vow is complete, Mei Mei directs the crow into a suicidal strike at her opponent and due to its increased cursed energy, the crow has the same impact as a bomb. So far, only Satoru Gojo has been known to ever survive a Bird Strike, and he’s one of the strongest in the series to date. If Gojo is the only one known to survive it, you can only guess what happened to everyone else who tried to stand against it.