The most powerful Kekkei Genkai from ‘Naruto,’ ranked

In the world of Naruto, shinobi are trained to use a number of powerful jutsus and techniques. For some, those techniques can be taught to anyone with chakra and ninja experience with enough time and training. However, there are certain unique abilities that are usually considered exclusive to certain bloodlines and clans. These are known as Kekkei Genkai.

Kekkei Genkai are powers that manifest from an anomaly in the DNA of a particular user’s bloodline. While some appear as eye techniques capable of performing visual jutsus, others are combinations of two individual traits coming together to form a much stronger ability. 

Over the course of the Naruto series, we’ve been introduced to a variety of powerful Kekkei Genkai and their unique wielders. But out of all of them, which ones are the strongest?

10. Magnet Release 

Normally utilized by the Shinobi of Sunakagure, Magnet Release is one of the strongest Kekkei Genkai in the series. A combination of Wind and Earth Release, this Kekkei Genkai allows the user to generate and manipulate magnetic forces and abilities, which is good for sealing away targets and creating Iron Sand. The Third Kazekage, as well as the current Kazekage, Gaara, are able to use this Kekkei Genkai.

9. Storm Release

A combination of Lightning Release and Water Release, this strong Kekkei Genkai allows the user to manipulate beams of electricity so that they flow as if they were made of water. Used by Madara Uchiha in the Fourth Great Ninja War, the incredibly fast Storm Release techniques are known to travel at the speed of light and are capable of cutting through Truth-Seeking balls.

8. Boil Release 

Wielded by the Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumi, Boil Release is a combination of Fire Release and Water Release techniques. Combined, the blended art allows the user to generate corrosive Steam that can dissolve anything within seconds of exposure. So far, Kekkei Genkai has proven to be powerful enough to melt the bones of Sasuke’s Susanoo and the surrounding areas. It has also been shown to temporarily boost the power of its wielders, as seen when used by Kukuo’s Jinchuriki.

7. Lava Release

Considered one of the most dangerous Kekkei Genkai abilities in Naruto so far, Lava Release is a combination of Earth and Fire release that takes on different forms depending on who is using it. In the hands of Roshi and Yonbi, the ability has taken the form of hot molten lava that can burn through anything. When used by the Mizukage, Mei Terumi, the Kekkei Genkai came in the form of acidic mud. In other instances, Lava Release has taken the form of corrosive quicklime and volcanic ash when used by Kurotsuchi. It was even used by Kumogakure’s Dodai to create vulcanized rubber. In short, Lava Release is one of the most versatile Kekkei Genkai in the series.

6. Ketsuryugan

Now, we’re getting into the Kekkei Genkai that fans are more familiar with: the Dojutsu. The Dojutsu are visual Kekkei Genkai that usually utilizes the eyes and come in various forms. The first to find itself on this list is the Ketsuryugan. The powerful eyes exclusive to members of the Chinoike clan can cast Genjutsu (visual manipulations) on others via visual or skin contact, as well as manipulate any fluid that has a high concentration of iron. Its abilities are so renowned that it is even compared to the Three Great Dojutsu in the Naruto World: the Byakugan, Sharingan, and the Rinnegan.

5. Byakugan 

Originally a Kekkei Genkai used only by the Otsutsuki clan, the Byakugan has been passed down to the members of the Hyuga clan, who are also descendants of the Otsutsuki clan’s forefather, Hamura Otsutsuki. The Byakugan gives its user almost near 360-degree vision and X-Ray vision, allowing the wielder to see through most obstructions and visualize the flow of chakra within one’s body. The Kekkei Genkai is even more dangerous when combined with the power of the Gentle Fist, giving the user the ability to stop the chakra flow of their opponent’s body entirely by striking the single chakra point known as Tenketsu.

4. Shikotsumyaku

Known as a Kekkei Genkai of the Kaguya Clan, Shikotsumyaku allows its wielder to manipulate the size and the density of their bones and use them as weapons in combat. As seen only once in the Naruto series, the Kekkei Genkai allowed it’s user, Kimmaro of the Sound Five, a range of offensive and defensive capabilities that could contend with both Gaara and Rock Lee at the same time.

4. Mangekyo Sharingan

The Mangekyo Sharingan is an evolved form of the Sharingan ⏤ which only awakens when one witnesses the loss of a loved one ⏤ that takes all the abilities of regular Sharingan and increases them twofold. It also grants special abilities that are unique to its user, like Itachi’s Amaterasu or Obito’s Kamui. However, the Mangekyo Sharingan’s most notable upgrade is its ability to utilize Susanoo, a body of chocolate that fights on the user’s behalf.

3. Isshiki Otsutsuki Dojutsu 

Even though he’s a relatively new character that’s only been recently introduced in the Boruto franchise, Isshiki Otsutsuki’s Dojutsu is so powerful that it had to be included on this list. Currently, there is no official name for Isskhiki’s Dojutsu and not much else is known outside of its abilities. However, with this Dojutsu, Isshiki could shrink himself in any inanimate object down to microscopic sizes using the Dojutsu’s Sukunahikona technique. With the Dojutsu’s second ability, Daikokuten, Isshiki could also store anything that he had shrunk in a different dimension where time doesn’t exist and summon it instantly for fast surprise attacks that caught even Naruto and Sasuke off guard. Using the ability, Isshiki could also summon giant cubes and crush opponents with them, as seen in his first exchange with Kashin Koji.

2. Tenseigan

As another powerful Kekkei Genkai of the Otsutsuki clan, the Tenseigan is a recent addition that was seen in the film Naruto: The Last, the last film installment of the series. So far, it has been known to only have manifested itself in Hamura Otsutsuki and his descendant, Toneri Otsutsuki, the main antagonist of Naruto: The Last. Similar to the power of the Six Paths, the Tenseigan provides its user with a chakra shroud just like Naruto’s Kurama Chakra Mode.  As witnessed in the last Naruto film, Tenseigan provided Toneri with enough power to destroy the moon and even the entire Earth, had Naruto and his friends not put an end to his attempts.


Currently, the Rinnegan is known to be the strongest Kekkei Genkai in the Naruto universe. So far, the Dojutsu has been wielded by some pretty powerful users including Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Madara Uchiha, and Sasuke Uchiha. The Rinnegan grants its user the abilities of the Six Paths, which has a range of uses that have earned it the rank of the most dangerous Dojutsu so far. With the Rinnegan, a wielder can summon giant animals, rip apart souls, and have complete control over life and death itself. It can also provide abilities unique to the user, like Madara’s Limbo technique or Sasuke’s Amenotejikara.