Who Does Sasuke Marry In Naruto?


One of the key characters in the Naruto series, second only to its titular character, is Sasuke Uchiha. From the beginning of the show, we meet Sasuke and watch him grow as he learns more about himself and the history surrounding his clan and the Leaf Village as a whole.

For the majority of the series, Sasuke’s full attention and goals are set on becoming powerful and taking revenge against those who wronged him and the Uchiha clan as a whole. Given this, there wasn’t much in the way of romantic prospects for the character.

In the final episodes of the series, however, Sasuke manages to find love and begins a family that is expanded upon in the Naruto sequel series, Boruto.

Who does Sasuke marry?

At the conclusion of the Naruto Shippuden series, Sasuke winds up marrying fellow team 7 alumni Sakura Haruno and having a single daughter named Sarada.

Sakura showed romantic interest in Sasuke from her very first moments at the beginning of the original series; however, Sasuke didn’t echo these feelings for the duration of the series outside of a few rare instances.

After being pardoned at the end of the series, Sasuke heads out on a redemption-seeking journey and, after arriving back from his first trip, agrees to let Sakura join him. During their time together, the pair gets married and Sakura becomes pregnant with Sarada.

The romantic relationship between the two of them seems to come out of nowhere at the end of Naruto, acting as a way to tie off both characters’ stories while leaving things open for further stories related to their family to take place in Boruto.