New TikTok exclusive anime premieres as US gears up to potentially ban platform

TikTok's anime Otakuchanzu
Image via Family Gekijyo

Previously known for its ginormous library encompassing a wide assortment of videos made by content creators with several different themes and intentions, TikTok‘s collection is extending into animated grounds with a new anime comprised of periodic weekly episodes.

The short story titled Otakuchanzu recently debuted on the platform on Thursday, introducing the story of two cats, Riri and Popo. These two downright adorable kittens are absolutely obsessed with their favorite musical idols, and each of them has their own personality and traits. The story will be coming out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and it is comprised of 80 episodes in total.


ファンサをもらえず推しに背中を向けられたオタク【りりぃCV:佐藤みゆ希】【ぽぽCV:高岸美里亜】#オタクあるある #推しがいる生活 #オタ活 #おすすめにのりたい

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 【公式】おたくちゃんズ – 【公式】おたくちゃんズ

According to the limited translated information provided by AnimeNewsNetwork, Riri will be voiced by Japanese actress Miyu Satõ, and the character is a mentally unstable kitty who is “not blessed” by the idol she is thoroughly obsessed with. The other cat is Popo, and it is voiced by Maria Takagishi. Popo, in contrast with Riri’s intense and quirky nature, is described as being an “airheaded” cat with a devilish personality.

While this anime is intended to reach an international audience via the social media platform, the United States is currently undergoing its own inner turmoil with the Chinese app. A new bill backed up by the White House might lead to the banning of TikTok from North American countries altogether, as the leaders pose an impending ultimatum for the app creators: either sell TikTok or be willing to face the consequences.

In case you had been hoping to catch up to the anime but may be restricted because of your location, fear not. The episodes of Otakuchanzu will also be available on their Youtube channel.