The best Vinland Saga arcs, ranked

Image via Wit Studios/Netflix

The old Norse-inspired Vinland Saga is a popular anime inspired by a manga of the same name, which draws inspiration from real historical events. The story follows the journey of a young man named Thorfinn, who seeks to exact revenge for his father’s murder.

The saga is told through separate arcs to help organize the various stories the writers want to tell. All the sagas are popular, as seen from Reddit posts, which prove that fans are divided on their absolute favorite saga.

The manga was written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura and the anime is animated by Wit Studios and streams on Netflix. The first arc of the saga was released on July 7, 2019, and the second arc will be released on Jan. 9, 2023, animated by MAPPA.

When it comes to deciding what the best Vinland Saga arcs are, the only definitive way to answer that question is through advanced scientific research – aka Reddit. Since the Vinland Arc is still not yet complete, it will not be included in the ranking.

3. Eastern Expedition Arc

Image by Makoto Yukimura

The Eastern Expedition Arc is by no way, a bad story, but it did consistently rank last place in several Reddit posts. The arc covers chapters 100-166 of the manga, following Thorfinn as he returns home for the first time in several years.

With his and Einar’s dream of Vinland on his mind, they decide to travel to Greece to get funding for their ventures. The story introduces a lot of new characters, but the danger is never far behind as Sigurd tracks them to Greece.

2. Slave Arc

Image by Makoto Yukimura

The Slave Arc story takes place as Thorfinn is sold into slavery at Ketil’s Farm. This is where he meets Einar, his friend, and ally. Thorfinn does a lot of soul-searching as he reflects on his past mistakes.

The story also focuses on King Canute – king of England and Denmark – who has to deal with the Curse of the Crown. Despite the struggles he faces, he plans to create a paradise on Earth, where everyone can live in peace and prosperity. Thorfinn and King Canute become close allies due to their beliefs and goals for the realm.

1. Prologue/War Arc

Image by Makoto Yukimura

After witnessing his father’s death at the hands of Askeladd when he was a boy. He has devoted his life to training, killing thousands of men to become the strongest warrior possible. Eleven years after his father’s murder, Thorfinn has a goal of getting close to Askeladd and challenging him to a duel to exact his revenge.

This is the first arc of the series and sets up all the main characters in the storyline. The anime itself has an average fan rating of 8.8 out of 10 on IMDB, an impressive feat for 24 episodes. The highest-rated episode, titled “End of the Prologue,” has a 9.9 rating. The lowest-rated episode, “The Land on the Far Bank,” has an 8.0 rating, not a badly rated episode at all.