‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean’ announces English dub cast – where to watch it?

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Plot
Image via David Production

Part six of Hirohiko Araki’s epic shōnen manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has finally come to anime. The fifth season of David Production’s ongoing adaptation will take on the Stone Ocean arc. Set in Florida in 2011, the centuries-long feud between the Joestars and disciples of DIO makes its way overseas and features the series’ first female Jojo —and a whole cast of women and ambiguously gendered ruffians to join her. 

Where to watch Stone Ocean

The first four seasons of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have been available dubbed and subbed on Netflix and subbed on Crunchyroll. With Stone Ocean, Netflix secured the exclusive global streaming rights of the season. Stone Ocean is only available on Netflix.

Netflix will be releasing episodes in batches, the first of which is 12 episodes long. We still don’t know when the next round of episodes will drop, or how many episodes are planned for this season.

The Cast of Stone Ocean

It’s difficult to document the English voice cast of Stone Ocean in its entirety at the time of writing because Netflix’s dub cards were not uploaded when the season premiered. While we’ve pieced together most of the cast from Twitter announcements, we still don’t know the credit of some important characters like Narciso Anasui.

Major Characters

Jolyne Kuujou — Kira Buckland

Ermes Costello — Tiana Camacho

Foo Fighters — Brittany Lauda

Emporio Alniño — Casey Mongillo 

Weather Report — Stephen Fu

Enrico Pucci — Yong Yea

Jotaro Kujo — Matthew Mercer

Minor Characters

Narrator — David Vincent

DIO Brando — Patrick Seitz

Romeo Jisso — Clifford Chapin

Johngalli A — David Matranga

Gwess — Amber Lee Connors

Locobaroco — Arthur Romeo

Jolyne’s Mother — Cailtlin Glass

Lawyer — Michael Schwalbe

Miraschon — Suzie Yeung

Lang Wrangler — Dave Wittenberg

Sports Maxx — Kane Jungbluth-Murry

Meli Grant, Kayleigh McKee, Bill Butts, Adin Ruddolph, Cassie Ewulu, and other well known voice actors have several minor roles as prisoners, guards, and other unnamed characters. 

Bang Zoom! Entertainment oversaw the dub, written by Tyson Rinehart, Ryan Raydarke and Nico Danilovich, and directed by Bill Millsap, Tony Oliver, and Courtney Sanford.