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Is the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ manga coming back with new chapters?

Yoshihiro Togashi is back!

One of the anime world’s most enduringly popular titles, Hunter x Hunter, has been a fan-favorite for more than two decades now.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s fantastical series began its run back in the late ’90s and continues to pull in readers more than 20 years later. Despite a number of consistent, lengthy hiatuses, the manga remains a favorite amongst readers and continues to spark conversations amongst manga lovers.

The most recent chapter of the popular manga was released in 2018, and with no new content, many fans feared that it had concluded for good. A recent Twitter update from Togashi is throwing this issue back into question, however, after the popular author teased that new chapters may be incoming.

Will the Hunter x Hunter manga get new chapters?

Togashi’s Twitter update was straightforward and to the point. Posted on May 24, the author shared a simple image with an accompanying caption noting that “4 more episodes” are incoming. The Yu Yu Hakusho author seemingly created his Twitter account expressly to tweet out the news, with his account officially joining the Twitter horde just as the announcement went live.

The simple announcement post — thus far the only thing on Togashi’s Twitter page — was met with immediate delight from fans. Comments on the post are almost exclusively jubilant, with dozens of fans flocking to Twitter to share their excitement for the upcoming chapters. Numerous people proclaimed that life is once again worth living thanks to Togashi’s announcement.

Soon, memes came flooding in as well as people declared Togashi the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of the anime and manga world.

On top of cinching the status of one of the world’s bestselling manga series of all time, Hunter x Hunter is also an extremely popular anime. The anime adaptation of the series first ran in the late ’90s and early 2000s, but news of fresh manga chapters could mean good things for anime fans as well. New content could mean fresh episodes, particularly in the wake of the far more accurate second series, which ran between 2011 and 2014. The announcement of fresh chapters could also mean that the anime will see a few new episodes or perhaps a film spinoff.

Regardless of what form it ultimately comes in, Hunter x Hunter fans will be delighted by any and all new content Togashi releases. For now, they can look forward to four new chapters, with high hopes for even more in the future.

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