Who’s Akko Kagari from ‘Little Witch Academia?’ Her age, height, and birthday, explained

Akko Kagari from Little Witch Academia.
Screengrab via YouTube/Elizabeth Starker

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Little Witch Academia.

Little Witch Academias Atsuko (“Akko”) Kagari is the queen of starry-eyed heroines in anime. Throughout the story, she remains firmly committed to her childhood dream of becoming a performing witch like Shiny Chariot, even if it means enduring the bitter taste of magical hang-ups over and over again at Luna Nova Magical Academy for aspiring witches. Ultimately, her steadfast determination to overcome her obstacles, her unflinching loyalty to her friends, and her unswerving bravery in the face of danger make Little Witch Academia‘s lead someone we’re all willing to get behind.

As a result of this admiration, many Little Witch Academia fans are eager to learn more about the crimson-eyed, chestnut-haired, witch-in-training, such as what her age, height, and birthday happen to be. If this describes your current mission, we’re happy to announce that your search is now over. As always, we’ve found the answers.

How old and tall is Akko, and when was she born?

Image via Crunchyroll

Akko Kagari is fairly young, with only 16 years under her belt during Little Witch Academia. While she still has a lot to learn about life, that makes her journey all the more fascinating to watch.

In Little Witch Academia, our witchy protagonist stands at 5’3″, with her dreams stretching much higher than her physical height. Nevertheless, she always manages to stand out amongst others, even when the reason for the attention is less than ideal.

Metaphorically on par with her sunny personality, Little Witch Academia‘s main character was born during the summer, specifically on June 25.