Who Has The Highest Bounty In One Piece?

In the world of pirates, bounties are an extremely important factor, not only for those looking to hunt them, but also for aspiring pirates looking to show their notoriety and ranking among their peers.

It’s no secret that both good and bad characters in the world of One Piece boast significant bounties. Our friendly group of Straw Hat crew members has garnered quite impressive bounties over the years led by Monkey D. Luffy, whose current bounty stands at 1,500,000,000 Berries.

While this number is impressive, there are a handful of other pirates over the course of the One Piece timeline that have accrued higher totals and in some cases, this has been by quite a lot. It may leave you wondering which One Piece character holds the highest bounty. The answer is actually quite obvious if you’ve been following the show from its inception.

Who has the highest bounty in One Piece?


The pirate with the highest bounty in One Piece is none other than the King of the Pirates, Gold D. Roger. While he may be long gone, when Roger was in his prime he held a bounty of 5,564,800,000 Berries.

This shouldn’t come as a huge shock given that the reputation the character garners in the series and the fact that he was the pirate to conquer the Grand Line and find the fabled One Piece treasure. With his power and wealth, his death may have come as a surprise; however, he was only captured by surrendering himself to be executed after suffering from disease.

Since no one actually captured Roger, this massive bounty likely became null and void, but as we know, his parting words spoke of an even bigger treasure to be found, which ultimately becomes the driving force in the show.