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‘Pokemon’ fans take to the streets as Ash Ketchum finally achieves his life’s goal

The final battle was treated like a real life sports event.

Pikachu Ash vs Leon Pokemon
Image via The Pokémon Company

One of the biggest events that happened in Pokémon history was given the sports-like treatment it deserved. During one of the most intense and highly-anticipated battles in the entire franchise, Ash and Leon’s battle was not only broadcast on everyone’s TVs at home, but the showdown was also shown on one of Japan’s busiest streets.

The official Japanese Twitter page of the Pokémon anime shared a video where the final battle was aired in Shibuya, Tokyo. This city is significant for its crossroads, and is described as “the heartbeat of modern Tokyo,” according to ABC Australia. The episode was broadcast at night, and videos on social media showcase how the streets were filled with fans who watched like spectators for a real-life sports match.


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Ash’s final battle with Leon during the Masters’ Eight tournament was a four-episode arc in the Pokémon: Masters’ Journeys series. The final round was between both trainer’s signature Pokémon — Ash’s Pikachu and Leon’s Charizard. The battle was intense, as both trainers and Pokémon gave it their all. In the end, Ash won the tournament, which caused the International Pokémon Company to publish an official press release of the outcome.

The Masters’ Eight is a story arc in the Pokémon series, where Ash went up against seven of the world’s best trainers in the titular tournament. These trainers included some familiar faces, such as regional champions and his Sinnoh traveling companion, Iris. It is currently unknown if Ash would continue his journey in the Pokémon world, as there is speculation for a Scarlet and Violet series to be released.

At the moment, the Masters’ Eight arc was only broadcasted in Japanese. The official English dub will be released on a future date on Netflix.

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