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What are Arrancar in ‘Bleach?’

What are the Arrancars and how do they effect the world of 'Bleach?'

The world of Bleach is loaded with different factions, creatures, and characters. Each with its own powers, abilities, and motivations. And the release of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has many fans returning to this massive universe after several years of being away from it, meaning that many need a quick reminder of the various groups, beings, and fighters found throughout the series. 

One of the most memorable groups in the Bleach franchise is the Arrancars. But what exactly are the Arrancar, and what role do they play in the Bleach franchise? 

How are the Arrancar formed? 

Arrancar are a unique type of Hollow. Hailing from Hueco Mundo, these Hollows ripped off their own masks and, in the process, gained powers like those wielded by the Shinigami. The strength of the Arrancar heavily depends on how strong they were before they removed their mask. 

However, there is a second type of Arrancar. This set of Arrancar is created by Aizen, who transforms Hollows using the Hōgyoku (or Breakdown Sphere in the Viz Dub). Arrancar formed this way are more powerful. However, there has only ever been a maximum of two Hōgyoku in the world, meaning these are much less common. 

There are a few key differences between an Arrancar and a Hollow. These differences are the best way to identify them. The most noticeable identifier is the Estigma, a mark on the Arrancar’s face that is the last part of the Arrancar’s former mask. The other major giveaway that someone is an Arrancar is that they’ll have a hole somewhere on their body. This hole causes no issues for the Arrancar, but it does represent their lack of heart. 

What powers do the Arrancars have? 

During the story, Arrancars are seen using many different powers and abilities. Some of these abilities are similar to the ones used by the Shinigami. However, some are totally unique to the Arrancar. 

The most common abilities used by the Arrancar include Bala, which allows them to fire hardened spiritual pressure like bullets. Descorrer lets them open up a pathway between Hueco Mundo and the living world. There is also Resurrección. This allows an Arrancar to release power from their Zanpakutō to power themselves up, returning to their original Hollow form as they do. 

Who are some well-known Arrancars?

During Bleach’s story, viewers are introduced to many different Arrancars. This includes Loly Aivirrne, Luppi Antenor, Rudbornn Chelute, Coyote Starrk, Baraggan Louisenbairn, Ulquiorra Cifer, and Tier Harribel.

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