When Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?


Naruto has quite an impressive array of extremely powerful Jutsu at his disposal during the events of Naruto Shippuden, but Sage Mode is undeniably one of his most powerful tools.

Taking advantage of Nature Energy, Naruto is able to enter Sage Mode, which not only increases the range of Jutsu available to the user but strengthens their current Jutsu with Senjutsu chakra.

Naruto uses this power quite often throughout the latter parts of Naruto Shippuden, but some fans may have missed when he actually learned how to take control of this incredible ability. Here’s everything you need to know about Naruto’s journey to learn Sage Mode.

When did Naruto learn Sage Mode?


Naruto begins to train in Sage Mode during Naruto Shippuden episode 154 after finding out that Pain had killed Jiraiya. It isn’t until episode 156 that we see Naruto master the Sage Mode.

To train in the art of Senjutsu, Naruto went with Fukasaku to Mount Myoboku where he learned about Nature Energy and the dangers of taking too much in. After finding the right balance of Nature Energy, Naruto is able to enter Sage Mode. His training, however, doesn’t stop there.

His trainer continues with learning the Senjutsu technique Frog Kumite, which allows him to land taijutsu attacks from a further distance. After wrapping his training in episode 157, we see Naruto emerge with his full Sage skillset to save the Leaf Village in episode 162 when he faces off against the Six Paths of Pain.

Using his new ability along with the already immense powers Naruto possessed courtesy of the Nine-Tails, Naruto was able to defeat Pain and save the Leaf Village.