This Anime Wants To Use NFTs and Cryptocurrency To Fund Production

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have been extremely controversial since gaining popularity. Their incredibly negative impact on the environment due to their massive carbon footprint and the potential for them to lead to strange cases of art theft. Now one cryptocurrency is trying to use them in a unique attempt to create an entirely original isekai anime.

Cryptocurrency Otaku Coin, which launched in 2018, announced a project to use NFTs to create “an experimental bottom-up anime project” called AnimeLoot. The project is supposed to “continue to proceed through the creative activities of its community members” implying that the creative output of the community will be a major factor in the eventual anime to come.

Currently, there doesn’t seem to be concrete plans for where the anime will go, with the announcement stating its direction “will gradually take place as the project moves on.” There seems to be no word on what studio could work on the anime, who might even agree to do so, nor any indication that anyone who is familiar with the background of the anime industry is involved in the project.

With so few details, it will be interesting to see if the project ever comes to fruition fully. The lack of centralization surrounding cryptocurrency and NFT will likely leave early adopters without any power to hold Otaku Coin accountable if the anime never releases.