Are there physical editions of the Trump trading cards?

Donald Trump
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Former president Donald J. Trump made a major—and somewhat baffling—announcement on Dec. 15.

The 45th U.S. president is officially selling his own NFTs, featuring artwork of the businessman and avid golfer “pertaining to” Trump’s “life” and “career.” In a video promoting the trading cards, Trump explained that, with each card purchased, buyers are also entered into a sweepstakes, through which they can win Zoom calls with the former president, free visits to his golf courses, and autographed memorabilia.

The cards vary in rarity, with some existing as the sole copies of that specific card, and others with numerous available copies. The maximim number of any one card, according to the Collect Trump Cards site, is 20. Other’s will vary between 2, 5, 7, and 10. Given that they sell for just under $100, purchasers are pouring over the fine print to determine they know exactly what is included in the $99 purchase price.

Do the Trump NFTs come with a physical copy?

Trump NFTs
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Buyers who buy up Trump’s newly-minted NFTs will get several perks with their new purchase, but none of them include a physical copy. On the cards’ website, the FAQ section notes that the collection consists of “strictly digital collectibles to personally enjoy, collect, and trade.”

A section beneath this answer additionally delves into the risks of purchasing NFTs, with a note that “we make absolutely no promise or guarantee that the NFTs will increase in value or maintain the same value as the amount you paid to purchase,” and that “NFTs have no inherent monetary value.”

Trump fans looking to buy up his NFTs will be limited to a maximum of 100. With each card, buyers will be entered into a sweepstakes, which could yield “amazing prizes” like dinner with Trump, a trip to one of Trump’s golf courses, a group Zoom meeting with the former president, a one-on-one Zoom meeting, or “autographed memorabilia.” Autographed memorabilia “may include autographed copies of the book Our Journey Together by President Trump, Autographed President Trump merchandise and memorabilia, or Autographed Digital Trading Cards,” according to the site.

A purchase of at least 45 cards will additionally guarantee a ticket to a “Gala Dinner with Trump” in South Florida. Cards can be purchased with a major credit card or cryptocurrency.