How to do the Shadow Clone jutsu from ‘Naruto’

Naruto has showcased multiple powers and abilities that each shinobi can make, from Sasuke’s Sharingan to Rock Lee’s taijutsu. But out of all the amazing, action-packed, and fast-paced skills and jutsu that a shinobi can make, nothing beats the moment when Naruto mastered the Shadow Clone jutsu.

When the series started, Naruto was unable to produce a single clone of himself. It was only when he saved his teacher Iruka Umino from Mizuki after he stole a scroll containing secrets from the First Hokage that he was able to do so. Since then, it has been one of Naruto’s specialties during the early parts of the anime series.

How to do the Shadow Clone jutsu

The Shadow Clone jutsu, or Shadow Clone Technique, is one of the many clone techniques in Naruto. It’s a B-rank jutsu that allows the ninja to make copies of himself and share their chakra energy evenly with each clone.

What makes this different from the clone technique that ninjas in the academy have to master in order to graduate is that the clones are real rather than being illusions. This means that more chakra and energy are being used in comparison to its less powerful variants. These clones can also use other jutsus, making them more versatile. An example of this was during the Chunin Exams when Naruto made clones of himself and transformed some of them into Sakura, Sasuke, and Kabuto.

Doing the Shadow Clone jutsu is simple. You need to put your fingers in a cross formation. Both the index and middle finger must be out, right hand vertical, left hand horizontal. Next, you have to build up your chakra energy evenly so no energy is wasted. Lastly, you just need to yell out “Shadow Clone jutsu.” From there, real-life clones should appear right next to you.

There are pros and cons to this jutsu. The pros are that you can create real-life clones, as many as you want, that can attack and hurt the opponent ⏤ very useful for creating a distraction. The cons require you to yell out the jutsu, ruining the element of surprise. Also, the durability of Shadow Clones is weak and is more likely to be destroyed after one hit.

While this jutsu is purely fictional, it’s fun and simple to do, as it doesn’t require a mix of hand symbols, unlike other ninja art techniques.