Viz Media launches Shonen Jump merch store featuring ‘Bleach,’ ‘One Piece’ streetwear

Image via Toei Animation

Viz Media, the English publisher of Shonen Jump, launched a new online storefront for manga fans in the U.S. The Official Shonen Jump Store will feature limited releases of clothing inspired by their manga catalog. “Each season, the site will feature two manga capsule collections,” a statement reads. The inaugural collection includes Japanese streetwear-inspired Bleach, One Piece, and Shonen Jump clothing.

In addition to the various graphic tees you’d expect are an array of snapbacks in white and black (each $30.00), “One Piece Duffle Bag” ($65.00, 100% Polyester), and “Shonen Jump Logo Sock” ($20.00 a pair). The most striking article on the shop is undoubtedly the white, double fleece-lined “Bleach Ichigo Strike Hoodie,” which retails for $90.00.

Considering the prices, you may want to break out the measuring tape — the shop does not currently process returns or exchanges.

The reveal follows a viral Tweet amending a tease on Shonen Jump’s Twitter account last night, which promised “you’ll be able to show your Shonen Jump love in a whole new way.” After some worry, the account followed up with a pithy clarification: “It’s not NFTs.” The response garnered nearly 90 thousand likes at the time of writing.

Still, some are underwhelmed by $90 hoodies and the limited selection. One popular Tweet related Viz Media’s storefront to the indie streetwear artists of yore.

Still, it’s a sign that Japanese streetwear is in fashion, thanks to anime’s growing popularity. Crunchyroll’s webstore has greatly expanded states-bound weebs sartorial options, while brands like Bibisama push the trend into high fashion with their focus on handmaid statement pieces. 

The Official Shonen Jump Store appears to be aiming for something closer to the latter. And while I’m not about to spend $90 on a giant white hoodie that I’d be too afraid to wear at my own desk, I am excited to see what the store will do with the likes of Chainsaw Man and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the future.

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