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The Strongest Black Clover Characters

Who are the strongest characters in the Black Clover universe?

There have been plenty of magical-based anime with overpowered characters over the years, but there aren’t many quite like Black Clover. Ever since 2017, Yuki Tabata’s magical anime has consistently introduced some of the most powerful magic-users in the Clover Kingdom, and to be honest, there are so many that it’s now hard to keep track of who boasts the highest level of strength among the Magic Knights and their gallery of rogues. There will always be some major players whose powers clearly stand out from the rest and are undeniably OP, even if they’re defeated. Let’s take a quick look at some of the strongest characters that Black Clover has given us so far.

As you read forward, remember that these are only some of the strongest characters in Black Clover based on the actual fighting prowess they’ve exhibited in the anime. This won’t include any speculative statistics (though they are welcome) nor any future upgrades they’ve achieved in the manga⏤it’s just a good old-fashioned reminiscence of what they’ve given so far. That being said, let’s begin.


During the Elf Reincarnation Arc, Patri was definitely a serious problem for the Magic Knights. As leader of The Eye of The Midnight Sun, Patri’s use of Light Magic and his four-leaf grimoire made him one of the toughest opponents Asta and the gang have ever faced. He can manipulate light at will and use long-range versatile attacks by changing his projectiles in the blink of an eye. In addition, he can utilize light speed, making him just as fast as (if not faster than) the Wizard King Julius Novachrono, which is a pretty big feat given Julius’ control over time itself. He even managed to “kill” Julius before covering the entire kingdom with a massive light sword attack.

Patri also has the ability to transform into a Dark Elf and can use Demon Light Magic to generate blacklight attacks that can dispel Underworld magic from users like Yami and Asta. This guy was able to kill the Wizard King. So it’s pretty much safe to say he can take on anybody.

Yami Sukehiro

As captain of the Black Bulls, Yami may be considered the wildcard ruffian of the Magic Knights, but his magical powers are strong enough to demand respect from anyone who faces off against him. His use of Ki (the physical energy that most anime characters exhibit to show off their level of strength in their battles) allows him to trace his opponent’s energy and predict their movements. Combined with his use of magic and exceptional sword skills, Yami’s Ki is strong enough to allow his katana to cut through space, dimension, and even other types of magic.

His Dark Magic is derived from the Underworld, where Asta’s Devil and Anti Magic come from. This means that Yami’s powers can not only repel any type of Devil magic, but his attacks can also inflict damage on a Devil as well. Though he may be hot-tempered and a bit bossy, it’s no question that Yami is one of the most powerful mages that the Magic Knights have.

William Vangeance (Golden DawnCaptain)

Though we haven’t seen much of William Vangeance’s full power yet, what we have seen is definitely enough to put him on this list. As captain of The Golden Dawn⏤considered the most successful and typically the most powerful of the Magic Knight squads⏤Vangeance is already seen as the most powerful mage of the Magic Knight captains, and for good reason: his Tree Magic’s mana (magical energy) is enormous enough to affect almost the entire kingdom. He can even absorb the mana from his opponents without them knowing about it. 

With his Tree Magic, Vangeance can use trees in huge spells to perform various healing, defense, and attack moves. Using a large tree, Vangeance has even healed his entire squad after their sound defeat by the Dark Triad, all while being incapacitated. With just the magnitude of these few fears alone, Vangeance definitely poses a great threat to any high-ranking mage. Hopefully we’ll see what else he can do with that Tree Magic if and when Black Clover returns to The Spade Kingdom arc.

Julius Novachrono (The Wizard King)

Anybody with the title of Wizard King in a world full of magic-users has got to be a force to be reckoned with. From what we’ve seen so far, Julius Novachrono is definitely worthy of the crown. Whereas most grimoires have a certain number of clovers on their covers to designate their levels of power, Julius’ grimoire, on the other hand, has no cover at all, which seems to indicate that there aren’t any limits to his magical abilities.

His Time Magic has the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even reverse time altogether. This allows him to move at incredible speeds that average magic-users can barely detect. It also gives him the ability to restrain opponents by leaving them in a time loop of his creation. He can even use his magic to heal injuries by reversing time on the wound itself.

But his magic’s most useful characteristic is its ability to store time through a tattoo on his forehead and use it to revive himself if he dies. He can use this ability several times throughout his life, essentially making him immortal. Along with all of his other magical abilities, this definitely makes Julius one of the most powerful mages in Black Clover.


There’s a reason why Yuno has risen through the ranks of the Golden Dawn so quickly to become the new vice-captain, and it isn’t because of his looks. He was already a prodigy with magic before receiving his grimoire, and now that he has it, his potential has grown tremendously. 

Before, he only used to produce wind and manipulate its direction, but now he has the ability to change it into various shapes to use for attacks. Combined with the Wind Spirit Sylph, Yuno can also increase his strength and create the Sword of Zephyr, a sword created by condensing wind into a single weapon strong enough to even destroy a Devil. 

Being so young, Yuno still has some time before he masters his magic, but at his current level, he’s already strong enough to defeat a Devil on his own, a feat that even many Magic Knight captains can’t claim. That alone puts Yuno in a good place among the anime’s strongest characters on this list.


Even though the Spade Kingdom Arc has only just begun, the Dark Triad made their impressive powers quickly known in the anime’s last few episodes. Although all three are quite powerful, it’s clear that the leader, Dante, is the most dangerous of them all. His Body Magic is both disgusting and unstoppable as it allows him to repair his body even if it’s shredded into little bits and pieces, which makes him invulnerable to all attacks. He’s almost as invincible as the Wizard King Julian Novachrono himself. 

His devil, Lucifero, is currently the highest-ranking Devil from the Underworld. His Gravity Magic also gives Dante the ability to manipulate the gravity of anything. It can even create a black hole. As far as we know, Dante can use up to 80% of that Devil’s power with ease. 

Anybody that hard to kill⏤and that has the ability to beat Asta mercilessly and capture Yami without any help⏤is definitely one of the top dogs on the list.


The first Devil to reveal his true form, Zagred is possibly the strongest character in Black Clover so far. Even though Lucifero is said to be the highest-ranking Devil, Zagred’s abilities showed that Lucifero may not have necessarily been by himself in that category.

Zagred’s Word Soul Magic can create spells and drastically alter anything just by speaking, allowing him to conjure up an infinite arsenal of magical and real weapons just from uttering a few words. It can also heal him from any injury. If paired with a high-powered grimoire⏤like Patry’s five-leaf grimoire⏤it can increase potency, allowing Zagred to summon large amounts of demonic energy that can devour the mana and life force of any living being. 

Simply put: Zagred could have destroyed the entire Clover kingdom with a whisper if he wanted to. That pretty much seals it as to who the strongest character on this list is.

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