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The 10 worst traits of all ‘My Hero Academia’ characters

Some we can live by, and others are infuriating!

My Hero Academia is a leading anime that offers viewers into the lives of students in U.A. High School and the town of Musutafu, Japan, as they navigate a world full of heroes and their superpowers, fondly referred to as “quirks.”

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While the series and its manga continue to enjoy much success, there have been some character traits that many fans can’t stand, and here are 10 characters with annoying attributes the have been known to tick the fans off!

Hawks’ ruthlessness 

When Hawks is first introduced in the series, he is shown as a very happy man and a very respected hero. We are told he had to kill Pro Hero Best Jeanist to prove his loyalty to The League of Villains, and even though we find out later that he did not kill one of the highest ranked heroes, he did kill numerous others, including the villain Twice. Hawks is an unapologetic killer, and while he states that the killing of Twice was because of the threat he posed to the other heroes; it is still murder and fans had not seen a hero do that until then.

Endeavor’s negligence

Enji Todoroki is the father of Shoto and Toya Todoroki (Dabi), and both boys received their powerful abilities from him. Endeavor raised children without much love and focused on the ones that could possibly overtake All Might as number one. Both Natsu and Fuyumi talk about the lack of attention they received from their father, Shoto and Dabi have complained that his father forced his dream on them. Endeavor did manage to rebuild his relationship with Shoto and Fuyumi — to a degree — but with how Dabi turned out, his negligence is a real staple of his character.

Deku’s misplaced sympathy 

For a character born with no quirk in a quirk-filled society, it is easy to assume Izuku Midorya — better known as Deku — is not a very lucky character. Despite his difficult beginnings, he ends up with the strongest quirk in the series, gets into his dream school, and trains under his idol All Might — as well as some of the best heroes in the series. With things going well for him, it is still disappointing to many fans witnessing him constantly break into tears and try to reason with most villains. His sympathy and passion is understandable for the most part, but it seems that at any and every given chance, Deku has to cry, which hasn’t sat well with too many fans. 

Bakugou’s cockiness 

Bakugou Katsuki is not a fan of coming in second place. He is extremely determined and uses his almighty quirk to oppress and subdue most opponents, and he is not the easiest person to get along with in class 1-A. Although he is rather helpful, he is often loud and extremely cocky, often spouting offensive language aggressively at his own classmates or allies. His cockiness leads to him bullying Izuku all through their younger years. Despite his talents and abilities, he is not easy to work with, and his pride proved to be a major hindrance for him while undergoing the Provisional License Exam, as he put more effort in showing off his might, than actually acting like a hero and rescuing civilians.

Shoto’s recklessness

Shoto does his utmost best to escape his father’s shadow by showcasing his abilities without using his flame side. This is reckless and leaves Shoto within inches of losing his battle against Deku in the Sports Festival. Although he has shown signs of maturity in later arcs, his recklessness gets the best of him when provoked. 

Ingenium’s stubbornness

With his brother being forced to retire prematurely, Tenya Iida takes up the family’s hero title of Ingenium with little to no experience, and is forced to be saved by his classmates, Shoto and Deku. He has a bad habit of dishing out instructions but not following them. Tenya can be seen sprinting off to aid in missions, and while his heart may be in the right place, or a villain is close by, he needs to quit disobeying orders, especially since he is his class’ representative.

Mineta’s harassments

It is bad when the audience finds a character irritating, but even worse when the in-show characters agree with such a characteristic. This is the case with Minoru Mineta. The perverted youngster has even been at the subject of fan complaints, with many wanting him to be written out of the anime due to his inappropriate comments and harassing nature. Mineta is not a very motivated character and can often be seen complaining once there is a task required of him. If he is not screaming, or shouting, he is bothering the girls around him. Worse yet, Mineta does not really add much to the story.

Hatsume’s uncomfortable sales pitches

Mei Hatsume is a fun character that acts as a very good support to the characters of the series, and although she seems very pleasant, it is understandable why not many fans like her personality. She uses the sports festival as a platform to showcase her gadgets, or as she likes to call them — her “babies” — and can be very selfish. She makes those around her uncomfortable as she tries to get anyone and everyone to buy from her. 

Neito is all talk

Neito Monoma talks down on class 1-A a lot and that would be all well and good if he talked a big game and backed it up, similar to Bakugou. Instead, Neito has not once lived up to the standards Class 1-A set, and his attitude gives the viewers a negative impression of class 1-B. He is extremely arrogant and believes he has the skills to go on par with the best of the best in the series. He shows this side of himself. While there’s the argument that he does all this to make his own classmates better, it’s not really the best excuse for such an attitude, and it always feels good seeing Itsuka Kendo karate-chop some sense back to his brain.

Mount Lady is fame-hungry

Hero Killer Stain refers to modern-day heroes as false idols only in it for the wrong reasons. No hero proves this point more than Mount Lady. She is always ready to pose for a good picture, and is more incentivized by headlines, rather than reducing property damage or saving lives. Her major concern is her public image and she uses her charm and wit to ensure the media is fixated on her.

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