Pokémon NFTs are now available to buy

ash, goh, chloe

Another popular piece of media has entered the NFT game. Launching on OpenSea, an account called ‘ThePokemonCompany_’ has released NFTs for Pokémon. Currently, there are hundreds available for collection to be traded digitally.

The release was announced in the late night of the November 20th by @POKEMONNFT_ on Twitter:

For anyone who somehow doesn’t know yet, an NFT is a kind of unique digital collectable that has been taking the world by storm. People trade them back and forth, and their values change, usually dependent on the typical market forces (like demand). 

These collectables are being sold for a range of amounts of Etherium, with the most expensive at the time of writing taking a huge chunk out of your funds, with 69 ETH (equivalent to around $300k). If you don’t have a spare few hundred thousand dollars lying around, on the cheaper end there is a Weedle for 0.016 ETH (equivalent to around $70). 

There are some broader concerns around the ethics of NFTs, particularly in relation to their environmental impacts. These concerns have caused outrage at artists like Lil Nas X and companies like Marvel. 

It has yet to be seen whether this will create the same controversy or if Pokémon fans will just be excited to be able to catch them all in another way!