Watch: Italian Air Force releases its own VTuber


The Italian Air Force has released its own VTuber and Italian audiences have taken an immediate liking to the digital avatar.

The debut of Azzurra happened on the military group’s official YouTube channel, where the avatar invites audiences to learn more about day-to-day military service.

“Hello! My name is Azzurra and I am the avatar created by the Air Force. We will discover together some curiosities of our work”.

Azzurra’s debut video talks about the intricacies of aircraft operation, including the ejection seat and how pilots use it to escape emergencies. Alongside Azzurra are two Italian air force staff, demonstrating the feature in real-time. She later invites the viewer to come back soon to learn more about the military.

The Italian’s VTuber avatar looks different from what’s commonly seen on live-streaming sites like Twitch. She’s a 2D, rather than 3D, avatar with typically large anime-like eyes. In keeping with the video’s content, she dons a military uniform with her hair tucked away.

Azzura’s debut received a good reception from Italian viewers, who commented that the avatar’s aesthetic looks similar to 2019 anime The Kotobuki Squadron. Others commented that they didn’t expect the Italian military to release a VTuber avatar and were keen to see more.

According to the Italian website Dr Commodore, Azzura is part of the Italian Air Force’s new monthly series CuriosiAMo con Azzurra (looking around with Azzura), where the goal is to teach interested viewers about the country’s air force.

The Italian Air Force hasn’t announced when Azzurra will be returning, though popular demand no doubt dictates that a second appearance will take place sooner rather than later. Watch this space.

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