Who does Boruto marry?


Boruto is the latest addition to the Naruto franchise, and since it first began airing, there have been over 200 episodes aired. In these episodes, there have been a ton of characters introduced as well as heaps of character development for the original characters.

As you’d expect fro the titular character, Boruto has had a ton of development since he first appeared in episode one. His growth has included training, missions, and new Jutsu that have been learned.

With each new character that is introduced, fans begin speculating about their relationship to the plot, and in some situations, to Boruto himself. One huge question that Boruto fans have been asking about is the identify of Boruto’s love interest.

Who does Boruto marry?

At this stage in the manga and anime, Boruto is still a child and doesn’t have any confirmed romantic interests. Even in the brief scene that shows Boruto as a teenager, there was no indication that he was married or had any partner at the time.

This is similar to the original series, where Naruto never had any clear relationship prospects until the end of the series. We’ll likely see the same in Boruto, meaning that Boruto’s romantic relationships won’t play any significant role in the plot until the show’s main story is complete.

In what may be disappointing news to some, this won’t occur for quite a while, as there are expected to be hundreds of new episodes of the Boruto anime to come. For now, fans will have to speculate on who they believe Boruto will wind up with.