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This ‘Dragon Ball’ actor may be the biggest Piccolo fan alive

Or at least owns one of the largest figure collections.

Image via Crunchyroll

There are plenty of hardcore Dragon Ball fans out there, but one may top them all and he’s closer to the franchise than you might expect.

To celebrate Piccolo day earlier this month, the official Dragon Ball website released an interview with the original voice actor for the character Toshio Furukawa. While taking a walk down memory lane, Furukawa revealed that he owns a massive collection of figures related to the Namekian.

“So, I actually like Piccolo a lot. Whenever someone asks me who my favorite character is, I always answer “Piccolo” without hesitation. I have around 3,000 Piccolo figures, if that gives you an idea of how much I like him. So yes, I do celebrate May 9th—even if it’s just eating something nice to mark the occasion. Sometimes I’ll also rearrange my figure collection, clean them up, paint them, that kind of thing.”

Furukawa went further, explaining that he’s a massive collector. He said that he will purchase any new Piccolo item that launches, but it’s not limited just to the character. He explained that in collecting all kinds of things, he’s run out of space to put it all.

While his collection may have come as a surprise, Furukawa’s love for Piccolo should be no shock to those that have visited his social media page where many drawings of the character can be found.

Fans can catch the actor voicing the Namekian once again when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero launches in Japan on June 11. In the meantime, you can check out the full interview here.

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