When Does Jiraiya Die In Naruto?

Three of the strongest characters in Naruto are the Legendary Sanin, but despite their incredible power, they all meet their demise at one point during the series.

While all three of the Sanin are popular characters, the Toad Sage Jiraiya is one of fans’ most beloved Naruto characters. He’s also an integral part of Naruto developing his abilities during the original series.

In Naruto Shippuden, Jiraiya doesn’t get up to a whole lot until he sets off to investigate rumors of a threat brewing in the village hidden in the Rain. On this mission, he ultimately meets his end at the hands of a former pupil.

When does Jiraiya die?

Jiraiya is killed in Episode 133 of Naruto Shippuden. The Toad Sage does his best to take on a pair of Akatsuki members and former students but is ultimately bested in combat and dies of his wounds.

After arriving in the village hidden in the Rain, Jiraiya encounters the Akatsuki member Pain, who he realizes is his former student, Nagato. Along with Nagato is another former student, Konan.

Ultimately, it’s the battle with Pain that leads to Jiraya’s end. After unleashing the full six paths of Pain, Jiraiya has his arm severed and throat crushed before being impaled with multiple black chakra rods.

While Jiraiya does die here, his legacy lives on after using the last of his chakra to present Naruto a coded message that leads to the true identity of Pain. This message is transported by Fukasaku and leads to Naruto mastering Sage Mode before taking on Pain to save the Leaf Village.