The Pokémon Company releases new animated short ‘Bidoof’s Big Stand’


The Pokémon Company has given fans a brand new animation today and it doesn’t star your usual popular Pokémon species. Instead, Bidoof takes the spotlight in what becomes quite the emotional adventure.

At eight minutes long, Bidoof’s Big Stand details the adventures of Bidoof as they attempt to find their place in the Pokémon world.

Unlike other Pokémon video content that boasts a familiar animation style for the series, Bidoof’s Big Stand has its own unique look that pairs perfectly with the vibe being set for the short. The short also doesn’t boast any dialogue, but still manages to get across emotion perfectly.

While Bidoof, the Gen. 4 Pokémon, is the focus of this short, there are plenty of other species thrown into the mix including Starly, Staravia, Piplup, Gengar, and Lucario. Most of the Pokémon shown are from the Sinnoh region.

It’s no surprise that the newly released short focuses on this region considering that Pokémon’s latest offerings have all been connected to the location. These include the remakes Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, along with the upcoming new titles Pokémon Legends: Arceus which will launch later this month.

If you’ve got eight minutes to spare and want to check out a heartwarming adventure in the Pokémon world then make sure you check out Bidoof’s Big Stand on the official Pokémon YouTube channel today.