The cutest ice-type Pokémon

Some of the most overlooked, yet still adorable types of Pokémon are ice-types. While some are specifically designed with their type in mind and look rigid or sharp like ice, others are actually really cute! And their weakness to fighting type moves just adds to the vulnerability and cuteness of these type of Pokémon.

Especially in newer generations, we’ve gotten quite a few new ice-types and a decent amount are pretty adorable. So, here’s a ranking of the ten cutest ice-type Pokémon.

10. Vanilite


Introduced in Gen V, Vanilite is the first evolution in a three chain to becoming Vanilluxe. It’s very obviously modeled after an ice cream cone, and while it could be considered a lazy design, what they did with the cone part of it makes it a little better. They added in geometric designs and even gave it cute little arms, making it look more animal-like rather than a simple ice cream cone. Its big round head and little smile is what really solidifies its cuteness, there’s something so simple, yet adorable about it.

9. Dewgong

A dual-type Pokémon, Dewgong is both a water and ice-type and was introduced during the first generation. As you can see, Dewgong is modeled after a seal and/or a sea lion. Its pre-evolution is named Seel though, so we’ll assume a seal. Dewgong looks kind of ditzy with its wide open, smiling mouth, but it also has something regal about it. Because seals are cute, it automatically makes Dewgong adorable too.

8. Amaura

One of generation VI’s fossil Pokémon is Amaura, who is a dual rock and ice-type. It is designed after a dinosaur, more specifically a brachiosaurus (or a long neck for our Land Before Time fans), and is just too cute for words. It’s so small and its big blue eyes are almost hypnotizing. Amaura’s color scheme is also beautiful as it’s mostly made from pastels with the different shades of blue, pink and yellow. There aren’t many fossil Pokémon that can be considered ‘cute’, but Amaura definitely is one of them!

7. Alolan Sandshrew


A new take on one of the first generation’s Pokémon, the Alola region introduced us to a dual-type, steel and ice Sandshrew, who everyone had come to know as a ground-type from the Kanto region. What’s so adorable about the Alolan Sandshrew is that it looks like an igloo. Its back is round and has the lines to make it look like ice bricks stacked on top of one another, while its head has an extra circle of protection that looks like the entrance to an igloo. Alolan Sandshrew’s design is fun and cute and deviates just enough from its original Kanto version.

6. Eiscue

A penguin Pokémon, Eiscue was introduced to us in generation VIII in the Galar region. What’s not to love about Eiscue? It’s designed after a penguin with ice caught on its head and during its small stint in the Pokémon Journeys series, it drifted away from its icy home and into the main part of Galar which was far too hot for it. Eiscue was clumsy, timid and had its head melting for half of the episode to reveal its Noice Face form. Penguins in real life are beyond cute and the same goes for Eiscue.

5. Spheal


Another seal-inspired Pokémon is Spheal which was introduced in generation III as a dual ice and water-type. It looks like a ball and uses its round body to roll around as a form of transportation in both the games and anime. Really, Spheal is so petite and round that it’s hard to ignore how adorable it is. With a pattern in the polka dots on its body, it has a simple design, but that doesn’t make it any less cute. I mean, look at its big, happy face!

4. Glaceon

Eevee’s ice-type evolution is Glaceon, who was introduced in generation IV. This Pokémon is interesting because while it does have the sharp and rigid edges like other ice-types, its design is also modeled after some sort of four-legged animal like a dog, cat, fox, etc., which makes it adorable and regal at the same time. Glaceon’s headpiece that hangs down by its legs is what really solidifies this design for us, as it pulls all of the colors and shapes together. There’s something almost snowflake-like about it and we love its tiny, delicate features.

3. Smoochum

Another dual-type Pokémon, Smoochum is both an ice and psychic-type that was introduced in generation II as a pre-evolution to Jynx. It may not be your typical definition of cute, but something about its quirky design makes it stand out. Plus, it’s one of the multiple ‘baby Pokémon’ introduced in the second generation and who doesn’t think baby Pokémon are cute? Even with its sort of out-of-place looking blonde bob, Smoochum is just as adorable as the rest on this list.

2. Alolan Vulpix

Although it was close, coming in at number two is Alolan Vulpix, which is a variant of the Kantonian fire-type Vulpix, similar to the Sandshrew situation. An ice-type Vulpix was introduced in generation VII and while it is a pretty simple design, it’s still adorable. It’s modeled after a fox and has six short fluffy tails, which will grow into nine when it evolves into Ninetales. Vulpix’s big blue eyes and curly fur really add to its cuteness.

1. Cubchoo

Screengrab via YouTube

Of course number one has to be generation V’s Cubchoo, look at it! It and its evolution are based on polar bears and they really nailed the cute cub thing with Cubchoo. It’s very reminiscent of another Pokémon, Teddiursa. Cubchoo though, has the icicle hanging from its nose which, while sort of disgusting, is also somehow absolutely cute as can be. Cubchoo looks like a literal teddy bear that you just want to squeeze which is what earned it the top spot.

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