What Is Naruto’s Baryon Mode?


Boruto, the Naruto sequel series, hasn’t been the most beloved by fans, but recently it’s bringing some viewers back thanks to the introduction of a brand new form of Naruto. Naruto’s new Baryon form might not be grand in size, but it could be the most powerful form of Naruto yet.

During the latest arc in the Boruto anime, where Naruto and Sasuke are taking on Isshiki Otsutsuki, things are looking grim for the pair until Naruto is able to enter this brand new form. Since this took place in the manga, and more so the anime, the Naruto community online has been dominated by images and theories.

If you’ve not kept up with Boruto but are an old-school Naruto fan, then you may have questions about this new Baryon mode. Here’s everything we currently know about Naruto’s latest transformation.

What is Baryon Mode?

Baryon mode is the most recent transformation for Naruto along with the help of Kuruma that first debuted in the Boruto series during Isshiki’s fight with Naruto and Sasuke. The transformation looks very different to other Naruto forms. Instead of emitting Karuma’s chakra as a cloak, Baryon sees Naruto gain fox-like features as well as thicker orange trails similar to that of Kuruma’s.

With its roots in real science, Baryon mode is achieved by smashing together Naruto and Kuruma’s chakra, providing a nuclear nature to it. As you might expect, in doing this Naruto becomes extremely powerful. Not only is Naruto’s overall strength increased but he also gets drastically faster. We know this for a fact, as prior to this mode in the battle, Naruto and Sasuke were unable to keep up with Isshika and dodge his offense; however, after entering the mode, Naruto is easily faster than him in combat.

Using Baryon mode does come at a price, though. The chakra used while in Baryon mode is unable to be replenished, which in this use leads to a tragic result that we won’t go into for spoilers’ sake. Hopefully, Naruto can master the transformation in the future and be able to take advantage of its power without risking the death of himself or others.