The most powerful Kekkei Genkai from ‘Naruto,’ ranked

Kekkei Genkai directly translates to Bloodline Limit. In Naruto, there are several clans that have direct access to a plethora of unique abilities simply due to their bloodlines. There are three major categories of Kekkei Genkai — Doujutsu (unique eyes), nature transformations, and bodily transformations. Each clan has produced very powerful ninja that have used their unique techniques to the limit. Clans like the Hyuuga, Uchiha, and Uzumaki have, over the generations, inherited these special techniques, all of which helped set them apart from their foes, and aided in battle.

While there are a number of Kekkei Genkai in the almighty Naruto franchise, here is a ranking of the most impressive, from least to most terrifyingly powerful.

10. Scorch Release

Scorch Release - Naruto

A nature transformation that comes from the combination of Water and Fire releases, Scorch Release grants its user the ability to completely evaporate moisture. In the Naruto series, one powerful user of Scorch Release was the kunoichi Pakura, who used the transformation to evaporate all the moisture inside her opponents’ bodies, and — as the body is made up of mostly water — her foes were left to painfully wither and die.

9. Jūgo’s Clan’s Kekkei Genkai

Jugo - Naruto
Jacub Two2/YouTube

This unnamed and banished clan has a very powerful ability. It allows members to absorb natural energy and secrete a special fluid that allows their bodies to undergo drastic changes. Worse yet is that users can use this Kekkei Genkai without any senjutsu training. The only downside to this ability is that it causes the user to have sudden fits of madness and rage. Jūgo was a member of the clan and because of the terrible side effects, willingly went to Orochimaru in hope that his sudden bouts of madness would be cured.

8. Lava Release

A release born of combining Earth and Fire releases, Lava Release, also known as Corrosion Style, is another nature transformation that can be used in a number of different ways. Mei Terumi, the fifth Mizukage, famously used this ability to spit out acidic mud against her foes. She also used it while in battle with Madara, melting the rib cage of his Susanoo. She could also use the combination to create acidic vapor. Other uses of Lava Release include Naruto Uzumaki himself, Kurotsuchi, and Boro.

7. Magnet Release 

Made from combining Wind and Earth releases, Magnet Release is a Kekkei Genkai that is commonly used by ninja from the Hidden Sand village. It allows the user to convert chakra into a powerful magnetic force. A great example is Gaara, who is said to have inherited the ability from his father Rasa. Magnet Release also has very powerful sealing properties that definitely come in handy while in battle.

6. Shikotsumyaku

Shikotsumyaku translates to Dead Bone Pulse and is a rare Kekkei Genkai belonging most famously to the Kaguya Clan. It allows them the ability to change or transform their skeletal structure and manipulate their bones. It is one of the most powerful body transformations in the Naruto series as it gives a user the power to transform according to whatever will best help in a fight. Wielders of this rare ability can also harden their bones and remove them from their bodies to use as fighting tools. This power is extremely useful as it covers both attack and defense. Kimimaro of the Kaguya Clan is the most cited user of this ability.

5. Byakugan 

The Byakugan completes the holy trinity of Doujutsu. Known to be the Doujutsu of the Hyuuga Clan, the Byakugan may be the weakest Doujutsu, but it is also one of the most useful. It grants the user 360 degrees of vision which makes it almost impossible to catch them off guard. It also allows them to see the chakra pathway system and recognize an individual’s chakra signature. The Hyuuga Clan created the Gentle Fist technique to complement the Doujutsu. While Neji and Hinata are the most popular wielders of this unique ability, there exist many others in the Naruto series that are more powerful users of the Byakugan. A prime example is the formidable and incomparable mother of chakra herself, Kaguya Otsutsuki.

4. Wood Release

Wood release - Naruto

Wood Release is often regarded as the most powerful nature transformation jutsu. It is a combination of Water and Earth releases and the jutsu can only be used by the First Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, Hashirama Senju and his descendants. Hashirama’s control and use of Wood Release was so great that even though his descendants were able to inherit the jutsu, none could use it as well. Hashirama used it to create the Hidden Leaf village and also win a fight against both the Nine-tailed beast and Uchiha Madara.

3. Tenseigan

Although not part of the three great Doujutsu, the Tenseigan remains exceedingly powerful. Its power was great enough to divide the moon in half. There are only two known users of this Doujutsu in Naruto — Homura and Tonari Otsutsuki. Tenseigan users gain the ability to enter Tenseigan chakra mode and have several truth-seeking balls.

2. Mangekyo Sharingan

Brother to the Rinnegan, the Sharingan is the Doujutsu belonging to the Uchiha Clan. In its base form, the Sharingan grants its user superior use of genjutsu and several other abilities. The Mangekyou Sharingan is the superior form of the Sharingan and only a few characters in Naruto are able to reach that level. Most notably, a Sharingan user can only evolve to Mangekyou when they experience immense trauma. The resulting evolution grants the user access to Susanoo and special abilities unique to the user alone.

1. Rinnegan

The Rinnegan is a Doujutsu that allows whoever wields it to see the flow of chakra, whether it is in a human body or in the atmosphere. This extremely dominant Kekkei Genkai also allows its user to master all five nature transformations, an extremely difficult feat. The Rinnegan was first used by Hagoromo Otsutsuki after he inherited it from his mother, who wielded the Rinne Sharingan. This Doujutsu is so powerful that its users are famed for being gods that could either destroy the world or save it. It’s forbidden for a number of reasons, one of which is that it can bring the dead back to life.