Is there going to be an ‘Attack on Titan’ movie?

Image via MAPPA / Attack on Titan — The Final Season: Part 2

With how MAPPA structured the final season of Attack on Titan, most fans were led to believe that the story would come to a close with the most recent batch of episodes. But the part two finale, “The Dawn of Humanity,” revealed that there will be more to come from the highly popular anime. The question is: how will the producers go about concluding Eren Yeager’s story when the show returns next year?

In the final moments of this year’s finale, Eren laid waste to Marley with his army of Colossal Titans, but after the infamous and much-hated “to be continued…” title card, fans were treated to a 15-second teaser trailer that heralded yet another continuation of the so-called Attack on Titan: The Final Season.

Officially dubbed The Final Season Final Edition, the remaining manga chapters will be adapted for release in early 2023, and the first teaser poster shows us the remaining protagonists standing in the giant footprint of a Colossal Titan.

Will there be an Attack on Titan movie?

The short answer is no. It seems as though MAPPA is tossing away the traditional approach of ending an anime with a feature-length outing, opting instead to release another full run in celebration of 10 years of Shingeki no Kjoyin.

That being said, the second part of the final season concluded by adapting the 130th manga chapter, leaving only nine more to be animated. Going by convention or even its track record, MAPPA will end the show in nine or 10 episodes, though there’s been scuttlebutt about the remaining chapters being turned into four one-hour specials, dividing the remaining material into a tetralogy of:

  • Episode 88 — “The Rumbling” (Chapters 131 to 134)
  • Episode 89 — “Battle of Heaven and Earth” (Chapters 135 to 137)
  • Episode 90 — “A Long Dream” (Chapter 138)
  • Episode 91 — “Towards the Tree on That Hill” (Chapter 139)

Since there’s no way of confirming if this is something that’s being thrown around tentatively, and with MAPPA refusing to comment on the matter, you should definitely take it with a grain of salt for the time being.

It makes sense, given the studio’s tendency to extend action sequences and dramatize certain elements from the manga series, that it would give us the final battle with all of the Titans in one take. But then, they might also decide to stick to the show’s established format.

As for a feature-length movie, we can safely rule out that possibility.

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