Belle Delphine and F1NN5TER collaborate, making the internet lose its collective mind

Bella Daphne and F1NN5TER
Photos via Youtube and Twitch

From the depths of Twitch and TikTok, the world is now seeing the first collaboration between two social media forces and everyone is promptly losing their minds in the process.

As possibly one of the most controversial personas in the streaming stratosphere, Belle Delphine just joined hands — and perhaps much more — with cross-dressing gamer F1NN5TER. Infamously known for her profitable scheme of selling ‘Gamer Girl’ bath water back in 2019, Daphne recently made the collaboration announcement via her Twitter account. With two suggestive selfies in each of their accounts, Daphne and Finn openly shared their newfound friendship with fans.

Jude, mononymously known as Finn or Finnster, is a rising Twitch streamer whose clips on Omegle went viral after several users mistakenly attempted to flirt with Finn while he dressed as an “e-girl.” He quickly became notorious for his streams where he plays video games while cross-dressing, popular among users who admire his streaming persona.

This unexpected and downright odd mix has been receiving a mixed response from netizens who are less than pleased to find Finn working with the controversial streamer. Other than selling her bathwater, Delphine has also been the target of clamoring criticism for oftentimes dressing up as a young school girl, catering her content to older male fans who act erratically toward her oversexualized behavior while in children’s outfits.

Several fans and haters alike have come forward openly condemning Finn’s choice to undergo a supposed collaboration with Delphine. Although the nature of their collab has not yet been fully disclosed, netizens believe the two creators will likely collaborate while on stream in Finn’s channel, or even on Delphine’s Onlyfans. Despite their almost immediate backlash, neither creator has addressed the tumultuous response nor criticism.