Brie Larson confirms her big role in upcoming ‘Fortnite’ season

Brie Larson joins Fortnite cast
Image: Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images / Epic Games

Fortnite has become arguably the biggest game in the world since it introduced its battle royale game mode, and it’s now led to Brie Larson joining the cast.

Academy Award-winner Larson will follow in the footsteps of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and voice a character in the live-service game, with her now confirmed to be The Paradigm in the upcoming Paradise season. Larson had been speculated to be in the game for a few months, but she’s now confirmed it to her seven million followers on Instagram.

The cinematic trailer saw extended sequences of Larson voicing the character who has become one with a symbiote-like chrome shield. Larson’s Instagram post showcased her character alongside a familiar face in Spider-Gwen from the Marvel universe. Fortnite has done several crossovers with big brands in the last few years, with Larson’s Captain Marvel appearing in the game.

The addition of an Academy Award-winning actress to Fortnite’s voice cast has further cemented its behemoth status in gaming. It’s astoundingly rare for an actress as well-known as Larson to appear in a video game in what looks to be ultimately a very small role.

It also raises a big question ahead of the next season of Marvel’s What If…? as to if Larson will voice variants of Captain Marvel, which she didn’t do in the first season due to scheduling conflicts. There had been an interesting mixture in the first season of actors who did and didn’t reprise their roles for the animated series, with it headlined by Benedict Cumberbatch returning as Doctor Strange.

Fortnite: Paradise is the fourth season of the game’s third chapter and is currently available.