‘Pokémon’ Fans think Professor Oak has a foot fetish thanks to this video

Pokémon Professor Oak Foot Fetish
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Professor Oak is a man of mystery in the Pokémon world. In the series, he is a well-known Pokémon professor, but there are ongoing rumors of him sleeping with Ash’s mom. And now, there is a new video circulating that incriminates him even more, adding to just how much of a sex freak this professor might just be.

Reddit user u/Static_456 posted on the r/Pokémon subreddit a small clip from the Pokémon anime where a Tyranitar uses the move ‘stomp’ on Professor Oak. But unlike all the other characters who are shocked and afraid to see what’s going to happen to the professor, Oak just stands there and smiles at the impending giant foot moving towards him.

For context to those who haven’t seen the anime, the clip shown was from the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl series titled “A Faux Oak Finish” where Team Rocket decided to impersonate the Pokémon professor. Professor Oak is helping Tyranitar remove a thorn off his foot after the giant Pokémon sent Team Rocket blasting off again.

It should also be noted that according to the Pokédex entry on Tyranitar in various games, this rock/dark-type tyrant weighs in at an average of 445.3lbs (or 202kg). Being stepped on by such a giant Pokémon would cause real physical harm to anyone, not that the Pokémon anime has ever been concerned with the realistic factors of these pocket monsters.

Since the video’s release, fans started to joke about how Professor Oak may have a foot fetish as he doesn’t seem afraid as seen in the video.

Fans also noticed how Professor Oak looked ‘excited’ when the foot was near his face. I mean, not to sex-shame the guy, who wouldn’t want to get stepped on?

Professor Oak has a lot of secrets outside his job as a Pokémon professor. Asides from his unknown cousin that was never heard of until Pokémon Sun and Moon, who knows what other secret interest this loveable and well-known man has locked away.

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