When does ‘Dota: Dragon’s Blood – Book 3’ release?

Image via Netflix.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the third season of Dota: Dragon’s BloodAnd thankfully, Netflix has finally broken its silence and announced Book 3’s premiere date during their massive Geeked Week series of events. So if you can’t wait for more Dota action, here is everything you need to know about the upcoming third book. 

What is Dota: Dragon’s Blood about? 

Dota: Dragon’s Blood launched in 2021. Inspired by the world and lore of the popular Dota 2 MOBA that first hit computers in 2013, the animated series follows Davion, a Dragon Knight tasked with hunting down and slaying dragons, thus preventing the massive beasts from causing havoc and killing innocent people. However, Davion soon finds himself thrust into the middle of a gigantic and long-running war between demons and dragons, something that becomes even more complex when an elder dragon fuses his soul with Davion’s soul. 

This forces the Dragon Knight to head out on a mission to stop the demon Terrorblade, who wants to kill dragons and harvest their souls for a mysterious plan. Along the way, Davion encounters many foes and makes some friends, including Mirana, a moon princess. 

2022’s Book 2 upped the stakes further, with Davion encountering even more dangerous creatures and slowly uncovering more information about the war and his plight, helping him realize the sheer scale of what he was suddenly involved in. So it is likely that Book 3 will up the stakes even more while introducing loads of new threats for Davion to deal with. 

When does Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Book 3 release? 

During Netflix’s 2022 Geeked Week, the streaming giant unveiled loads of new shows and trailers. During the presentations, there were several big release date confirmations, and one such confirmation was for Dota: Dragon’s Blood. 

According to Netflix, Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 3 will be landing on the streaming platform on August 11th this year. Aside from this release date, Netflix is remaining tight-lipped about the third book of the series. 

Soon after the announcement at Geeked Week, the animators of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Studio Mir posted a tweet about it on Twitter. This tweet featured a short gif teaser that showed the Invoker and an ornate before saying: “Season 3 is coming.” 

The tweet was equally mysterious. All it says is: “The Eye opens… and the Beginning of the End is here.” So it seems fans will have to wait a little longer to learn more about what to expect in the third installment of this popular series.