What is the ‘Vinland Saga’ Season 2 release date?

Vinland Saga is a massively popular anime series, and fans have been desperately waiting to learn more about the long-awaited second season. Thankfully, a new trailer has finally given fans more information about the next chapter in this Viking adventure. 

What is Vinland Saga about? 

Vinland Saga is based on the historical manga series written by Makoto Yukimura, a writer known for the sci-fi manga Planetes. Starting out in the pages of Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 2005, the series developed a large and vocal fanbase. 

Vinland Saga is set in Europe around 1013 AD, in the middle of the Early Medieval period when England and Europe are in the middle of massive transformations. With this transformation comes large-scale turmoil as different groups vie for power. A young boy called Thorfinn, along with his father the Viking commander Thors Snorresson, have lived peacefully in a small community in Iceland. Thorfinn has always loved hearing sailors tell stories of a place called Vinland, a land where it is fertile and warm and peace reigns. 

Peace and tranquility are short-lived when Thorfinn witnesses his father’s death and is thrown into a war that is consuming Europe. As Thorfinn travels, he finds himself in the middle of many era-defining events as he does his best to survive the whirlwind of chaos that seems to envelop him constantly. This forces him to do horrible things to survive, all while he continues to dream of finding and settling in Vinland. 

When is Season Two of Vinland Saga launching? 

Vinland Saga proved popular enough to get an anime series. The first series, animated by Wit Studio, launched in 2019, and it got a lot of attention and praise from both manga fans and newcomers alike, who have been eagerly awaiting season two.

Second two was announced last year, however there was no confirmed release date for this follow-up installment. A new trailer released recently has confirmed that the second season will hit screens in January 2023. 

The second season will pick up where the first left off with many of the same team returning, however the animation for season two will be handled by MAPPA, the studio that is most known for its work on Attack on Titan: The Final Season and Jujutsu Kaisen. Like the first series, the second series of Vinland Saga will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video in America.

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