The 7 best places to read webtoons online

Webtoon anime
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Reading webtoons and webcomics online has continued to become an increasingly popular activity for comic fans. The term webtoon originated in Korea and it simply refers to an online comic. Webtoons have spread past the borders of Korea, and have even been adapted into Netflix live-action shows and hit anime series.

Many webtoon reading sites and apps are free, and some have subscription models that allow you to pay for certain perks. Some sites feature published webcomics while others only release original content. Whatever your preference is, here are seven of the best places to read webtoons online.

1. Webtoon

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Webtoon is undeniably the most popular site for reading webcomics, and arguably the best one. The site features both established comics and original works from Webtoon creators. With Webtoon, readers can access comics for free and browse through thousands of works in different categories. Creators on Webtoon can make money through the Fast Pass system which allows readers to have immediate access to new updates. Fast Passes are bought using the in-site coins which are bought with real money and, without a Fast Pass, a reader will have to wait days to read updates of their favorite comics.

2. Netcomics

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Netcomics is one of the best sites to read free comics as they have one of the largest collections of free webtoons. The site allows users to choose what genre they want to read as well as parse through the free section to ensure that they are reading free stories. Netcomics is unique because it offers the reader the option of either renting or buying chapters, with the former being more affordable and accessible. There is also a novels section for readers who may want to read novels.

3. Tapas

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Tapas mostly features original content and offers more of a community feeling for its creators. The platform features thousands of works that are categorized into different genres. Works are also categorized into free-to-read or premium stories. For creators that choose to join the Tapas Premium Program, readers will have to pay to read their works with the Tapas in-site currency, Ink. Paid stories usually have a few free chapters to give readers an idea of what the story is about.

4. WebComics

Image via WebComics

WebComics caters to the specific needs of readers with categories like Daily Releases, Best-Sellers, WebComic Originals, and more. Their platform is not categorized by free or paid works, so readers will have to check works themselves to figure out whether they are free or not. With WebComics, readers can choose to either purchase gems to buy paid works or join the platform’s membership program which gives them access to all works for a small fee.

5. Tappytoon

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Tappytoon is one of the webcomic reading platforms that does not offer any free comics. With Tappytoon, readers get a few free chapters of all stories as a preview and the rest has to be paid for. This is because Tappytoon only features a selection of carefully vetted Korean webtoons that have been translated into English. It is one of the best platforms to use if you want to read high-quality stories without the guesswork of whether a story is good or not.

6. Lezhin Comics

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Lezhin is one of the most popular webcomic sites and has a dedicated following of readers who enjoy it. One of the unique features of Lezhin is the VIP membership feature which allows readers to get special perks when they sign up. VIP perks include discounts on coins and free coins every month, among other special perks. Lezhin, like other webcomic platforms, has both free and paid works and they have a free catalog so users can search through free books only.

7. Toomics

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Toomics is another great webcomic site that separates works into special categories for ease of searching. With components like their recommended section, Popular Comics, and New Releases, readers can stay up to date on the site and read the best works. The platform also categorizes stories according to the genre with an 18 plus section for explicit works. With Toomics, readers will have to parse through the site themselves to find out if works are free or not so make sure to check before reading. Toomics also features a VIP membership, alongside coins that can be used to purchase new chapters.