Grimes tweeted a ‘Chainsaw Man’ meme and nobody’s happy about it

The Canadian electronic musician and ex-partner to tech billionaire Elon Musk is going viral today after sharing an esoteric Chainsaw Man meme.

In a tweet, the artist shared a popular image of the character Makima overlaid with text that reads: “this account is a safe space for evil and sinister women.”

The illustration is fanart by NSFW artist usa18, which became the basis for the meme when the text was added. Many have pointed out, however, that it’s a cropped image. The rest of the original meme reads: “you should have sex with me.” 

Many were disappointed with Grimes’ lack of commitment to her terminally-online, girlboss brand, with one comment even calling her a coward for not sharing the whole thing.

Other reactions are more genuinely spiteful. One reply reads: “Do you think it keeps fujimoto up at night knowing he made girlboss walter white.” Another illuminated how Grimes missed the point of the meme. 

And a whole strain of tweets expressed regret that the manga has gotten popular enough to be on her radar, with many jokes about gatekeeping. “Cancel the anime,” reads just one Tweet. An image shared on a Chainsaw Man themed subreddit resurfaced, in which Makima condemns “Guys who are into crypto” during an important scene near the end of the manga, a reference to the singer’s ex and his fanbase.

Oddly enough, the singer Charli XCX quoted Grimes as well to seemingly share the musician’s sentiment. “Same,” she wrote.

Chainsaw Man will likely see more of a mainstream spotlight in the months ahead as the manga resumes this summer and studio MAPPA releases their anime based on the series at some point this year. If today is any indication, don’t expect the fanbase to welcome any newcomers.

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