Denise Richards reportedly involved in road rage incident ending with gunfire

denise richards
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Actor Denise Richards was the victim of a shocking road rage episode involving gunfire on Nov. 14.

Per TMZ, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was on her way to shoot a scene for the upcoming film Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace (2023) at Popsicle Studios L.A.

Richards was in the passager seat while her husband, Aaron Phyphers, tried to find the location. However, the driver in the vehicle behind them grew impatient as Phyphers searched for their destination. He became irate, began yelling at Phypers, and tried to overtake their truck. 

Though Phypher yielded for the other angry driver to pass, they nonetheless took out a gun and opened fire, sending a bullet through the metal near the taillight of Phypher’s truck.

While Richards and her husband were physically unharmed, the star was left sobbing and severely shaken by the incident. A member of the production crew contacted 911 but it’s unclear if Richards or her husband filed a police report about the incident. 

Ever the professional, Richards composed herself and spent the next 12 hours shooting the scenes. Her husband remained on the set to support her. Richards’ character in the film is a weapons expert. Her co-star Korrina Rico later posted a photo of herself with Richards with the caption, “Such a pleasure working with this beauty,” along with a heart emoji.

After Richards completed her scenes, she and her husband were given protection by an off-duty police officer as they left the studio, and the couple returned safely to their home.