Is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto?

Boruto’s origin story is drastically different from that of his father Naruto’s, but both of these Ninja have incredible power inside. FortNaruto, this power stemmed from Kuruma the Ninten Tailed Fox, while Boruto gained substantial power after being marked by Momoshiki’s Kama seal.

At the beginning of Boruto, the young shinobi already has quite a bit of talent and throughout the series so far we’ve seen him train with some of the best shinobi of all time, gain new Jutsu, and of course incredible power.

If you’re a long-time Naruto fan then you probably already know the answer to this question but new watchers may be wondering, how does Boruto’s power stack up to his father Naruto.

Is Boruto Stronger Than Naruto?


Right now there is no doubt that Naruto is much more powerful than Boruto, even with Momoshiki’s Kama seal.

The pair may be on comparable levels with Naruto lacking Kuruma, however, with Kuruma and his Baryon Mode Naruto is the strongest character in Boruto we’ve seen to date. Naruto will likely get these powers back at some point.

Given that Naruto has likely neared his peak of power and Boruto is growing it wouldn’t be outlandish to say that Boruto will surpass Naruto at some point, especially given then in the opening scene where Boruto is a teen he appears to have full control of the Kama seal. For now, Boruto has some growing to do before he can compete with his father.