The best Fighting type Pokémon, ranked

Remix by Keane Eacobellis

Like their trainers, Fighting type Pokémon are tough as nails. These Pokémon hit five different types for super-effective damage and are tied only by the Ground type. It’s the only type that deals super effective damage against Normal.

The Fighting type can be paired with any other type besides the Electric type, considering that these types may be incompatible. Fighting-type Pokémon are also specialists in melee attacks, such as punches and kicks.

Besides the obvious choices, there are some Fighting type Pokémon that are severely underrated and easily overlooked, even if they made an appearance in the Pokémon series. Here are the best Fighting type Pokémon out of all 70 possible candidates.

10. Hitmonlee

Introduced in Generation I, Hitmonlee is the evolved form of Tyrogue and one of its final forms, the others being Hitmonchan and Hitmontop. Hitmonlee’s legs freely contract and stretch similar to a coiled spring. This flexibility allows Hitmonlee to run with lengthy strides and gives it greater reach for its kicks. Its excellent sense of balance enables it to kick in succession from any position.

In the main Pokémon series, Hitmonlee debuted in The Punchy Pokémon. Team Rocket stole him from a man named Giant in order to compete in the P1 Grand Prix. Hitmonlee’s impressive range of extension and flexibility make it an agile all-rounder and perfect for running circles around larger opponents as well as dealing some serious damage.

9. Mienshao

Under the ownership of many different trainers, Mienshao has appeared multiple times in the Pokémon universe. Mienshao, introduced in Generation V, evolves from Mienfoo starting at level 50. Before it attacks, Mienshao lets out a bizarre wail It then creates combination attacks that are difficult to see and overwhelmingly unstoppable, and slowly stores up power for a finishing blow. When using its blinding speed, Mienshao can crush massive boulders into tiny pieces.

Mienshao debuted in Search for the Clubultimate! under the ownership of Delbert. He used it in the first round of the Clubsplosion tournament. In A Festival Reunion!, Korrina used a Mienshao in her battle World Coronation Series against Ash. It battled against his Gengar and Dragonite and lost to the latter. Mienshao uses its arm fur like a battle whip, creating combination attacks that are overwhelmingly impossible to counter and giving it the perfect blend between speed and ferocity — a must-have for any Pokémon trainer.

8. Hawlucha

As the first dual-type Pokémon to make the list, Hawlucha is a combination of Fighting and and Flying, thereby increasing its capabilities. Despite its small body, Hawlucha’s fighting expertise make it able to counter the brute strength of bigger opponents like Hariyama. Its flight ability gives it a favorable advantage on the battlefield, since it can escape ground-level danger with ease.

Hawlucha can leap around to stay in blind spots and controls its position in the air to disorientate its opponent. One of Hawluchaa’s chosen tactics is to attack from above, since an aerial assault can be difficult to defend against. However, with all its skills, Hawlucha can be vain in battle, allowing its opponents to exploit the pride and gain the upper hand.

Hawlucha debuted in The Forest Champion! when Ash challenged it to battle under the condition that if he won, Hawlucha would join his team. Although Hawlucha didn’t lose the battle, he joined Ash’s team anyway. For Hawlucha, its main strength lies in its flight advantage and aerial speed and precision, allowing it to land surprise attacks on ground-level opponents from above. Besides that, Hawlucha is a top pick for a Pokémon battle against a sky trainer.

7. Keldeo

Keldeo, a dual-type Water/Fighting Pokémon, is also a Mythical Pokémon. Although not known to evolve, Keldeo has second form from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 onward, which requires it to know the move Secret Sword. Its original form, Ordinary Form, will then become Resolute Form. Along with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, Keldeo is a member of the Swords of Justice.

Often forgotten about in favor of other, more popular Mythical Pokémon, Keldeo debuted in Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice. In the movie, Keldeo was trained to learn the move Sacred Sword to become a member of the Swords of Justice. Keldeo may not look like much, but its power lies deep within. When Keldeo channels its energy, its body fills with power, making it swifter. For trainers who are looking for a Pokémon that can endure harsh battles and never quit, Keldeo is the prime choice.

6. Machamp

The final form of Machop, the Fighting type Pokémon Machamp has a Gigantamax form. Overall, Machamp is considered one of the strongest Fighting types due to its quadruple muscular arms and vast knowledge of fighting techniques. In fact, Machamp are rumored to know every martial arts style in existence and can throw five hundred punches in a second.

Due to its extra appendages, Machamp can balance defensive and offensive battle styles. However, it has poor dexterity and finds it difficult to multitask without its arms becoming tangled.

Machamp debuted in The Punchy Pokémon, where two of them competed in the P1 Grand Prix. One lost to Ash’s Primeape, while the other lost to Anthony’s Hitmonchan. In The Battle of the Badge, Giovanni loaned a Machamp to Jessie, James, and Meowth after he put them in charge of the Viridian Gym. For its Gigantamax form, Machamp rises up the list for appealing choices in one’s Pokémon team, especially since regular Machamp has an unbelievable amount of strength and when it transforms, that strength becomes immeasurable.

5. Hariyama

Considered to be one of the strongest pure Fighting type Pokémon alongside Machamp, and also commonly used by Fighting type trainers, Hariyama evolves from Makuhita. Hariyama’s body consists mostly of muscle instead of fat. When its body tenses, its muscles become as hard as stone. It likes to match power with other big-bodied Pokémon and can stomp the ground to build its own power.

Hariyama debuted in Brave the Wave. Brawly, the leader of Dewford Twon’s Gym, saw the evolution of his Makuhita while battling against Ash during a Gym battle. If stopping trains isn’t quite leaving you awe-struck, Hariyama are kind-hearted and determined fighters, making them loyal and easy to train. For fans of brute strength, Hariyama covers all the bases.

4. Throh

Throh, the Judo Pokémon, is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, but it is considered to be a counterpart of Sawk. Throh travel and train in packs consisting of five members. Any member of the group that cannot keep up will throw away their belt and leave the group. These well-built Pokémon pride themselves on leadership, stamina and unwavering strength and commitment. In the mind of Throh, weakness is not an option.

Furthermore, Throh made his main series debut in The Clubsplosion Begins! under the ownership of Montgomery. He was used during the Clubsplosion, where he defeated Delbert’s Mienshao, Iris’s Excadrill, and Ash’s Scraggy before losing to Stephan’s Sawk in Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!. If Hariyama is determined, then Throh is more machine than Pokémon. Throh always aims to overpower larger opponents, so for a trainer looking for a Pokémon that never quits, this is it.

3. Blaziken

As the first and only dual-type Fire/Fighting Pokémon to make the lineup, Blaziken is a force to be reckoned with — and snatching third place, no less. As the final evolved form of Torchic, Blaziken evolves from Combusken. Moreover, Blaziken can Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken using the Blazikenite. Blaziken has strong, muscular legs that give it great lower body strength. This lower body strength helps its kicking and jumping abilities. Blaziken’s wrists have gray wristband-like markings capable of producing a tuft of fire above them.

In the main Pokémon series, Blaziken debuted in Pop Goes the Sneasel under the ownership of Harrison. He used it to defeat the Sneasel that was blocking access to the flame of Ho-Oh. In The Cave of Trials!, Gurkinn used a Blaziken as part of his test for Korrina to guard the Mega Stone Lucarionite from her. Like Machamp, the fact that Blaziken possesses an alternate form — a Mega Evolution — makes it unspeakably more powerful than regular Pokémon who cannot change their anatomy. As a dual-type Fire/Fighting Pokémon, Blaziken can land super-effective attacks against many different types, making it a versatile addition to any team.

2. Lucario

Perhaps one of the most recognizable Fighting types of all time, Lucario is a dual-type Steel/Fighting Pokémon. Lucario is the evolved form of Riolu and can Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario using the Lucarionite. Lucario can understand human speech and has been known to communicate with humans using telepathy. As its prime directive besides battling, Lucario can be trained to manipulate and read auras. Moreover, Lucario is considered to be prideful and is extremely loyal to its Trainer. It also seems to have a natural sense of justice, as it only trusts Trainers with righteous hearts.

Lucario debuted in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. He belonged to Sir Aaron, an Aura Guardian, and sacrificed himself to save the Tree of Beginning. Furthermore, Lucario made its main series debut in Lost Leader Strategy! as one of the Pokémon belonging to Maylene, the Veilstone City Gym Leader. Mega Lucario, more so than Lucario, is merciless and ruthless, presumed to be the first Mega Evolution in existence. Its fighting style wraps itself in explosive energy, allowing it to unleash untold power against its foes. Lucario never truly knows the extent of its power, which makes it a highly sought-after relic.

1. Zamazenta

In Generation VIII, the Legendary Pokémon Zamazenta was introduced as the game mascot for Pokémon Shield. Zamazenta possesses two distinct forms ⏤ “Hero of Many Battles” and “Crowned Shield” ⏤ allowing it to become a dual-type Fighting/Steel Pokémon in the latter form. Zamazenta is a member of the Hero duo with Zacian. By absorbing metal particles, Zamazenta can change to its other form in battle. In legends, it is known as the Fighting Master’s Shield due to its ability to deflect any attacks.

Zamazenta debuted in its Hero of Many Battles form in Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald! after Goh encountered it in the Slumbering Weald and it disappeared. Although almost impossible to catch, Zamazenta is practically untouchable and therefore unbeatable. Its shield strength is so formidable that even the sharp claws of Dragon-type Pokémon cannot leave a single scratch upon it. For some heavy defence, Zamazenta is a desirable treasure.